Benoit Tardif / VRAK.TV / Québec

Carte blanche for this creation signed by Benoit Tardif, which you can find in the promotionnal video of the new show "Pl>y", airing on VRAK.TV. VRAK is a TV channel with series, web content, as well as unique, funny and audacious videos.

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Benoit Tardif / Ricardo magazine and Place Longueuil

Benoit Tardif continues his collaboration with Ricardo magazine, this time on the theme of Italy: You say rosé, I say rosato. In addition, we wanted to show you a little more of the mural he created for La Place Longueuil, filled with small playful scenes. We love it!

Benoit Tardif / Québec Science magazine / Québec

Series of illustrations by Benoit Tardif on five themes related to health that are most often asked to Google, published in the magazine Quebec Science, for the release of June 2018.