Claude Leduc / Need storyboards?

The clinic can assist you in your client presentations. For storyboards or roughs have a look at our team of roughmen including Claude Leduc. Contact us for any needs in Montreal, Paris, Toronto, New York or elsewhere.

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Claude Leduc / New roughman / storyboarder / Montreal

Colagene is very happy with the arrival of Claude Leduc, roughman and storyboarder of great experience.
With more than thirty years of experience in Quebec, Claude has collaborated with most of Quebec's advertising agencies, as well as with Cirque du Soleil and other international artistic productions. When taking on a mandate, whether in terms of rendering level, atmosphere or degree of finishings, he assigns paramount importance to understanding the concept and client purpose. This translates into a very high success rate when launching or presenting. His mastery of shapes and perspective allows him to exploit advertising concepts brilliantly.