Get your illustration fix event / Paris

After the successful Get your illustration fix event in Montreal, Colagene repeated the experience in Paris, on Thursday March 17th at the galerie Issue, close to the Pompidou Centre.

Once again, the room was packed, and the exhibited screeprints were sold like hot cakes! For the less fortunate that were not able to come, there are unsold copies still available on our new online store.

Elroy (leonizer Records) knew how to set the musical tone of the evening, enhanced by the live performance of Monsieur Qui, Anne Cresci and Florent Auguy. For your information, the canvas already found a buyer.

In the group photo, from left to right: Damien Vignaux (illustrator + motion designer), Florent Auguy (Illustrator), Vincent Sillard (founder + rep), Marie-Christine Brisson (founder + rep), Nicole Jarecz (illustrator), Monsieur Qui (illustrator) et Anne Cresci (illustrator). Click here to see photos of the event.

We would like to thanks, once again, our partners: Etapes, VitaminWater, Asahi and Artysign, as well as all the people that were there during the launch.

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Make a wish with the Clinic!

Dear Colagene patients, here is the last newsletter of 2019. We are pleased to have been entrusted with your projects this year.  A huge thank you for your trust on behalf of the agents and all the artists of the clinic! The clinic will remain open during the holidays for your urgent projects.

This month: Bomboland for Apple, Emmanuel's and his editorials, Giordano for Gallmeister Editions and a poster for Probox, Silke illustrates for Focus Magazine, Jérôme for Que Choisir magazine, Nicole makes us travel and dream with her illustrations for Hour Detroit magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue, and for the French brand Arletti. And Marie-Eve makes us smile with her greeting cards for Productions ID.

Best wishes for a happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year! 
Let’s find ourselves again in fine form for 2020, make a wish :)

+ The Creative Clinic
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Toll Free +1 888.970.4730

The Colagene experience according to our clients

It is a pleasure to work with Silke Werzinger and the Colagene team on Billboard magazine assignments. We ask for high quality artwork in a short amount of time, and Silke has been able to deliver beautiful illustrations every time. Her portraits capture likeness in a truly special way and elevate the content on our pages. Alexis Cook, Creative Director, Billboard

Let's shine together!

The holidays are fast approaching!  Just one beautiful month ahead of us to finish the year with brilliance! Here is another selection of projects and new creations from your Creative Clinic. Let your eyes feast!

A bevy of new and exciting items this month: Emmanuel Polanco illustrated for the Royal Shakespeare Company, realistic and fruity packaging designs for Irresistibles by Ëlodie, editorial covers by Bomboland, a selection "pop" selection of the latest achievements and imaginings of Poppy Magda, collages for RCS by Emmanuel Polanco, shopping at Leclerc by Florent Hauchard and portraits of leading music executives for Billboard magazine by Silke Werzinger. As well as innovations for Lavilleetlesnuages, Anne Cresci, Nazario Graziano.

Let's unite your ideas and our talents to create the extraordinary!

- The creative clinic
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Toll Free +1 888.970.4730