Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

Hairdressing and beauty, here are words that are speaking directly to Ëlodie who is a fan of fashion ! So, when Madame Figaro magazine offered her to illustrate the Hairdressing beauty tutorial called BEAUTE cc FLAVE of June issue, it was enough for her to create a wonderful series of illustrations that you can discover below. Ladies, we invite you to try this on your own manes!

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Ëlodie / Summer creations / Paris, France

In 9 years, Ëlodie has developed her own realistic and poetic style. She uses traditional techniques, but likes to experiment new ones regularly to infuse a "soul supplement" to her illustrations. Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion, and also draws inspiration from the nostalgic world of her childhood. Here's a beautiful and inspiring summer selection for your future campaigns, collections, packaging or editorials.

Ëlodie / Summer novelties / Paris, France

Our dear Parisian Ëlodie has created several series of illustrations on the theme of summer. Here's a nice selection for you in pastel colors. Doesn’t it make you want to go for a bike ride?

Ëlodie / Advertising campaign Carmex / United States

Ëlodie created this superb portrait for an advertising campaign for Carmex, produced by BVR agency.