Óscar Llorens / Lürzer's Archive

We are very proud to announce that Oscar Llorens has become one of the 200 best illustrators in the world in 2018 according to Lürzer's Archive.

Emmanuel Polanco / 31Bullets campaign / USA

Here are 31 beautiful posters illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco for the 31Bullets campaign. The project, executed by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago in collaboration with, aims to raise awareness of gun control laws in the United States. Project awarded by a Silver Lion in Cannes.

Lux Contest 2017

Last Thursday, May 11th at the Livart was held the Competition Lux 2017, and the winners were unveiled. This event underlines the excellence in photography and in illustration in Quebec. This year, Marie-Christine Brisson, partner of the private hospital, was a member of the jury illustration. Benoît Tardif of the agency obtained 2 awards, one for the book cover Géolocaliser L'Amour from Editions Ta Mère and the other one for his participation in the big campaign illustrated for Producteurs de Lait du Québec. Thanks to LG2 and also to Infopresse to support the illustration in Quebec and for your invitation!

Grenier Magazine / Article about Colagene

It's with a great pleasure that we share you the interview of Marie-Christine and Vincent, partners of the clinics of Montreal, established in 2001, and Paris in 2008. This article is signed Grenier Magazine from Grenier aux Nouvelles, famous website on the communication and the media in Quebec. Read the article.

Cypi Press / New Fashion Illustration / China

Cypi Press has just published a very beautiful book on the illustrations in fashion simply entitled New Fashion IllustrationËlodie, besides finding herself in the selection of the internal pages, made the cover also. We also find the following artists represented by the clinic: Anne CresciDavid DespauKatrinn PelletierMamzelle PoppyMydeadponyNicole Jarecz and Silke Werzinger ! 

Emmanuel Polanco / CommArts 2017 award

You had already loved in 2016 the poster "Of Mice and Men" by Emmanuel Polanco for The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, so for 2017 this poster has again won an award of Communication Arts’ annual 2017 Design Competition. Look at the video where John Malkovich comments the project of the 40th anniversary of The Steppenwolf and you will discover that this poster is, as a Sir J. Malkovich said it himself, "really f ** king cool" as he hung on it in his magnificent bathroom. Again, Thanks to The Steppenwolf Theatre CompanyOgilvy and Mather Chicago crew and Sir John Malkovich!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Interview for Jasmin TV

Discover in 1 min 30 the world, the technique and Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi's inspirations in his hometown, in Brussels. His last project is very "hot", in association with Jasmin TV channel shows the charm and the goddesses' beauty of the channel. Do not hesitate to discover the online gallery of Jasmin TV and treat yourself with a piece of art by Mydeadpony.

Kelly Schykulski / Interview in Applied Arts Magazine blog / Canada

Discover Kelly Schykulski’s little secrets in the article of the Applied Arts blog called “New work by Kelly Schykulski”. See his last project with Alberta Views and its 10 tourism mini-guides for the year 2015.

Takeshi / Expo 2020 Dubai / United Arab Emirates

In preparation of Expo 2020 Dubai which will be held in Dubai, Takeshi illustrated one of the 21 sculptures which will be exposed in the city in the next days. Among 3 themes that are: Mobility, Sustainability & Opportunities, Takeshi represented the sub-theme Culture. More information.

Poppy Magda / Interview of Mamzelle Poppy / Flanelle Magazine / Montreal

Mamzelle Poppy tells us more about her beautiful work in an interview with Flannelle, a cultural magazine and webzine about fashion, art & design and music (from Montreal). 

Taschen Book / 100 Illustrators

Congratulations to David Despau and Mydeadpony who are part of the (strict) selection of the Taschen Book 100 Illustrators. The biggest players in the highly competitive field of illustration. Culled from our Illustration Now! series is this selection of today’s most successful and important illustrators from around the globe.

Illustration Now! Fashion

Congratulations to Ëlodie and Nicole Jarecz who are in the last book published by Julius Wiedemann at Taschen : Illustration Now! Fashion.

Winners of Applied Arts illustration contest / Canada

Several illustators at the clinic won an award at the illustration contest of the magazine Applied Arts. Discover the works that won below. For more details, visit the complete list of winners here.

Book / 1000 Portrait Illustrations: Contemporary Illustration from Pencil to Digital

The book 1000 Portrait Illustrations: Contemporary Illustration from Pencil to Digital has just released in bookstores. It contains the beautiful work of many illustrators at the clinic, such as Ëlodie, Anne Cresci, Adam James Turnbull, Nicole Jarecz, Chris Arran, Géraldine Georges and Kimi Kimoki.

Damien Vignaux / Video of meeting with Damien "Elroy" Vignaux and Fotolia

The Ten by Fotolia series introduces the 10 best French digital artists into videos about their inspirations and techniques. In addition to the video, Ten by Fotolia provided a psd file of each creations made by every artist for a period of 24 hours to demonstrate even more the educational aspect. After Emeric "Takeshi" Trahand, it's now the turn of Damien "Elroy" Vignaux, multidisciplinary artist (DJ, VJ, film-maker, illustrator, photographer...) native from Toulouse, based in Berlin. Enjoy!

Biennale des créateurs d'images / Paris

It’s with great pleasure that we are posting a few pictures of last Friday June 1st 2012 launch. The event took place at the wonderful Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design. We invite you to visit the exhibit and discover more than 200 work of art, including a series by Marie-Eve Tremblay. Entrance is free from May 31st until June 30th, 2012. This year’s theme was the artists’ vision of “Home”, as displayed in an original scenography. Enjoy the exhibit!

3000 Facebook fans

Colagene reached over 3,000 Facebook fans, thanks to your loyalty and support. For the occasion, Adam James Turnbull realized this illustration, under the Graphic Design Clinic artistic direction. Next objective: 10,000 fans ! Tell your friends to "like" Colagene to make the community grow, the agency’s talents and realizations need to be seen by creatives worldwide.

Francis Léveillée won an LUX award / Montreal

Francis Léveillée won an LUX award in the “business communication” category for its illustration realized for Get your illustration fix 2011 colagene guide book and the serigraphy

Illustration Now! 4 / Taschen

Not less than 8 illustrateurs from the clinic are featured in the latest edition of Taschen's The Illustration Now! series, that keeps bringing you groundbreaking work by the world’s most exciting illustrators:

- Anne Cresci
- Damien Vignaux
- Edward McGowan
- Karen Klassen
- Monsieur Qui
- Nazario Graziano
- Nicole Jarecz
- Oscar Llorens

Nokia / CB News / Paris

CB News - (information and decryption) magazine of profesional press made for agencies, broadcasters, and medias and communications profesionals - published a spread page featuring the Nokia project, for which Vincent, representative and associate at the clinic, has realized a fun and uncommun graffiti performance on 2 Volkswagen Combi.

Read the PDF article
See Damien Vignaux's making of

Applied Arts Annual winners / Canada

Congrats to Karen Klassen, Julien Pacaud and Edward McGowan, winners of the Canadian contest Applied Arts Illustration Awards. Their illustrations are featured in the new special edition currently on newstands.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual / United States of America

Congrats to Karen Klassen and Edward McGowan for winning the Communication Arts Illustration Annual awards in USA. Their illustrations appear in the special edition magazine.

Colagene Now

Born to Be Unique. Don’t miss reading "Illustration Discovery”, the exclusive interview with Marie-Christine Brisson, co-founder of the Colagene agency, by Born to Be Unique! (French only, unfortunately!)

Applied Arts. as well as the post on Applied Arts blog

Grafika 2010. Collaboration in the Canal Savoir project, recipient of an award in the category Motion Design - Culture. By Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau, Martin Laliberté, Emmanuel Polanco, Mathieu Babin and Underground Productions.

Congratulations to all winners

Computer Arts. 3 Colagene illustrators appear in this month issue of the magazine Computer Arts: Handmade versus  Digital (Issue 133) A must-read, interviews on Takeshi, An urban playground, and one on Bombo, Handmade meets digital. As well as an article in which Julien de Repentigny reveals the secret of his technical work. See the video:

Monsieur Qui & Silke Werzinger stands out / Germany

Two of the Clinic's illustrators presented in the book "Great New Fashion Design" from German publisher Zeixs.

Illustration Now! 3 / Taschen

The famous Taschen collection presenting actual global talents is back with its 3rd edition & the Colagene team is proud to have been selected again among its prestigious new recruits. Sean Freeman, Takeshi, Sonia Roy, Silke Werzinger, Mydeadpony & Theo Gennitsakis: accomplished & original artists with trendy styles, visionary concepts at your fingertips.