Vincent Raineri / Unofi logo animation / France

Vincent Raineri, new motion designer of the clinic, created an animation for the revealing of the new logo of Unofi, the Union notariale financière de France.

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Vincent Raineri / Madame Figaro / Business with Attitude 2019

Like last year, Vincent Raineri created an intro movie, as well as all the animated slides and all the partners movies, for the Business with Attitude 2019 event of Madame Figaro. The illustrations are signed by Poppy Magda.

Vincent Raineri / New logo Kijiji / Canada

Cloudraker called upon Vincent Raineri and Rémi Vincent to create the animated reveal of the new Kijiji logo.

Vincent Raineri / Showreel 2018

Discover the animated world of Vincent Raineri in his fresh new showreel.
Vincent is a French art director and a motion designer settled in Montreal. Self-taught, enthusiastic about by visual arts and other multidisciplinary projects, he likes to explore new techniques and to reconsider the existing. Trained as an Industrial designer, he is in a constant research for aestheticism and balance between the beautiful and the audacious. He also likes to work with professionals who, as him, are not afraid of challenges.