Les tontons makers / La Capitale / Quebec

The Capital Insurance Company has chosen the motion design studio LesTontons Makers to create their digital Christmas greetings card.

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Les tontons makers / 2019 Demo Reel / France

The Tontons Makers present us their brand new demo reel.
Les Tontons Makers is the union of two creatives: Laurent Lasserre and Romain Lier. A creative studio which likes exploring various media to create their own visual language. From motion design to illustration via typography, the techniques they are using are digital as well as traditional, in order to give the best visual answer to clients.

Les tontons makers / Creative capsule

Here's our fifteenth Creative Capsule. This month, we invite you to meet Les Tontons Makers, a creative studio composed of Laurent Lasserre and Romain Lier. From motion design to illustration to typography, they use both digital and traditional techniques to give the best visual solution to their clients. To try them is to adopt them! Enjoy your meeting.

Quickly describe your creative lab.
Romain: It's a pretty simple place, a desk with my laptop and a big screen, some pictures on the wall, my graphic tablet, books, and drawing materials. We meet a few times at Laurent's place to discuss projects. Laurent: An office that is a bazaar, a tablet, 2 screens, my PC and my dog who lays between my feet!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
We look for graphic references on various mediums or we start with instinct. Once the style is found, we propose a board to the client for validation, and then comes the storyboard. We then decode the entire graphic universe of the film and finally, we have the final animation.

What is the project you are most proud of?
The credits from The Minute of the Prisoner, because we had a "carte blanche" on the project on all aspects ranging from the artistic direction for the side comic strip to the animation itself where 3D projection works well.

What are your favorite colors to create?
Romain: I do not really have a favorite color. I find them more or less beautiful and interesting depending on the context and the emotion that we want to communicate. That said, I love black and white, or the combination of black and white added to a color. And Laurent: I prefer fresh colors to saturated colors.

Why did you become motion designers?
Laurent: For my part I've always loved animated films and video games. I discovered motion design during my studies where it was the premise. I loved the first time animated an object, and I have not stopped since. 
Romain: I am basically passionate about drawing and graphic design and it's always fascinating to be able to create the movement of graphic things.

In four words, how would you describe your animation style?
Graphic, modern, neat, varied.

What is your dream project?
A production where we would have "carte blanche" and could complete the team with other talents for an ever more ambitious project.

What does a typical day look like in Tonton Makers' lives?
We wake up at home, then go to our respective offices and connect to status on current projects and define the work of the day. We both like working with music. In general, we will call each other for a second status in the afternoon and when the evening comes (when there is not a project to finalize), we wind down with physical activities (Roman rock climbs, while Laurent plays indoor soccer).

What inspires you?
Laurent: I like to watch videos on Vimeo or images on Dribble to see the principles of animation or techniques that work well.
Romain: Too many things to list them! I love painting, drawing, typography, animation, ancient and modern creations, and I am a big music fan.

What is your favorite web page?
We do a lot of graphic scouting on Behance, Dribble, Vimeo and Instagram. We also follow the work of agencies and artist portfolios.