Victoria Bee / Les Arènes publishing house / France

For the promotion of the Guide to Japan, published by the Parisian editor Les Arènes, Victoria Bee made six bento boxes filled with sushi, maki and onigiri, all entirely handmade with paper.

Silke Werzinger / Flying Blue / France

Illustration of Berlin by Silke Werzinger for a notebook distributed by Flying Blue.

Annick Poirier / The Pointe-à-Callière Museum / Montréal, Canada

Annick Poirier was privileged to create all the visuals for the campaign to promote the current exhibit; À table ! Le repas français se raconte, from the Pointe-à-Callière Museum, which will be presented until next fall.

Nicole Jarecz / Event evening: Chandon / Canada

Nicole Jarecz created the illustrations for two postcards distributed during a Chandon event.

Happy Holidays!

The clinic presents its best wishes!

Happy Holidays!

The clinic presents its best wishes!

Natural Resources Defense Council / United States

Aaron McConomy has produced three illustrations that will serve as a guide to hurricanes for the NRDC, which fights for environment protection.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Blade Runner 2049 in The New Yorker / New York

A beautiful GIF animated creation by Stephanie F. Scholz for The New Yorker for the release of the upcoming movie " Blade Runner 2049 " with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Zigor Samaniego / Branding for NEON New York / New York

A captivating branding for our client NEON, advertising agency in New York. Their new website, their web campaigns and social network are all around these 5 visuals.  It's happening right now with possibly some more to come, but we didn't tell you anything. Just one hint: it will be made by Zigor!

Bravo for the 3D creation and for the creativity of this concept. Beautiful work Zigor Samaniego !

Pablo Pasadas / Pitch / Switzerland

Illustration of Pablo Pasadas created for a pitch for a client in the connected objects market.

Genesis Motors Live event / Montreal

On the occasion of the world launch preview of the concept car New York of the dealer Genesis Motors, Aaron McConomyDan SvatekÉric Caron et Jérôme Mireault, 4 artists of the team Colagene drew live the guests VIP in the heart of the Old-port of Montreal. The guests were all able to leave with a beautiful original, signed and unique souvenir of this beautiful evening.

Giordano Poloni / Greeting card

Giordano Poloni makes us look for Billy, the mascot of Syncrude Canada company, in his illustration for this greeting card inspired by the famous "Where's Waldo?". DDB Edmonton agency and Syncrude Canada fell under the spell of Giordano's talent which allies poetry, conviviality and a touch of tradition.

Zigor Samaniego / Nickelodeon / HALO Awards 2016

Zigor Samaniego showed us part of his talent for Nickelodeon this year. Discover his work in this animation to promote the HALO Awards of 2016. See the teaser here. Thank you to Jonas and Co for this nice project!

Need some Christmas illustrations?

Whether it is for a greeting card, an animation, a packaging, a poster or an advertising, artists of the clinic can create for you or your customers pictures for the Christmas holidays season. Contact us.

Ëlodie / Ëlodie Paper Goods

Ëlodie's online store is now open again. If you're a fan of her work, here's a list of what you can get a hold of; Fine Arts posters, notebooks and cards, a tote bag... It's nearly christmas, think about it!

Anne Cresci / The collective Animal créatif / Lyon, France

As a very active ex-Parisian in the world of illustration, Anne Cresci is delighted to join the collective Animal créatif, whose artistic direction is followed by Nathalie Dupuy, the collective's founder. We are fans of the series " La Meute" created for  the collective's image!

Mural festival / Montreal

Colagene and its illustrators from Montreal participated to the first edition of the art fair organized by Mural public art festival. Our Positive Side Effects screenprints, limited edition, on sale at our kiosk for the event, were very popular. Visitors were also able to follow the live creation of a collaborative artwork illustrated by Jerome Mireault, Éric Caron, Aaron McConomy, Marie-Eve Tremblay and Dan Svatek.

Alex Pham / New rep / Montreal

The clinic is happy to welcome Alex in his team.
Alex is a professional of web marketing since her exit of business school in France in 2007 (Master's degree Administration of Business 1). She is fascinated and livened up by the music, singing, visual arts among which graphic design, illustration and video.

Thanks to her various work experiences in web agencies as a freelance and companies in Paris, Sydney and today Montreal, she likes challenges and evolves with pleasure and passion in web marketing strategy, project management, business development and customer relationship.

Dynamic and curious by nature, she likes to learn, discover and wants to improve in her domain.

She's joined Creative Clinic Montreal as agent and business development rep for US and Canada, and for the graphic design clinic in Montreal, in order to bring her expertise and evolve.
Alex's portrait was realized by David Despau.

+ Best Wishes for 2015 +

Illustration : Véronique Joffre, positive side effects colagene guide. To consult the guide and see every "positive side effects", it is here.

Silke Werzinger / SunglassHut - #SketchesOfStyle / New York

Every month, Silke Werzinger is creating an illustration for SunglasseHut #SketchesOfStyle campaign. Each month she gives her magic touch to a new style. For October’s round, Silke has to bring the Cat Eye Shape into a mysterious mood perfect for Halloween.

Screenprintings to sell

Here we are! They are finally available online, and more than this, le delivery is free. The "Positive Side Effects" exhibition screenprintings traveled from Montreal to Paris via Sète, in the South of France. But their trip isn't over yet... Christmas is coming and it is a more than perfect gift !

"Positive Side Effects" Colagene exhibition / Paris

Last Tuesday, October 14th, the "Positive Side Effects" Colagene exhibition took place in Paris, galerie Corner44. Many of you came to pick up a copy of our brand new guide but also to take a look (and to buy) at the screeprintings our illustrators prepared. We thank you very much! To see more pictures of the event.

Launching of the new Colagene guide and "Positive Side Effects" exhibition / Montreal

During the official release of its new guide Positive Side Effects, Colagene, creative clinic, organized an event of the same name, on last May 8th, in the Montreal's Espace Infopresse. On this occasion, a screenprintings exhibition, on sale, created by the illustrators of the agency was presented. You can take a look at the photos of the event on BaronMag and Nightlife. We want to thank, once again, our sponsors ; La Bourgeoise Sérigraphe, for her talent and her patience, Mp and Cascades for the film and the paper. And, naturally, a huge thanks to everyone who came to the Positive Side Effects event .

K-Live Festival / Sète (France)

Further to the Montreal's event Positive Side Effects, Colagene is doing it again and presents the screenprintings exhibition during the K-Live festival in Sète (France), at the Hotel de Paris. The exhibition is presented until the end of July. During the festival you can admire wall paintings of Julien "Seth" Malland and Monsieur Qui (two "former" of the clinic) while you are walking in the streets of Sète.

Chance, joy, success, and love

  On behalf of the entire team at the clinic, we wish you a happy new year 2014. Clay illustrations made ​​by Andi Meier for the German magazine "Bild der Frau".

Ëlodie / Illustrate the most wonderful time of the year with the clinic

At the clinic, we look forward to winter and the holidays. As a reminder, our artists are available for the production of all kinds of illustrated projects or campaigns: packaging, animations / motion design, greeting cards, corporate gifts, editorials, TV spots, web, etc.

Below you will find examples of our works under the themes of celebrations, elegance and winter time created by Ëlodie.

We hope this will inspire you. Don't hesitate to contact us for any requests and inquiries.

The clinic's agents.

Alexandra, Geneviève, Annie, Marie-Christine and Vincent.


Colagene presented the portraits of its Canadian artists!

 On June 12th, a special press release was sent to Canadian medias. We are sharing a preview of it with you today.

Colagene, the representative agency from Montreal, presents 8 portraits in photo of its Canadian illustrators and storyboarders working in the North American advertising and communications industries. 

Their artistic signature, their talent and their professionalism are solicited by the industry for the creation of personalized images that accompany all kind of advertising productions: billboard, printed collaterals, TV, web, packaging, etc. as well as advertising comp and storyboards for presentation to clients in agencies.

Discover below their faces as well as their styles and techniques through one of their recent creations. Enjoy!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Promotional Book for the european children book market / Quebec Illustration Association / Montreal

Quebec Illustration association published a new promotional book to target the European Children Book market. Illustrator Marie-Eve Tremblay participated by creating an illustration of an imaginary Quebec traditional shepherd's pie-making machine. The theme was to illustrate few clichés that tourists might have about Quebec province such as sugar shack, Skidoo, shepherd's pies, or last but least whales. This promotional book that gathers 45 illustrators from Quebec will be released in March 2013, during the 50th edition of Children Book Fair that will take place in Bologna, Italia.

Colagene promotion

Colagene promotion created by the graphic design clinic.
Each rep chose an illustrator and asked him to create his or her portrait. If you look closely at the portraits, you will discover eac h rep’s universe; his or her
passions, strengths, qualities and interests. You will thus know better the people with whom you work at the clinic.
For a closer look at the portraits click here.

Happy Holidays

For the Holidays, the reps at the clinic unveil themselves...

...that we are introducing you below.

On this occasion, each rep chose an illustrator and asked him to create his or her portrait. If you look closely at the portraits, you will discover each rep's universe; his or her passions, strengths, qualities and interests. You will thus know better the people with whom you work at the clinic.

We also thank Nazario Graziano for his wishes card, a mix of lettering and collage.

Halloween boxes / Montreal

Halloween boxes illustrated by Jérôme Mireault, Katrinn Pelletier, Marie-Eve Tremblay and Sonia Roy for Halloween 2012 promotion created by Illustration Québec association to promote illustrators' work from the Province of Quebec. The boxes full of candies were distributed to creatives from Montreal agencies and compagnies.

Ëlodie / New: Colagene's Luxury and Fashion Book

Marie-Christine Brisson - associate and artistic director - and ten illustrators at the clinic worked together in the creation of the new printed book specialized in fashion and luxury. This brand new book was printed in two versions (Paris and Montreal) for an upcoming meeting tour. If you wish to consult it, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to show it to you. While waiting to see more in the next newsletter, here is a sneak peek on Ëlodie's work.

Takeshi / Festimania festival / Le Guide Prestige Montréal / Montreal

Here is a festive and colourful photomontage created by Takeshi for Festi + Pass promotion which is a pass that gives advantages and privileges during 11 festivals organized by Montreal Festimania for the 2012 summer season. Illustrator Takeshi gathered key-elements to depict each discipline of these festivals that are promoted as cool, modern and authentic.

3000 Facebook fans

Colagene reached over 3,000 Facebook fans, thanks to your loyalty and support. For the occasion, Adam James Turnbull realized this illustration, under the Graphic Design Clinic artistic direction. Next objective: 10,000 fans ! Tell your friends to "like" Colagene to make the community grow, the agency’s talents and realizations need to be seen by creatives worldwide.

Contest result : Mydeadpony’s Colagene bags around the world

Here's our contest winning picture. Charlotte, from Rougemont in Switzerland, wins the contest and will receive another limited series bag illustrated by Mydeadpony. Thanks to all of our participants and long live the Colagene bags, hoping they serve you well and make you happy!

Limited edition bags by Mydeadpony!

Already 10 years!
To celebrate its 10th year, the clinic is proud to unveil a product made in Colagene : a series of three 100% organic cotton bags illustrated by Mydeadpony in a limited edition of 300 copies. Part of these bags are distributed to the most loyal customers and the other portion is on sale on the Colagene online shop.
Scenario of the bags by Jérôme Mireault.

Takeshi / Fruit & Passion 2012 Christmas campaign / Montreal

It smells like winter holidays in North-America : In collaboration with Orange Tango agency, Takeshi realized a surrealistic boreal forest for 2011 holidays and Boreal Fir new fragrance campaign for Fruits & Passion shops.

The visual is now displayed in Canada and the United States on the exterior side of  Fruits & Passion shops' windows and inside-shop banners. It's also in the promotional catalog  and on Fruits & Passion website.

Already 10 years

The clinic celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary in October. For this occasion, the clinic will reveal a product " made in colagene" in a limited edition, illustrated by Mydeadpony, to mark its anniversary with its customers and on sale on our online shop for the fans.

The clinic's beautiful story : The idea behind this innovative agency was inspired by a desire to change the status quo in the media and image field — a well-worn cliché, but one that would quickly take off. Born of a common enthusiasm for painting, fashion, graphic design and advertising, Colagene was founded in Montreal in 2001. Co-founders Brisson and Sillard, who are both passionate about design in all its forms, got off to an explosive start and steadily began to build their community of exceptional artists. Very early on, illustration became the main focus of their project — Colagene's visionary spirit breathed new life into the traditional market of image production, and the agency soon found its way into market niches. The response to their venture was overwhelming, and in 2003, the team started earning recognition for its work though various competitions and prestigious contracts. Armed with enthusiasm and ambition, the agency worked is charm on North America, followed by Europe. By popular demand, and supported by a growing number of partnerships, in 2008 Colagene opened a second branch in Paris, and a London office soon followed in 2009, with the agency setting its sights on new creative challenges. The resulting richness of its portfolio is the mark of a fresh and distinctive spirit, a special stylistic touch made possible by the inspiration and cultural influence of its members.

Francis Léveillée won an LUX award / Montreal

Francis Léveillée won an LUX award in the “business communication” category for its illustration realized for Get your illustration fix 2011 colagene guide book and the serigraphy

Wallpaper / Anne Cresci

Just in time for back-to-school, Colagene is launching an exclusive series of wallpapers. Every month, an illustration will be made available for you to download for your desktop, iPhone or iPad. We hope that you will discover the new wallpapers with excitement every month and that you will appreciate the clinique's selection. Do not hesitate to share our illustrators' talent with colleagues and friends. Illustrator Anne Cresci kicks off themonthly tradition with her illustration created for the guide Colagene. Enjoy !

Versions 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800...
Versions 2560x1440, 1920x1080...
Version iPhone
Version iPad

Contest result / Get your illustration fix

Congratulations to Patricia Montero (Montreal) who wins the last copy of the screenprint of Sonia Roy. See contest

The new Colagene guide

The Colagene guide is back!

The guide shows the work of all artists represented by the agency. For its realization, each artist has produced an original illustration based on the Get your illustration fix concept. More than a dozen of them was selected and declined into screenprints that were exhibited and sold during the events in Montreal and Paris. For those who are interested, there are still some unsold copies available on our new online store.

The guide is not for sale, and is exclusive to all persons using the services offered by the clinic, including: advertising agencies, production & design studios, magazines and publishing houses. However, the guide is available to all in PDF format.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive the Get your illustration fix guide.

Get your illustration fix event / Paris

After the successful Get your illustration fix event in Montreal, Colagene repeated the experience in Paris, on Thursday March 17th at the galerie Issue, close to the Pompidou Centre.

Once again, the room was packed, and the exhibited screeprints were sold like hot cakes! For the less fortunate that were not able to come, there are unsold copies still available on our new online store.

Elroy (leonizer Records) knew how to set the musical tone of the evening, enhanced by the live performance of Monsieur Qui, Anne Cresci and Florent Auguy. For your information, the canvas already found a buyer.

In the group photo, from left to right: Damien Vignaux (illustrator + motion designer), Florent Auguy (Illustrator), Vincent Sillard (founder + rep), Marie-Christine Brisson (founder + rep), Nicole Jarecz (illustrator), Monsieur Qui (illustrator) et Anne Cresci (illustrator). Click here to see photos of the event.

We would like to thanks, once again, our partners: Etapes, VitaminWater, Asahi and Artysign, as well as all the people that were there during the launch.

Get your illustration fix event / Paris

For the official release of the third edition of its guide, Colagene organizes the Get your illustration fix event.

First launched in Montreal, the Get your illustration fix event will take place in Paris at the galerie Issue - 38, rue Quincampoix 75004 - 11 and 12 March 2011. Launch Thursday, March 10 from 18 pm.

The guide shows the work of all artists represented by the agency. For its realization, each artist has produced an original illustration based on the Get your illustration fix concept. More than a dozen of them was selected and declined into screenprints that will be exhibited and offered for sale (for only 40€) the night of the event.

For more information, visit the Facebook event

Get your illustration fix event / Montreal

The Get your illustration fix event in Montreal was a real success: nothing less than 500 people were there for the launch and more than half of the screenprints have been sold, for the great pleasure of the artists that realized them. A new edition of the sold out screenprints was printed for the event in Paris, which will take place on March 10th. All the screenprints that won’t be sold after this event will be sold on the Colagene’s website. Watch out the Facebook page and Colagene’s blog to be the first to know!

For those interested in the canvas produced live by Francis Léveillée and Jérôme Mireault, please contact us by email.

Click here to see the photos of the event.

For those of you, who have not received the Colagene guide; don’t hesitate to ask us via email. We also remind you that the guide will be available on the Colagene’s website in PDF version from March 10th, 2011.

We would like to thanks, once more, our partners: Infopresse, Urbania, Pink Gore, Moniker, Cut Chef and l'Empreinte as well as all those present at the launch.

Get your illustration fix Event / Montreal

For the official release of the third edition of its guide, Colagene organizes the Get your illustration fix event. The Guide shows the work of all artists represented by the agency. For its realization, each artist has produced an original illustration about the Get your illustration fix concept. More than a dozen of them was selected and declined into screeprints that will be exposed the night of the event and during the 2 days following it.

The Get your illustration fix launch will be held Thursday, February 17th, 2011 from 5 pm to 9 pm at Yves Laroche art gallery in Montreal. The exhibition will continue on Friday 18th (10am to 8pm) and Saturday 19th (11m to 5pm).

For more information, visit the Facebook event

Please take note that a similar event will take place in Paris on March 10th. So book your evening. More info will follow shortly.

Tonwen Jones / / Montreal

Production of one main illustration and few elements illustrated to create the graphic signature of a contest website for the milk calendar 2011promotion that presents recipes based on canadian dairy products, for and Diary Farmers of Canada.

Bomboland / Loto-Québec / Montreal

Digital illustration paper-cup effect for a recruitment campaign for Loto Québec.


Because good taste in images choice is as delicious as chocolate, and because the love of creativity is what we share with you, Colagene wishes you a beautiful and happy Valentine's Day.

Click here to download our creations, in printable or email format.

Wishes from your clinic

Your clinic would like to wish you a festive holiday, with lots of rest and breath of fresh air.

For any emergencies, the clinic will remain open during the holidays.

Thanks to Oscar Lloren for his illustration

Colagene arrives in London and open a third clinic

After success in Montreal and Paris, the Clinic now has a third home in vibrant London, headed by new associate Melissa Brisson.

Thanks to Edward McGowan for his illustration

Melissa Brisson / New rep / London

Melissa is a true adventurer who likes to take inspiration from the people she meets, the trends she encounters, and the countries she explores. A lover of art in all its forms, be it photography, design or architecture, she studied plastic arts, art history, and urban design at the Université du Québec à Montréal. With work experience in both small design agencies and the biggest of advertising firms, she gained high-level experience handling creative contracts in the fields of automotive, tourism, food or computer. In 2003, she left Montreal to work with Singleton Ogilvy & Mather in Sydney, later relocating to London to work for Publicis, before joining the Colagene team.

New Website and new illustrators for the clinic

Fresh from celebrating its eighth birthday, it is with great fanfare that Colagene announces its continuing expansion — and a facelift — in response to steadily growing demand in the world of illustration. On the program: the agency is launching a new website, combining products and services (illustration and graphic design clinic), introducing six new illustrators and two motion designers.

To better serve its clientele, Colagene continues to forge ahead, working towards larger and more integrated commercial applications. In addition to illustration, Colagene now offers motion design and creative consultation services. As part of this expansion, the Colagene team has grown to include 30 artists, including new international recruits to better serve — and amaze — you.

Happy Birthday Colagene !

With October, so arrives a very special anniversary - 8 years of Colagene.  Every candle on the cake burns brightly because of you, our talented artists, and our passionate team.  In this celebration, we toast our agency, our dear clients, and as well reflect on thousands of projects past and more yet to come!

Thanks to Silke Werzinger for the illustration!