We are pleased to present the very first CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month we invite you to meet Benoit Tardif. artist from Quebec whose work is well known and appreciated in Quebec as well as across the Atlantic. He was also awarded by numerous contests. Good reading.

Describe to us your creative lab?
It's a very simple desk equiped with a luminous table to trace, a scanner and a printer. There are always too many sheets of paper laying around!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I trace individually each color with an ink-pen and marker. Then, I scan it and assemble it with Photoshop.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I am the co-owner and artistic director of "Les Éditions de Ta Mère" (Your Mom's Editions), and I've been creating books covers for about 10 years. I started to illustrate and developping my style with this project.

Which are your favorite colors to create?
I like working with lively colors which contrast well between them. I adore red, there are very few my illustrations which have no red! 

Why did you become an artist?
The freedom of illustrator's job attracted me a lot. To create images to make his living, it is brilliant! 

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Simple, efficiency, madness, color. 

What is the project about which you dream?
I have no dream in particular. I would simply like to go on being popular and to work on beautiful projects.

What looks like a typical day in the life of Benoit Tardif?
I get up at about 6 am, at the same time as my two-year-old son (it's him, the alarm clock!). At about 7:45 am, after the breakfast with the family, I set to work and I draw non-stop (or almost) till 5pm when I'm going to prepare the meal. I try as much as possible to keep my evenings and my ends of the week in family. 

What inspires you?
The art generally, people in the street, the city, the old breweries...

What is your blog or your favorite web page?
I'm using a lot Pinterest to inspire me. Otherwise, website where we can consult Seymour Chwast's work, a legendary illustrator who inspires me a lot.


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