Edward McGowan / New work / Edward McGowan / London

Throughout the next months, we will present you the new work of Edward McGowan; a new palette of colours, lighter lines. This year, Edward wanted to refresh his style in his portfolio. He hopes to reach different kinds of clients and also satisfy the clients that are already collaborating with him. Here is a preview of his work he made for Men's Health, Let's Go mag, Out Magazine, etc. We hope you will enjoy!

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Edward McGowan / Genetec Inc / Montréal

Genetec, a global supplier of video surveillance solutions, access control and license plate recognition, chose Edward McGowan to create the visual of its new advertising campaign. Here's a sneak peek of this major project!

Edward McGowan / Edward McGowan / TOTEM / Geico Now! Magazine

Our vision of working and having a career changed a lot during the last few years. This article published in the last Geico Now! Magazine's issue states it. Edward represents these changes under some of its forms.

Edward McGowan / Audit & Beyond / UK

Here are Edward McGowan's last personal artworks including Audit & Beyond magazine for the article The mechanics of Business.