Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor magazine / New York, NY

Magnificent full page, powerful and striking for the Institutional Investor magazine October issue created by Emmanuel Polanco. The article deals with the American bonds market of 8 trillions of dollars, as well as its new regulations and its technological breakthroughs.

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Emmanuel Polanco / The Voice magazine / United States

Emmanuel Polanco created this illustration for the inside article of Voice Magazine for an article based around the outdoor sports industry in the US.

Emmanuel Polanco / Science Focus magazine / London, United Kingdom

Here's a portrait and a conceptual illustration dealing with masculinity, created by Emmanuel Polanco for Science Focus Magazine.


Emmanuel Polanco / BBC Science Focus magazine / UK

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for a feature about a rare brain disorder ‘Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS)’ in BBC Science Focus magazine.