Emmanuel Polanco / Le Monde Campus / France

Emmanuel Polanco illustrates the cover and the special file The New Rules of Work for the supplement Campus in Le Monde.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Blade Runner 2049 in The New Yorker / New York

A beautiful GIF animated creation by Stephanie F. Scholz for The New Yorker for the release of the upcoming movie " Blade Runner 2049 " with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Benoit Tardif / The Baffler and Avenue Magazines / USA

Benoit Tardif is always so funny and relevant in his creations and several American magazines adore him more and more, as The Baffler and Avenue Magazines.

Giordano Poloni / Quartz / Hitachi

One scene, and four moments of the day: You wish to know How your intersection is outfitted for crime prevention? Here are Giordano Poloni's illustrations for an article with interactive content, sponsored by Hitachi. Read the full article on Quartz (!

Jérôme Mireault / The Globe and Mail

To accompany an article published in the February 2016 issue of The Globe and Mail, Jérôme Mireault illustrated the portraits of 12 of the members of the Prime Minister's Office of Canada, Justin Trudeau.


Benoit Tardif / New York Times

How not to fall in love with the world of Benoit Tardif and not ask him to tell us a crazy story between a plant of oregano, a butterfly and an ant? The New York Times Science in the article The butterfly, the ant and the oregano falls and dives one more time into his moved, funny and relevant world.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco illustrated a debate questionning if Michel Foucault was a neoliberal philosopher and published in one of French magazine L'Obs's summer issues. 

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

The freedom of expression, a topical subject for the last debate of the magazine the Ob, illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco: the useful idiots of the FN (Front National).

Benoit Tardif / The New York Times / New York

We know it : smoking is not good for health. Benoit Tardif knows it too and, furthermore, illustrates it for an article of the New York Times of February for the Science section.

Aaron McConomy / Registered Nurse Journal / Toronto

Even if the subject is difficult to bring up, Aaron McConomy illustrated the difficulty of letting dying patients go and the intense moments of the nurse's job.

Benoit Tardif / Journal de Montreal - JM insert / Montreal

If you are a fervent follower of Journal de Montréal, you must have noticed that its collaboration with Benoit Tardif is going on and on! As a matter of fact, Benoit still illustrates weekly for the articles published in the insert called “Cahier JM”. Here are his last drawings from January issues.

Edward McGowan / Parcs Canada- Week-end at Peel bassin event / Montreal

 To put emphasize on the historic place that is the Peel bassin, Parks Canada called the Graphic Design Clinic and the illustrator Edward McGowan to create a promotional visual for the Weekend at the Peel bassin event that took place on September. For this project, posters, banners, advertisements and newspapers were declined.

Benoit Tardif / La Licorne Theater / Montreal

September also means the fall arts season! Here are the illustrations created by Benoit Tardif for the 2014-15 season of La Licorne Theater. Benoit's work has been adapted on different promotional media: printed brochures, advertising displays, the theater's website and social media, video etc. The illustrator was given a lot of freedom for this project. He illustrated “in an absurd humor style", as he describes it, the season’s theme including links to Quebec's identity and references (winter, bonfire etc.) Art director and executive director of La Licorne Theater, Denis Bernard quotes: "Benoit's work and style match exactly our theater's spirit and the atmosphere that we want to communicate through this season's brochure."

Emmanuel Polanco / Philosophy Magazine Germany : German philosopher Martin Heidegger / Berlin

Here is an audacious portrait and 2 symbolic illustrations about the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. They were created for the magazine Philosophie (Germany) by Emmanuel Polanco, one of the collage artists at the clinic. To discover more portraits and conceptual illustrations by Emmanuel, take a look at his latest collaborations.

Benoit Tardif / Journal de Montréal / Montreal

Our collaboration with le Journal de Montreal continues this year with new illustrations by Benoit Tardif for the insert Cahier JM.

Jérôme Mireault / The Globe and Mail / Toronto

Jérôme Mireault created a series of illustrations for a package on altruism published in The Globe and Mail. He had to represent everyday altruistic acts of humanity for the main illustration and to draw portraits of 9 persons featured in this section of the newspaper.

Emmanuel Polanco / Weekly Magazine: Les Inrocks / Paris

New collaboration for Emmanuel Polanco with the French weekly magazine Les Inrocks. Two first topics were given to him this month: 

Co-author with Toni Negri of major political and philosophical reflections of the 2000s – Empire, Multitude –, Michael Hardt thinks the spirit of resistance and revolt that blows around the world.

And the article: We do not necessarily have to pay our debts
Anthropologist, historian, university professor, David Graeber is also an activist who wrote books on the anarchism and participated in the creation of the movement Occupy Wall street.


Benoit Tardif / Journal de Montréal / Montreal

Benoit Tardif is starting a new collaboration with a local newspaper called Le Journal de Montréal. He was commisioned to illustrate on a weekly basis, conceptual illustrations for different short columns of a new editorial insert called '"Cahier JM".

Kelly Schykulski / Le Journal du CNRS / Paris

Kelly illustrated an institutional subject for one of the October story of the Newspaper of CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). The subject was: Funding for European research in 2020...

Jérôme Mireault / The Globe and Mail newspaper / Toronto

Jérôme had to draw portraits of mavericks who helped turn the world upside down in 2011.

Tonwen Jones / CNRS Journal / Paris

Fall under Tonwen's charm once more with her naive "handrawing" style for the special file: Handicap: Researchers face the challenge, for the CNRS newspaper.

Kelly Schykulski / Registered Nurse Journal / Toronto

Kelly Schykulski did an illustration for the spread cover of the Registered Nurse Journal designed by Fresh Art & Design.

Takeshi / Annecy 2018 / France

Ad campaign for the candidature of France to the 2018 olympic and paralympic winter games with Euro RSCG 360 agency.

Jérôme Mireault / CNOP journal / France

Series of illustrations for Le journal du Conseil national de l'Ordre des pharmaciens. The topic was about the the pharmacists safety (agressions of the pharmacists, in the pharmacy or somewhere else, and reports to the authorities).

Óscar Llorens / The Washington Post / Washington

One illustration for the article Finance Park for The Washington Post.

Takeshi / Pohjola / Finland

Photographic illustrations for the new advertising campaign of Pohjola, an insurance company, realised by TBWA Helsinki. Pohjola is now launching insurance services for Finnish companies that are expanding their business outside Finland. Pohjola is offering also expert services to companies to avoid some cultural conflicts and ease their integration in foreign markets.

Jérôme Mireault / 20 Minutes newspaper / Paris

Two illustrations inspired by the principle of  'Where's Waldo?' for a print & web campaign for 20 Minutes newspaper.


Jérôme Mireault / 20 Minutes Newspaper / Paris

Illustration for a print and web campaign for the 20 Minutes Newspaper realized by La Chose agency, in collaboration with La Belle Production.

Pablo Pasadas / L’Aquitaine / Paris

Cover illustration for the July/August supplement illustrating summer in Aquitaine, a region in France