January: For every tastes!

Victoria Bee / Sushi by volume / Les Arènes 
Aurore Danielou / Wallpapers / Le Soubois
Tonwen Jones / Editorial / Sciences & Vie magazine
Nicole Jarecz / Clutch and bag / Lipstick Journey
Steve Scott / Greetings card / Unofi
Silke Werzinger / Booklet  / Flying Blue
Les Tontons Makers / Animation / Safran
David Despau / Cover / L'Express
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Nicole Jarecz / Hour Detroit magazine et Lipstick / Detroit, Usa

Nicole Jarecz, illustrated a gift bag and a makeup clutch for the American cosmetics brand The Lipstick Journey. And, she unveils an illustration for Hour Detroit magazine on the theme of Miss America's and a new illustration for the Arletti brand in Paris.

Aurore Danielou / Soubois restaurant club / Montreal, Canada

Le Soubois, one of the trendy nightclub restaurants in Old Montreal, ordered sumptuous floral tapestries by Aurore Danielou. Also discover one of her new floral patterns that inspire spring!

Victoria Bee / Les Arènes publishing house / France

For the promotion of the Guide to Japan, published by the Parisian editor Les Arènes, Victoria Bee made six bento boxes filled with sushi, maki and onigiri, all entirely handmade with paper.

Les tontons makers / Animation for Safran's 2019 wishes / Paris, France

Here is an animation made by Laurent and Romain our cool duo which formed LesTontons Makers for the 2019 wishes of Safran, an international high technology group in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defense.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Guy St-Jean Editor / Montreal, Canada

We are proud to introduce you one of the latest challenges from Marie-Eve Tremblay: her first written book and done in collaboration with the publishing house Guy St-Jean Éditeur and Mammouth Rose for La Petite collection with the aim of teaching how to read to children from 4 to 8 years old. The book is on sale in every good Quebec bookstores.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie magazine / Paris, France

Recurring illustrations by Tonwen Jones featured in Science & Vie magazine on the theme of fake news in the media.

Giordano Poloni / Welcome to the Jungle / Paris, France

Here is an illustration of Giordano Poloni created for the article: Companies that provide everything to their employees: benevolent or alienating practice? Luck or golden prison? A survey on the Welcome to the Jungle website.

Wearbeard / Spanish National Science Foundation / Madrid, Spain

Wearbeard continues its periodic collaboration with the press agency of the Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology, SINC...

Lavilletlesnuages / New creations / Paris, France

Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas to start the year 2020 in style.

Silke Werzinger / Inc Magazine / United States

Silke Werzinger has created two portraits for the Inc Magazine of Deena Fox and Rachel Drori for and article about performance reviews in work environment.

David Despau / Les Affaires magazine / Montreal, Canada

David Despau has created several portraits of journalists from Les Affaires magazine for their January issue.

The Colagene experience according to our clients

David Despau’s openness and his attention to details, as well as the Colagene’s team, allowed us to have a series of portraits faithful to what we wanted! Charles Desgroseilliers, Directeur Artistique, Les Affaires magazine

David Despau / L'Express / Albert Camus / France

Portrait of Albert Camus by David Despau on the cover of L'Express magazine.

Silke Werzinger / Flying Blue / France

Illustration of Berlin by Silke Werzinger for a notebook distributed by Flying Blue.

Emmanuel Polanco / Gallmeister / France

Emmanuel Polanco's illustrations for the book covers of Léa Carpenter’s Red White Blue and Peter Swanson’s Before She Knew Him with Gallmeister editions.

Owen Gent / Science & Vie / France

Illustrations by Owen Gent for an article on gender and parenthood published in the Science & Vie magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / fake news / France

Recurring illustrations by Tonwen Jones featured in Science & Vie magazine on the subject of fake news.

Tonwen Jones / Management Magazine / Portraits / France

Recurring portraits of managers throughout history featured in Management magazine by Tonwen Jones.