Adam James / Write Now Journal / USA

Here is Adam James Turnbull journal to complete the series of Write Now journals illustrated by Colagene's artists. This one was an optimistic theme; for those with positive attitudes, with spirituality, aiming to reach a precise goal. The illustrations have a more retro feel, type & graphics, sort of like an ad from the 50's.

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Adam James / PepsiCo Challenge / China

Adam illustrated 2 cans Pepsi for PepsiCo Challenge. The idea was to create a leading experience with the Chinese youth. These illustrations are intended to incite the young people to challenge, to do more, and to follow the spirit " Live for Now ".

Adam James / His novelties!

Adam created Parker's Music album cover. You can get his progressive music here. Also, discover two personal researches.

Adam James / Internal Air France Magazine

Two illustrations on the theme of waste management and sustainable development for the internal magazine " L’accent " of Air France signed Adam James Turnbull.