Andi Meier / Various realisations / Hamburg

They dared the Plasticine! And yes, these magazines chose an original medium to surprise and to stand out. Here are projects realized by one of the youngest artists of the clinic: Andi Meier. If you want to dare too, contact us, Andi is ready to take up the challenge. The first image is an illustration for the Colagene guide. It will for sure convince you; imagine this in a 4x3 in the subway or somewhere else, the impact is more than assured and the cheerfulness is included!

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Andi Meier / Stern magazine / Germany

Andi Meier illustrated the cover - all in modeling clay - for the weekly German magazine Stern.

Andi Meier / Quebec Milk's Producers

Because it was everywhere (or, "icitte") in Quebec during the holidays, we will keep showing you more. TV, web ads, wild signage, big posters in the subway and shopping centers ... LG2's Milk Producers campaign, illustrated in modeling clay by Andi Meier has made many heads turn and generate beautiful smiles to Quebecers and tourists this Christmas.

Andi Meier / Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec

The beautiful advertising campaign for Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec continues! The LG2 agency asked Andi Meier to make funny and disproportionate clay characters for their Christmas campaign that is currently online and displayed in the beautiful winter scenery of Quebec.