A dose of inspiring creativity for spring!

At Colagene, creativity is growing with the beautiful days. Here's a selection from the first quarter to inject a good dose of inspiration. Good start of spring to all, let's savor!

This month: Marie-Eve illustrates an educational game for Hydro-Québec, Anne Cresci sketches fashion pages for Le Journal des Femmes, Jérôme Mireault illustrates Woodstock for The Commercial Observer, Aaron McConomy creates portraits for Total, Florent Hauchard produced a new visual identity of YouTUBeur Squeezie, Bomboland, Steve Scott and Nazario Graziano see their books updated. Also meet Nicole Jarecz, featured this month in our Creative Capsule.

- The creative and agents of Colagene, the creative clinic.

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Surf the wave with Colagene!

Want to daydream under the sun? Visualize a nice range of summer projects. Also, to light you we have concocted a selection of the creations of many of our talents, attention is hot! Good consultation.

This month: Vincent Raineri and Poppy Magda illustrate and animate for Madame Figaro's Business with Attitude event, Victoria Bee creates extra large paper for Syoss, Benoit Tardif realized the image of the Rock On Surf show, Les Tontons Makers shares their demo motion 2019, Silke Werzinger illustrates the director Pedro Almodovar for Arte magazine... and download our wallpaper of the month for free: "Positive Connection", signed Owen Gent.

- The talents and agents of Colagene, the creative clinic
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Vitamin Boost!

Need vitamins? Let yourself be energized by our selection of the best projects of the month and the new creations of your favorite Colagene artists!

This month: Florent Hauchard runs with Asics, Andie Meier lands Stern's cover with clay, Steve Scott illustrates jobs for Welcome to the Jungle, Poppy Magda exposes in Paris ...  

- The artists and agents of Colagene, the creative clinic


For all your care!

Plurality is the theme of February: packaging, wallpaper, murals, product reveals, animations, posters, editorials, portraits, everything to inform you and help chose the team from the Clinic for your next visual health care.

This month: Annick Poirier create mermaids for American packaging, Aurore decorates the walls of Basterd and The Islanders, Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with a new series of research, Anne Cresci illustrates the eau de parfum collection Les Petites Essences from Elixir, Steve Scott illustrates for the Wall Street Journal, London and Arab News, Florent Hauchard fights for the campaign Une jonquille pour Curie against cancer, and many other great projects that we are proud of!

- The creative and agents of Colagene, the creative clinic.