Lavilletlesnuages / Inspirations from Seoul / Paris, France

Just back from an inspirational trip to Seoul, Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas.

Zigor Samaniego / Updated book

Zigor Samaniego shares, once again, with us his latest 3D and animated creations.

Óscar Llorens / Series of portraits / Madrid, Spain

Superb series of portraits by Oscar Llorens. His desire was to create characters with a singular aesthetic based on a concept; Open your head and look inside, Broken head, Migraine is like having thousands of spines in your head...

Joluvian / New creations / Madrid, Spain

Joluvian our lettering artist presents his brand-new typographic creations.

Silke Werzinger / New creations / Berlin

It is always a pleasure to share the new achievements of our illustrators. This month it's Silke Werzinger's turn to unveil her latest creations.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Book update / Belgium

Mydeadpony seduces us with his new personal research. A palette of earthy colors, strong images and a very fashionable tone, as usual. If you are looking for a unique signature and an artistic and creative soul, Mydeadpony's work is for you!

Bomboland / Latest works

Here are the latest creations of Bomboland cut paper; a visual for DB Mobil Magazine, the cover of the Washington Post, and the cover of Fivestar Bank's Annual Report.

Dima Godunov / Russian Today magazine

In this period of World Cup soccer, Dima Godunov presented a series of illustrations on the Russian national team, as well as pictograms related to health.

Ross 3D / New creations

Ross shares with us a new series of 3D artworks.

Pablo Pasadas / Black Eye Festival

Pablo Pasadas enriches his portfolio and polishes up his style by creating this serie of illustrations for a fictitious festival which he named Black Eye.

Zigor Samaniego / Book updated

Here are the latest Amigos by Zigor Samaniego, and other personal researches.

Zigor Samaniego / Beauty n Smok3d

Collaboration between Zigor Samaniego, a 3D artist and the photographer Jonzo One.

Poppy Magda / News in Book updated

Mamzelle Poppy changes her name and becomes Poppy Magda. On this occasion, she created a magnificent series of new illustrations. Here is a sample in her book.

Stephanie F. Scholz / News!

Stephanie F. Scholz produced a lot, her style evolves and seduces us even more every time. Here are some examples of her last creations.

Poppy Magda / She's back!

After a short break, our dear and talented Mamzelle Poppy is back and she shows us, once again, her creativity and her talent with this series of personal researches. Her way to treat the images and her style apply as much to ad projects, editorial projects as packaging... Visit her portfolio and contact us for any project.

Takeshi / Collages study

Textures, materials, colors, shape, composition, movement... Takeshi pursues his swift studies of collages. Imagine your project with his mark; guaranteed success and astonishment!

Giordano Poloni / Editorial news!

Giordano Poloni is inspired by cinema, by photography and by his Italian origins. Here is a very abstract illustration for the cover of the New Scientist magazine, another one illustrating shopping in Holland with its canals and its bridges, and two city scenes for Qualcomm.

Antonio Uve / New creations

Here is a new series of illustrations signed by Antonio Uve. To begin, an illustration on the leaders who move during summer to open pop-up restaurants. Then a representation of Port-au-Prince in Haiti for, followed by an illustration for Icon Elpais in Spain on the way the Amazon stores its products. And, finally, a personal creation that he baptized "Laid-back attitude".

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion illustrations

Here are some creations by Nicole Jarecz, an American illustrator who lived several years in Paris. Nicole, a young mom, adores fashion and is passionate about her illustrator's job.

Dima Godunov / Latest creations

Here is a small selection of the latest creations by Dima Godunov. He is available at the moment and during all summer long for your simple or audacious projects. Discover his book to see all what he is capable of.

Silke Werzinger / Cosmopolitan magazine

The Cosmopolitan magazine called out Silke Werzinger to illustrate one of its articles, and, two personal illustrations; Fade into you and a portrait of Father John Misty.

Dima Godunov / Rio 2016 and research

Here is a visual created for whose artistic direction was done by Dima Godunov in association with Olesya Tkach for the design. Then secondly, he presents us his two personal illustrations.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion illustrations

It's Spring season, Nicole is inspired by it and presents us two illustrations fashion where the pattern and the movement are honored. She mixes the ink, the watercolor and lines with markers for a bold effect. To see some more, visit the portfolio of Nicole Jarecz.

Ëlodie / Personnal research

Ëlodie presents us here her latest researches on fashion trends, one more time we are under the spell of her pen and her talent! 

Giordano Poloni / Latest creations

Here are some of Giordano Poloni's latest projects; The poster of the documentary American Utopia by Maxime Pelletier-Huot, an illustration for GQ Travel and a last illustration created as part of a competition for Le Grand Paris Express.

Stephanie F. Scholz / News

The work of Stephanie is seen almost everywhere, she tells us more here about her last collaborations. The first illustration is for my bimonthly column about life with children in Luna Magazine. The second, I'm working on a kids' science book about telescopes with Jacob Kramer and this is from one of the series about great observatories around the world. Both third and forth illustrations were for Let it grow, an online magazine, which deals with modern eco architecture. The first article was about the planned Garden Bridge in London, the second one about a Dutch architecture firm called SUS Ateliers. The last illustration is for Missy Magazine. It went with an article about pension funds and poverty at an old age.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion research

For a fresh start in 2017, Nicole Jarecz has decided to illustrate everything luxe. From Moët & Chandon fine champagne, to Dolce & Gabbana iconic sunglasses to Ladurée's famous Parisian store fronts. These pieces highlight Nicole's love of feminine color, simple composition and fashion.

Owen Gent / Creations and researches

Here are some of Owen Gent's last creations, filled with poetry and melancholy. Discover a poster for "Prints Charming" - an exhibition raising money for the art therapy charity Art Refuge UK, then an editorial illustration for Spatially Literate Experience Design, an illustration for How Did Hitler Rise to Power, short film for TED-Ed. Finally, an editorial illustration for the magazine Modern Reformation.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion research

Nicole Jarecz introduces us to her fashion searches for this end of autumn. To see her new searches, click here.

Giordano Poloni / Digital and retro creations

Volkswagen, Pace Magazine, Esquire UK, 99 Homes for Delve, Mr Porter x Paul Smith are part of the clients who appealed Giordano Poloni. Here's a short selection in images.

Óscar Llorens / Sexy, chic and colorful creations!

Here are several projects and personal researches done by Oscar Llorens. Discover Oscar's different styles, which oscillate between realism and line drawing.

Ëlodie / Ëlodie Paper Goods

Ëlodie's online store is now open again. If you're a fan of her work, here's a list of what you can get a hold of; Fine Arts posters, notebooks and cards, a tote bag... It's nearly christmas, think about it!

Ëlodie / All is about poetry...

Ëlodie continues to seduce us by her magnificent illustrations filled with poetry. Pastel colors, from contour lines; she presents us her version of Chanel N°5, brings us on the quais de Seine passing by the Eiffel Tower and other Parisian monuments.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorial projects

Very popular in Germany, her native country, Stéphanie, whose technique is mixed with vectorial elements and with cut papers, presents us her last projects. The first one illustrates the article how the immigration and the architecture can influence each other for Jetzt Magazin. Then, a series done for Die Zeit magazine, on philosophic, psychological and scientific subjects. And finally, Luna magazine about family and Christmas preparations.

Dima Godunov / Researches on the theme of the couple

In his last personal researches, Dima dealt with the theme of the relations between men and women. Sometimes, there are difficult, often delicious, but never boring times.

Nicole Jarecz / Chic & fashion!

Always in her fashion world, Nicole Jarecz continues her researches for style and for technique. Concerning silhouettes above, she has worked the watercolor, the line and the transparency. To see other of her researches see her portfolio.

Anne Cresci / The collective Animal créatif / Lyon, France

As a very active ex-Parisian in the world of illustration, Anne Cresci is delighted to join the collective Animal créatif, whose artistic direction is followed by Nathalie Dupuy, the collective's founder. We are fans of the series " La Meute" created for  the collective's image!

Ëlodie / New illustrations

Ëlodie presents us 3 new creations; the first one is an illustration of the movie Romeo + Juliet of 1996 realized for the exhibition 20 years later in Gallery1988 in Los Angeles which took place last July. The second is an illustration based on the movie Lolita de Stanley Kubrick of 1962. And the third one, an illustration of the Trianon of Versailles in the Christmas time.

Nicole Jarecz / Lord & Taylor / Fall/Winter 2016 / Michigan

During an evening, Nicole Jarecz played fashion designers for Lord and Taylor by drawing live silhouettes of the new Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Tonwen Jones / Essays of style + BBC Focus magazine

Tonwen Jones widens her creative horizons with the trying of a new style in her researches for a project on the food theme. Beautiful dishes that will give you the creation hunger ! She also illustrates a map which shows the cultural attractions of Manchester city for BBC Focus magazine in the UK.

Ëlodie / Stella McCartney Fall-Winter 2016-2017

For the first time in her life, Ëlodie was invited to attend to a fashion show in Paris! Stella McCartney's Fall-Winter 2016-2017. She tells: Needless to say at what extend I was filled with joy when I received their invitation! The three beautiful Ola, Valery and Sasha posed for us for 30 minutes!
To see pictures, consult Ëlodie's blog.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Uniques Collages

Always so productive, Mydeadpony unveils a new series of digital collage exercises. Discover more of our selection in his book.

Jérôme Mireault / New work!

As for all the other illustrators, Jérôme Mireault’s portfolio undergoes a makeover due for the middle of January 2016, in concert with the unveiling of our new website. Discover here some stylish novelties we’ve managed to subtilize from him!

Ëlodie / "Translucide" exhibition / Annecy

Last October, 30 local and international artists included Ëlodie, especially illustrators and graphic artists revisit an idea - Translucide - as it appears to them. Surprising and unexpected artworks were presented during an exhibition organized by Loic Satller at Art By Friends art gallery in Annecy (France). Discover the photo coverage of this exhibition on the art gallery Facebook page.

Poppy Magda / Women portraits

During a competition in which she was not held for an awards ceremony,Mamzelle Poppy has illustrated these women portraits.

Pablo Pasadas / Personal research

Pablo Pasada got inspired by everyday life items for his last artworks. His will was to keep on creating new things but this time more in an advertising context.

David Despau / Personal research

Cars, a dragon and a robot... Here are the last personal creations of David Despau. David is available in August so don't hesitate to share and suggest his work to your team!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal research

Mydeadpony doesn't stop surprising us; he always takes us a little further in his creative research and in his passion for elegance, integrating photo elements. If you wish to see more: click here

Poppy Magda / Greedy illustrations / Paris

Here is a delicious and greedy series of illustrations signed by Mamzelle Poppy for a new tea shop that will open soon in Paris 9th arrondissement.

Ëlodie / Gallery 1988 / Los Angeles

Here is the illustration of Ëlodie that will be exhibited in June in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 for a tribute to Tom Hanks's movies. The illustration represents Jenny (Robin Wright) of the movie Forrest Gump.

Takeshi / "Arty" Researches

Here's a series of new artworks by Takeshi. Two abstract compositions made from several technics, two silhouettes created for 2 Eps by English music artist Tirone, and, last but not least, an illustration named The warriors dance.

Ëlodie / Personal research / Paris

Ëlodie shares with us her last two personal works where she explores other techniques and plays in particular with the light and the textures. The first one is an inspiration of the Lanvin Fall RTW 2015 collection. The second is a portrait of the blogger / photographer of Paris in four months which Ëlodie follows since a moment and which inspires her a lot (photo credit: Katie Mitchell photography).

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion week : Inspirations / Paris

Every year, Fashion Week launches the trends and influences numerous artists in their creations. Nicole Jarecz presents us here a part of her searches inspired by Parisian Fashion Week.

Nicole Jarecz / Various realizations / Paris

Nicole Jarecz, whose works endlessly evolve, is proud to share with you her last realizations. First of all, silhouettes realized in the magazine Commons&Sense in Japan for an article about Tiffany jewels . Then, a patchwork of clothes and accessories for gifts. A scene of a bike in spring, very smart and with pastel colors. And, last but least, an illustration created for Ford USA. To see more of her recent work, visit her portfolio.

Óscar Llorens / Spanish realizations / Madrid

The Spanish are real fans of Oscar Llorens' universe. His last months have been quite loaded with many great projects from his natal place (tramway-wrapping for Coca-Cola, impressive outdoor banner for the El Corte Inglés campaign, etc.). He would ike to collaborate more on these kinds of massiv campaign from all around the world. He also has the perfect portfolio to convince the public and the clients, take a look below and to his book. Don't hesitate to give Oscar a challenge that'll met his expectations, he's waiting for you!

Ëlodie / Romantic researches / Paris

In her spare time, Ëlodie explores and creates illustrations to arouse interest of her fans and new customers. Here is a portrait of the actress Nathalie Portman nicely staged in a fresh and uncluttered set. For the other illustrations, she was also inspired by the Victoria's secret fashion show.

Takeshi / Personal research / Brooklyn

Emeric Trahand aka Takeshi presents his last researches and personal realisations. Dreamlike journey between cubism and geometrical forms imposing depth and rigor.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Inspirational research «fashion attitude» / Bruxelles

Mydeadpony, being true to himself, is a very productive artist. He shares with us a new series of illustrations, each one as audacious as the other. Here is our selection, to see more of his work visit his online portfolio.

Óscar Llorens / Miscellaneous works / Madrid

The Oscar Llorens's universe is pleasing every public, he thus presents some of his last creations. Please visit his online portfolio to see his last advertising campaign collaborations just as many other projects!

Kelly Schykulski / Personal work for Earth's day / Montreal

For Earth's day that occurred last April 22th, Kelly Schykulski did create a whole new bright illustration. Kelly explains: "It's about how we are all fighting though barely hanging on to this extraordinary and abundant beauty that surrounds us. Due to changing world and destructive technologies we are all becoming distant and isolated from our own environment. But it's always a constant struggle that we must not loose and forever keep fighting for."



Expo + Transit Shelter contest / Montreal

Discover the illustrations of Sonia Roy and Kelly Schykuslki entered to Expo + Transit Shelter contest presented by Quebecor Media in collaboration with STM (Montreal's public transport society) for the promotion of new bus shelters in Montreal city.

Ëlodie / Personal researches / Paris

The first illustration was done for a project, but won’t be published finally. For the other 2, Ëlodie explains: These are researches that I did to test new techniques and to return to more traditional methods (fine felt pen, pencil, ink, paint) and almost no digital coloring. In the one at left ('Miss Dior'), this is obviously a tribute to Dior and Miss Dior particularly with the symbol of the rose, precious to the creator. I am also inspired by the illustrator René Gruau for the style (he has worked a lot with Dior).

Nicole Jarecz / Personal research: Pure beauty / Paris

Inspired by fashion week and luxury brands, Nicole Jarecz charms us with this all white illustration.

Silke Werzinger / Fashion editorials for a German magazine

Silke shares with us her latest collaboration, made with crayons, for a German magazine. It's the cover and a spread on Green Fashion. She particularly likes this style and hopes she can work more and more with this technique more versatile than the ballpoint pen which she usually uses.

Takeshi / Personal research: Novelties / New York

After spending several months in France, Takeshi is back in the Big Apple. Always searching for a unique signature, he introduces us, in exclusivity, three new illustrations. To learn more, consult his portfolio and watch the Fotolia video presenting him.

Ëlodie / Personal research: watercolor in the spotlight

Ëlodie likes to work the textures. This summer, she wanted to explore the watercolor in her own way. Once again, she surprises us with her refined and captivating illustrations.

Nicole Jarecz / Personal research: world and fashion / Paris

Nicole Jarecz got inspired by fashion weeks from here and there to introduce these trendy illustrations. To (re) discover the world of Nicole, visit her portfolio.

Ross Cuthbert / Ross Cuthbert also makes vector drawing / London

Last May, we made you discover 3D creations by Ross Cuthbert. This month, we share with you his talent as a vector illustrator. Here are some of his latest creations. Many others are to be seen in his portfolio.

Tonwen Jones / Personal project: Mr&Mrs + Death of a Zeppelin

Tonwen Jones created two personal projects. She explains each of them.

 Mr&Mrs: "This piece was a personal commission for a wedding gift for the groom. I was asked to illustrate their wedding day and to include many of their friends and family as well as capturing the spirit of the day; a wedding in a Victorian cinema!"

Death of a Zeppelin: "This was personal project about the apparent demise of the use of the Zeppelin as a mode of transport."

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personal researches: A taste of summer! / Montreal

Avid traveler, Marie-Eve Tremblay travels the world once a year to find new inspirations for her illustrated world, she shares with us a new summery series and added: "I was inspired by old magazines of 50's and 60's that I found in a market while I was travelling in which there was fashion pictutres. I then imaginated a photo shoot for the summer 1959! "

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal researches

Mydeadpony is really productive in his free time. He sent us a new personal series of illustrations. Here is our selection, to see more visit his portfolio.

Ëlodie / "Fashion" researches / Paris

Ëlodie continues her monthly illustrations on her blog. The first illustration is inspired by the cover of the March 2012 issue of Vogue Australia. The model, Karlie Kloss, was wearing a dress by Alexander McQueen. "I am particulary inspired by his universe and this was the occasion to make a modest tribute to the collections of this great designer that I admire season after season. For the coloring, I was inspired by the advertising campaign of the fashion designer, dreamy and magical..."

And the second illustration is a suggestion of a book cover that ended up not being published. It shows a fictive portrait of the typical Parisian woman.

David Despau / ESPN Magazine + personal researches

David Despau created 4 illustrations of famous sport athletes for the article " War is the answer" in the Analytics issue of ESPN magazine.

He also shares with us a series of personal illustrations that he named "Legend Sneakers"; a mix between legendary sport shoes and renowned people. 

Jérôme Mireault / Personal researches

Jérôme Mireault is from the Province of Quebec, and in Quebec right now, the heat is scarce. He unveils this personal work and explains his approach: "to limit the details and to focus on the colors, in order to bring a little cheerfulness because of the springtime that is slow to arrive."

Ëlodie / Unpublished illustrations / USA

Ëlodie created several illustrations for a book published by an American Publishing Company about French mature women. The illustrations will not be published, but we wanted to share some of them with you.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal work / Brussels

Once again, Mydeadpony sended us a wonderful series of his personal work. For the great pleasure of the eyes, here is a small selection of those that we believe are having the greatest impact regarding the subject, the details and colors are captivating as always. To learn more about Mydeadpony's boldness, click here.

Ëlodie / "Sexy Colors" exhibition and researches for the Fashion Week Couture / Paris

Ëlodie participated to the Sexy Colors exhibition at the Curiosités gallery from December to last January in Paris. The color version as well as the black & white one are on sale on her online shop.

Also, in the occasion of the recent Fashion Week Couture in Paris that happens in the last few weeks, Ëlodie produced a sublime illustration from a photo of the defile. We love that she kept the transparency effect, the lightness, movements and volumes in the clothing, that makes this illustration a splendid image that represents well catwalks. This illustration is also on sale on her online shop.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personnal research / Brussels

To our great delight, Mydeadpony has just sent us extracts of his latest creations. Belgian illustrator living in the beautiful city of Brussels, Mydeadpony is a self-taught artist whose illustration and watercolour techniques approach is influenced by fashion, street art and graffiti. Mixing digital media, painting and sketches and drawing on watercolours, splotches and textures, he creates immensely detailed images that are both meticulous and ethereal.

Ëlodie / La Marelle Éditions and Ëlodie's boutique / Paris

Ëlodie presents us a series of three illustrations created for La Marelle Éditions, with whom she has collaborated for several years. You may have saw Ëlodie's illustrated objects in France or abroad in more than 40 countries. During the Salon de l'Objet in Paris, the professionals have had the chance to see exclusively the new products. Ëlodie also has an online store where you can purchase little wonders; iPhone cases, bags, notebooks, folders, notebooks recipe, and even original illustrations... You must bookmark Ëlodie's boutique in your favorites.

Silke Werzinger / Silke Werzinger, innovative illustrator from Berlin

Silke Werzinger shares with us some of her latest creations made for Germany, her living place and inspiration source. To see the rest of her new projects or personal works, visit her book.

Ëlodie / New: Colagene's Luxury and Fashion Book

Marie-Christine Brisson - associate and artistic director - and ten illustrators at the clinic worked together in the creation of the new printed book specialized in fashion and luxury. This brand new book was printed in two versions (Paris and Montreal) for an upcoming meeting tour. If you wish to consult it, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to show it to you. While waiting to see more in the next newsletter, here is a sneak peek on Ëlodie's work.

Creative Cards Project / USA

Géraldine Georges and Mydeadpony each participated in creating one of the 54 unique playing cards from 54 top artists for the Creative Cards Project. They were free to pick the card they wanted and create their own design. The aim of the project is to create something useful, collectable, pretty and unique, for artists and designers to collaborate on an interesting project, get to know each other and show off their unique style and techniques.

Óscar Llorens / Oscar Llorens is creating live! / Madrid, Spain

The clinic shares with you thisOscar Llorens video. He realizes a work of art in direct. Get to see his face, technique and creativity with this realization on a wall and a fun animation of his illustrated universe.


Nicole Jarecz / New research : Watercolor style

Nicole experiments and develops her book. She shares with us her approach:

"Being precise has always been a focus of mine when illustrating, but I'm trying to break down my boundaries and experiment with watercolor and other techniques to give my fashion illustrations a more sophisticated look. Hopefully this experimentation will bring my work to a new level." - Nicole Jarecz

Ëlodie / Personal research / Paris

Ëlodie keeps collaborating with the Showcase for the parisian "Open House" nights. Here's the visual she realized for the last edition, on October 29th. In her second illustration, she illustrates her vision of Les Pléiades Hotel in Barbizo, following her short stay as a guest. She chose to draw the bar which looks like part of a hollywood movie, and pays tribute to Bérénice Béjot dans "The Artist".

Takeshi / Personal research

Please find enclosed a little gift for you. A small composition work around the word Colagene. It's been several years that I've been working with you, evolving with you, and to have experienced the world of graphic design more deeply and communications in general, I feel very lucky I found Colagene, with your professionalism and your honesty, to start my career.
----- Takeshi