Edward McGowan / Audit & Beyond / UK

Here are Edward McGowan's last personal artworks including Audit & Beyond magazine for the article The mechanics of Business.

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Edward McGowan / Genetec Inc / Montréal

Genetec, a global supplier of video surveillance solutions, access control and license plate recognition, chose Edward McGowan to create the visual of its new advertising campaign. Here's a sneak peek of this major project!

Edward McGowan / Edward McGowan / TOTEM / Geico Now! Magazine

Our vision of working and having a career changed a lot during the last few years. This article published in the last Geico Now! Magazine's issue states it. Edward represents these changes under some of its forms.

Edward McGowan / Brand identity - MD Financial / Montreal

Edward McGowan worked with Cossette agency’s creative team on a series of illustrations and a bank of icons for the branding of MD Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) dedicated to creating value for physicians in Canada by offering a comprehensive wealth management portfolio of services along with trustworthy financial advice. Each illustration has been created around a particular theme represented by its main shape (a tree for growth, an umbrella for safety etc.)