Takeshi / Personal research

Please find enclosed a little gift for you. A small composition work around the word Colagene. It's been several years that I've been working with you, evolving with you, and to have experienced the world of graphic design more deeply and communications in general, I feel very lucky I found Colagene, with your professionalism and your honesty, to start my career.
----- Takeshi

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Takeshi / We are Handsome

Takeshi and The Farrago worked in close collaboration on the creation of a pattern for the swimsuit brand We are Handsome

Takeshi / Wallpaper

This wallpaper of the month is signed by Takeshi and it is entitled Collage Compositionnal Study. Do not hesitate to share it! Desktop version / iPhone version / iPad version

Takeshi / Collages study

Textures, materials, colors, shape, composition, movement... Takeshi pursues his swift studies of collages. Imagine your project with his mark; guaranteed success and astonishment!