Adam James / Com' Ent Magazine / Paris

Adam James Turnbull had the chance to illustrate the cover and inside story package on the social networks for the magazine Com'Ent of the Communication and Business Association. This issue marked the launch of the completely new design formula to invite reflection on the evolution and current trends of the communication. To learn more, consult the magazine.

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Adam James / PepsiCo Challenge / China

Adam illustrated 2 cans Pepsi for PepsiCo Challenge. The idea was to create a leading experience with the Chinese youth. These illustrations are intended to incite the young people to challenge, to do more, and to follow the spirit " Live for Now ".

Adam James / His novelties!

Adam created Parker's Music album cover. You can get his progressive music here. Also, discover two personal researches.

Adam James / Internal Air France Magazine

Two illustrations on the theme of waste management and sustainable development for the internal magazine " L’accent " of Air France signed Adam James Turnbull.