Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

This summer, it's Ëlodie that has been chosen to illustrate 4 episodes of new short stories published in Madame Figaro French magazine. Here is a preview of the first 2 episodes. On the beach, in the mountains or in your hammock, enjoy each week a new illustrated story. Thanks to Madame Figaro team for this great collaboration!

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Ëlodie / Advertising campaign Carmex / United States

Ëlodie created this superb portrait for an advertising campaign for Carmex, produced by BVR agency.

Ëlodie / Irresistibles / Canada

In the Canadian grocery chain Metro, you will find jam jars from the brand Irrésistibles whose labels were illustrated by Ëlodie. This packaging project was signed by the beautiful team at Pigeon Brands agency.

Ëlodie / Gallery1988 and online shop

The movie Dirty Dancing illustrated by Ëlodie for the exhibition 30 years later on the movies of the 1987 for Gallery1988. As well as a flowery and trendy wallpaper for the Back to School time available on her online shop.