"Summer suit" wallpaper to download by Mamzelle Poppy

The wallpaper of this month is part of the fashion research of our new illustrator Mamzelle Poppy. Her work is made up of different elements creating a pop, graphic and colored aesthetics. This universe reflects a very personal vision of femininity and the world surrounding us exactly as she sees it: with a suspicion of naughtiness and whim. 

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For all your care!

Plurality is the theme of February: packaging, wallpaper, murals, product reveals, animations, posters, editorials, portraits, everything to inform you and help chose the team from the Clinic for your next visual health care.

This month: Annick Poirier create mermaids for American packaging, Aurore decorates the walls of Basterd and The Islanders, Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with a new series of research, Anne Cresci illustrates the eau de parfum collection Les Petites Essences from Elixir, Steve Scott illustrates for the Wall Street Journal, London and Arab News, Florent Hauchard fights for the campaign Une jonquille pour Curie against cancer, and many other great projects that we are proud of!

- The creative and agents of Colagene, the creative clinic.

Montreal 18 years old + Paris 10 years old!

Colagene Montreal is celebrating it's 18th-year anniversary and Colagene Paris its 10 year anniversary! Thanks to your loyalty, your curiosity and your sharing of the artists' work, the clinic radiates here and beyond. We wish a long life to our great shared success and a huge THANK YOU to you dear clients, fans and artists! 

This month: Digital Arts name Amaël Isnard and Victoria Abeille among the best illustrators to watch for in 2019, Annick Poirier illustrates the exotic packaging for the O brand of Organics, Steve Scott creates a mural for the ''Caroussel du Louvre'' Nicolas André animates the illustrations for Steve Scott in an EDF film series, Zigor Samaniego illustrates a 3D campaign on drug use and drunk driving for Quebec Auto Insurance, and many other beautiful projects that we are proud of! 

- Your practitioners and agents of Colagene, the creative clinic.

2019's best up-and-coming illustrators

We are very proud to announce that Amaël Isnard and Victoria Bee have been selected by Digital Arts Magazine as one of the best illustrators to watch in 2019.