Lavilletlesnuages / New artiste! / Paris, France

A warm welcome to this rising artist who is creative and very involved! Passionate illustrator, Lavilletlesnuages aka Louise lives in Paris where she creates and plays with colors and words. With her Penninghen diploma in hand, Louise embarked on the adventure of illustration to share her vision of the world she wants, colorful and positive. Recent winner of the Jeunes Talents des Agents Associés, Louise is multiplying experiences in advertising while she is developing her own creations. She likes to use all image and communication outlets, from the press to digital and even television. In addition to the illustration, Louise explores new medias (notably ceramics and textiles) to develop her own style.

Wearbeard / New illustrator! / Madrid, Spain

Welcome to a colorful, authentic artist who is strong in visual concepts! Wearbeard is a Madrid based illustrator and painter specialized in what he calls conceptual illustration, which means that every image that he draws tries to deliver a home-cooked idea. He mostly works in advertising and editorials, specifically in science dissemination, but also in purely artistic endeavors. In his spare time he plays the drums with his band and sculpts using ceramics. He is also a firm believer in self-teaching.

New rep : Colagene Montreal / Canada

It was with great joy that Claudie joined the Colagene Montréal team a few months ago as an Agent and Business Development Manager for the North American Anglophone market. In just a few months, she has become outstanding contributor. Do not hesitate to contact her for any project. The illustrated portrait is signed by Ëlodie.

As graduate in art history from the University of Québec in Montréal, Claudie Bonin needs to be in touch with artistic fibers. She is always very enthusiastic to discover new talents in the contemporary scene. Her community implication lead her to begin working in galleries and in media where she developed an ease of communication. Her capacity to analyze images has given her recognition as an interpreter of the art. Claudie finished her university studies in Italy and returned to Montreal motivated by ideas of accentuating the development of Montreal culture abroad. Curious by nature, she widened ceaselessly her knowledge on modern art and feeds her career by her creativity. By combining both work and studies, she has set up strategies to achieve her goal and to refine her business knowledge.

Victoria Bee / New artist paper

Victoria Bee was born and raised in Belgium. After five years of studies in computer graphics and four as a junior art director and paper artist between Montreal, Paris and London, she became an independent artist and moved to Berlin in 2015. Her visuals are inspired by surrealism and are always very colored. She is specialized in creating under or oversized accessories, 3D (tangible) illustrations and set design. Her services range from conception to production, photography and post-production. 

New artist: Miquel Tura

Some new blood has arrived in the Montreal agency, Miquel Tura Catalan designer and artist from Barcelona is now established in Montreal. He worked as a designer for packaging, branding, visual research and also live drawing for events... He is fascinated by illustration and works to sharpen his 3D approach. He is available to take up graphic challenges with you. His portfolio will be revealed in a few weeks.

Amaël Isnard / New artist / Paris

Welcome to Amaël Isnard who freshly joins the clinic
Amaël loves to compose funny, minimalist and colorful images, often populated with facetious anthropomorphic animals, mysterious museum objects, and exotic plants. He is also an animation director. Graduated from Supinfocom in 2007 with the wacky "Music Therapy", a musical in an animal hospital. He then spent 5 years in London, making short films, educational films and commercials. He developed a passion for Earl Grey tea and British rock. Back in France, he now lives in Paris, with a plastic Diplodocus flatmate.

Annick Poirier / The great comeback at the clinic!

It is with great pleasure that we announce you the comeback of Annick Poirier in our stable. She was one of pillars of the agency a few years ago by giving life to beautiful campaigns and projects.

After a moment of being on her own, she is back with an even stronger and diversified portfolio. Annick wore several hats in the graphic arts world before choosing to happily dedicate herself to illustration in 2007. An avid traveler and enthusiast of contemporary architecture, design under all its forms, minimalism and ecology, she recently designed, drew and managed the construction of her eco-friendly mini-house in Les Laurentides where she lives now. Her small studio has the most poetic views and a luminosity for all her creative illustration projects.


Stephanie F. Scholz / Blade Runner 2049 in The New Yorker / New York

A beautiful GIF animated creation by Stephanie F. Scholz for The New Yorker for the release of the upcoming movie " Blade Runner 2049 " with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Aurore Danielou / New recruit !

Welcome to Aurore Danielou a French illustrator based in Montreal since 2013. After obtaining a degree in visual communications and graphic design from the ESAG Penninghen school and Charpentier Academy, along with an expertise in fashion trends and design, she decided to leave Paris to sharpen her eye (and her pencils). Today she offers us a poetic and feminine universe where her daydreams are translated into the shape of charming animals, luxuriant vegetation and mesmerizing characters. As she leans often towards patterns, Aurore quite particularly likes working her illustrations with repetition and accumulation. With notable experience and attraction towards scenography, Aurore enchants us with her murals and her ornamental wallpapers in the trendiest places in Montreal. Contact us for any project idea !

Les tontons makers / New motion design studio

Les Tontons Makers is the union of two creatives: Laurent Lasserre and Romain Lier. A creative studio which likes exploring various media to create their own visual language. From motion design to illustration via typography, the techniques they are using are digital as well as traditional, in order to give the best visual answer to clients.

Florent Hauchard / New artist / Paris

Welcome in the team to Florent Hauchard, parisian illustrator and king of animated GIF!
Florent first worked as a graphic designer. Then, he quickly returned to his first passion: drawing. He loves music, traveling and comic books. Three simple things that inspire him. Especially music, that is necessarily connected to the image by its context and the emotions it arouses. Florent can spend hours finding old funk, bluegrass or bossa nova albums. Same goes for the comic book alleys of the Fnac.

Vincent Raineri / New motion designer artist / Montreal

Vincent is a French art director and a motion designer settled in Montreal. Self-taught, enthusiast by visual arts and multidisciplinary projects, he likes to explore new techniques and to reconsider the existing. Trained to be an Industrial designer, he is in a constant research for aestheticism and balance between the beautiful and the audacious, and also he likes to work with professionals who, as him, are not afraid of challenges.

Nicolas André / New motion designer artist

Nicolas André, French artist exiled in Berlin is a self-taught Jack-of-all-trades. He likes challenges and confrontation with various media and styles, in which he leaves his imprint. The art of the movement, the rhythmic and the research for new techniques are three axes which allow him to find always creative solutions to projects he works on.

Ross 3D / New book all in volume!

Because Ross, who's also a roughman, has various talents, and because you often ask us 3D and vectorial artwork, here is the brand new portfolio of Ross 3D. Here is a selection of his best projects to help you in your 3D needs.

Zigor Samaniego / New 3D artist

Zigor Samaniego specializes in lettering illustration and does freelance advertising images. After working for many years in the field of architectural computer graphics and graphic design, he decided to leave everything and concentrate solely on his role as a 3D illustrator. In his own style, he likes to put special details in materials, textures (especially the most complex ones as hair and liquids), lighting and atmosphere in every one of his creations. He loves the challenge of imitating reality, in a very personal way.

Antonio Uve / New illustrator / Madrid, Spain

Antonio Uve is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. His work is simple and elegant, utilizing shapes and bright colors to create charming characters. Antonio is focused on textures to give his work a hand-painted look. He's a self-taught illustrator and his background in advertising and graphic design is apparent throughout his illustrations. He is influenced by the cities around him, travels, nature and music. In his personal time, he is constantly seeking new techniques to expand his capabilities; applying his illustrations on textiles, pottery, and recently embroidery.

Stephanie F. Scholz / New illustrator / Berlin

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Stephanie to the clinic.
Stephanie Franziska Scholz was born in 1983 in Japan, grew up in Australia and now lives and works in Berlin. She studied drawing and print making at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin as well as the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and received her diploma in 2012. After completing her studies, she illustrated several books, worked for newspapers and magazines and began a series of computer cut-outs. She is a founding member of the art collective Studio Spektral and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions.

Dima Godunov / New illustrator

We welcome our first Russian illustrator! Dima thinks that to be designer means to be able to take every new project as a challenge, and he loves it! He always tries to do his best and to find unusual ways to resolve problems. He didn't graduate from any art school, but his experience in design is as good as it can be. He’s passionate about art, snow, and making people smile.

Owen Gent / New illustrator / Bristol, United Kingdom

We welcome Owen Gent among clinic artists! Owen is an award winning illustrator who uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to capture the warmth and beauty in every job he approaches. Drawing on his love of narrative, metaphor and subtlety, Owens muted colour palettes delicately yet clearly convey the message behind an illustration.

New Colagene's website

It’s official, Colagene’s new website is now online: He has been rethought for more refined and functional user experience. With a new responsive web design, all versions of the website on mobile devices (smartphones and digital tablets) are better adapted for an optimal experience.

The research tool to help find a type of artist (illustrator, storyboarder, motion designer) and type of projects (keywords, techniques, subjects) is now put forward and improved to allow the customer to find the desired artist efficiently. It is also possible to filter artists’ individual portfolios according their main type of clientele or their specialisation (editorial, advertising etc.).

Welcome to Valérie Deland new rep / Montreal clinic

Bachelor graduate of the Université du Québec à Montreal in business administration, Valérie specializes in marketing and international business and obtained a mention of honor for her involvement in many projects. With more than nine years of experience in customer service, her professional experiences and determination are adding to her expertise in her field. Her variated fields of interest are going from project management, to public relations, gastronomy and travels. Her driving forces: a dynamic personality, positive attitude and contagious sense of humor. She joined the Colagene team to learn more about project management, negotiation and marketing strategy. Valerie is currently on maternity replacement for the North American English market and will take over the Canadian francophone market in the coming months. Illustration : Nicole Jarecz

Giordano Poloni / New illustrator / Italy

We are happy to welcome Giordano Poloni among the roster of theartists of the creative clinic. Born in 1980 and resident of Milan, he earned a cinema bachelor’s degree in 2006. The same year he starts his illustrator career for clients as The Guardian, Scientific American Magazine, The New Scientist, Random House Australia, Wired UK, TIM Mobile... Inspired by his huge collection of comics, music videos, movies and photography books, he creates digital artworks highly reminiscent of his Italian heritage.

Takeshi / Expo 2020 Dubai / United Arab Emirates

In preparation of Expo 2020 Dubai which will be held in Dubai, Takeshi illustrated one of the 21 sculptures which will be exposed in the city in the next days. Among 3 themes that are: Mobility, Sustainability & Opportunities, Takeshi represented the sub-theme Culture. More information.

Bomboland / Welcome back!

Welcome back to the clinic BombolandBomboland is a papercut illustration studio based in Italy, officially born around 2010. The studio works both on publishing and advertising projects and has illustrated magazines, newspaper, children books and collaborated with several agencies to create advertising campaigns. Within few years Bomboland has been able to carve out a space in the world of international illustration with a well-defined and recognizable style, but not without that versatility that allows him to create images for many types of projects and even more different types of customers.

Poppy Magda / New illustrator / France

As a color, fabric and other materials lover, Mamzelle Poppy has found her own way to express herself through illustration for several years now. After a 3D digital training (specialized in texture adding), which made her graphic tablet her best ally, she's inspired by women's magazines and fashion photographic works, but also by cartoon films. Her work is made up of different elements creating a pop, graphic and colored aesthetics. This universe reflects a very personal vision of femininity and the world surrounding us exactly as she sees it: with a suspicion of naughtiness and whim. Mamzelle Poppy's approach is mostly intuitive ; she approaches her creations with feeling and makes the most of her best tool: creativity.

Welcome to Marilyn Marois, new agent / Montreal's clinic

Marilyn is a natural for creativity also passionate by the visual arts and creative trends. After her studies in graphic design at Cégep de Sherbrooke, she decided to move to Montreal to widen her education at the university opting for the famous Bachelor of Graphic Design at UQAM. Therefore, she will work as a freelancer and for renowned agencies. Design and agencies environment is a real playground for her. Curious by nature and wanting to be more involved in the process of project management while touching creation, she joined the team Colagene in May 2014 as agent and manager of business development for the English market of North America. As an experienced graphic designer, she has also the mandate to bring her creativity and her signature to the Graphic Clinic with Vincent Sillard. Illustration : Jérôme Mireault

Éric Caron / New storyboarder / roughman / Montreal

Fuelled by comics, advertising and video games, Eric creates alive and direct scenes, armed with his graphic tablet. Through sketches quickly drawn, or more detailed pictures, he puts his lines and colors in the service of the message conveyed by the image. Eric develops visuals with neat atmospheres and subtle lighting, inspired by themes from everyday life to Hollywood blockbusters.

Emmanuel Polanco / Welcome back! / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco is back at Colagene! After having dedicated his personal projects in publishing, he returns with an even more sublime portfolio.
Emmanuel Polanco is an author, an illustrator and an artist living in Paris. He works for magazines (Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times…), theatre (Royal Shakespeare Company...) and publishing companies. He had published "Les animaux dans la neige" and "Petite Alice aux merveilles" for Gallimard Jeunesse/Giboulées. His work techniques are numeric and traditional collage, he uses paint, pencil and India ink.

Maison Vignaux / New team of French directors / Berlin

Colagene is proud to welcome aboard Das Schloss (The castle in German), composed of Damien "elroy" Vignaux and Nicolas "Neopen" André, a Berlin-based team of French directors and art directors. Their crossover techniques and experiences allow them to run projects from A to Z by writing, directing, designing and animating full stories together, creating rich homogeneous contents. The duo already worked for clients like YSL, Nike, Adidas, Universal, EMI, MTV group, Nokia, Swatch, Visa Premier or Nescafé.

David Despau / New illustrator / Madrid, Spain

Initially a student in architecture, David chose to study Fine Arts instead. After graduating with a degree in design, he continued to work in design, advertising and illustration. He has been a freelance illustrator, art director and creative director at digital advertising agencies.

 To see more, consult his portfolio.

Raoul Paulet / New Demo / London

Discover the new Demo of our London motion designer
Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism.

Elroy / New Demo Reel

When Damien a.k.a. Elroy, sits down at his drawing table, it’s like he’s an eight-year-old on a sugar high from being overfed candies at Grandma’s house. He’s influenced by pop culture, music and films, and he likes to experiment with a variety of media in his work, which often has a timeless quality.

Raoul Paulet / New Demo Reel

Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism. Now he is living in London, UK.

Ëlodie / New Fashion Illustrator / Paris

The Clinic is glad to announce that a new fashion illustrator, Ëlodie, joins the Colagene team. Working as a freelance illustrator since 2010, Ëlodie developed her own realistic and poetic style. Although she prefers using traditional techniques, she enjoys experimenting with new ones regularly to try and inject more soul into her illustrations. Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion and also gets inspiration from the nostalgic universe of her childhood.

New topic : The Colagene Experience

For its 10th Year Anniversary, Colagene took care of reviewing all its collaborations and would like to share with everyone some touching and inspiring testimonials. During this 11th year, we will show you new ones every month. It will also be featured on our website, don't miss them on your next visit. Colagene is also its wonderful customers! Thank you all of you that participated for your generosity and loyalty!


Colagene Paris is: nice illustrators’ team, good project follow up and significant flexibility of the team. See you soon !
Claire Sougy, Art buyer, Leo Burnett, Paris

We were impressed overall by the quality of the illustrators represented, in particular, Karen's portfolio. Once we began the working relationship we found Genevieve to be very responsive, friendly, professional and courteous. The business side of negotiations were very amicable with Colagene being quite willing and flexible to work within our client's budgets. We appreciated their detailed quoting process and overall client servicing.
Juice Creative agency team, Canada

Colagene has been a constant source of inspiration and has enhanced our projects with their collaborations and commissions. From their elegant and sophisticated images for The Ritz Magazine to the provocative and engaging illustrations for the UN, they have never ceased to deliver work that amazes and manages to be on time and within budget.
Grant Bowden, Creative Director, Deep agency, London, UK

Our collaboration with colagene is always pure happiness. A talented team, a warm welcome and an impressive choice of illustrators! All the best.
Isabelle Dubuc, Artistic director at Châtelaine magazine.

Lo más interesante de la agencia es la diversidad de culturas estéticas de sus ilustradores, además el trato con los agentes es agradable y eficaz
Jesús Angel Alonso, Director de Arte , Glamour, Madrid, España

Annie Alix Paré / New rep / Paris

After studying administration with a marketing profile at HEC Montreal following a college course in economics, Annie jumps with both feet into the world of fashion to have the chance to revolve around a core of trends creators. Following this experience, she sees her thirst to work in conjunction with artists grow and evolve, wanting to follow in one way or the other the creation process and observe a work of art come to life and stand on its own. Passionate about all forms of advertising, visual arts and film, Annie seeks new learning experiences and aims to give the best of herself in the projects undertaken in her professional life. That's why she joined the Colagene team in Paris.

The new Colagene guide

The Colagene guide is back!

The guide shows the work of all artists represented by the agency. For its realization, each artist has produced an original illustration based on the Get your illustration fix concept. More than a dozen of them was selected and declined into screenprints that were exhibited and sold during the events in Montreal and Paris. For those who are interested, there are still some unsold copies available on our new online store.

The guide is not for sale, and is exclusive to all persons using the services offered by the clinic, including: advertising agencies, production & design studios, magazines and publishing houses. However, the guide is available to all in PDF format.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive the Get your illustration fix guide.

Raoul Paulet / Colagene / Get your illustration fix

Animation created for the Colagene Get your fix illustration event, projected during the launch (Montreal + Paris) of the new Colagene guide.

Elroy / Colagene / Get your illustration fix

Animation created for the Colagene Get your fix illustration event, projected during the launch (Montreal + Paris) of the new Colagene guide.

Get your illustration fix event / Paris

For the official release of the third edition of its guide, Colagene organizes the Get your illustration fix event.

First launched in Montreal, the Get your illustration fix event will take place in Paris at the galerie Issue - 38, rue Quincampoix 75004 - 11 and 12 March 2011. Launch Thursday, March 10 from 18 pm.

The guide shows the work of all artists represented by the agency. For its realization, each artist has produced an original illustration based on the Get your illustration fix concept. More than a dozen of them was selected and declined into screenprints that will be exhibited and offered for sale (for only 40€) the night of the event.

For more information, visit the Facebook event

Get your illustration fix event / Montreal

The Get your illustration fix event in Montreal was a real success: nothing less than 500 people were there for the launch and more than half of the screenprints have been sold, for the great pleasure of the artists that realized them. A new edition of the sold out screenprints was printed for the event in Paris, which will take place on March 10th. All the screenprints that won’t be sold after this event will be sold on the Colagene’s website. Watch out the Facebook page and Colagene’s blog to be the first to know!

For those interested in the canvas produced live by Francis Léveillée and Jérôme Mireault, please contact us by email.

Click here to see the photos of the event.

For those of you, who have not received the Colagene guide; don’t hesitate to ask us via email. We also remind you that the guide will be available on the Colagene’s website in PDF version from March 10th, 2011.

We would like to thanks, once more, our partners: Infopresse, Urbania, Pink Gore, Moniker, Cut Chef and l'Empreinte as well as all those present at the launch.

Get your illustration fix Event / Montreal

For the official release of the third edition of its guide, Colagene organizes the Get your illustration fix event. The Guide shows the work of all artists represented by the agency. For its realization, each artist has produced an original illustration about the Get your illustration fix concept. More than a dozen of them was selected and declined into screeprints that will be exposed the night of the event and during the 2 days following it.

The Get your illustration fix launch will be held Thursday, February 17th, 2011 from 5 pm to 9 pm at Yves Laroche art gallery in Montreal. The exhibition will continue on Friday 18th (10am to 8pm) and Saturday 19th (11m to 5pm).

For more information, visit the Facebook event

Please take note that a similar event will take place in Paris on March 10th. So book your evening. More info will follow shortly.

Raoul Paulet / New motion designer

Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism. Now he is living in London, UK.

Ross Cuthbert / New roughman / London

With over 13 years of professional experience in the advertising industry working as a visualizer, Ross's style and application varies to suit the clients needs.

Nicole Jarecz / New illustrator / Paris

Nicole Jarecz is a Detroit-native who graduated with a degree in illustration from the College for Creative Studies. Her delicate and feminine illustrations are a result of playing with graphite, ink, watercolor and found-textures digitally. She finds her inspiration from everyday events, fashion, traveling, people-watching and living in Paris.

Thomas Stefflbauer / New roughman/storyboarder

Thomas’ storyboard illustrations merge the whimsical, humorous, and authentic. His storytelling style fuses smart and realistic imagery with a bit of fantasy. Digital rendering allows him to quickly visualize a range of distinct scenarios in the media, design, and commercial/technology spheres.

Dan Svatek / New roughman/storyboarder

Head storyboarder for an advertising agency for two years, Daniel is no slouch when it comes to delivering polished drawings for pitches and storyboards. A stylistic chameleon, his draftsmanship ranges from precise realism to comical caricatures. Dan loves human subjects as much as inanimate ones, from beer bottles to bicycles, fruits to footwear, press kits to pressure cookers.

Colagene arrives in London and open a third clinic

After success in Montreal and Paris, the Clinic now has a third home in vibrant London, headed by new associate Melissa Brisson.

Thanks to Edward McGowan for his illustration

Melissa Brisson / New rep / London

Melissa is a true adventurer who likes to take inspiration from the people she meets, the trends she encounters, and the countries she explores. A lover of art in all its forms, be it photography, design or architecture, she studied plastic arts, art history, and urban design at the Université du Québec à Montréal. With work experience in both small design agencies and the biggest of advertising firms, she gained high-level experience handling creative contracts in the fields of automotive, tourism, food or computer. In 2003, she left Montreal to work with Singleton Ogilvy & Mather in Sydney, later relocating to London to work for Publicis, before joining the Colagene team.

New Website and new illustrators for the clinic

Fresh from celebrating its eighth birthday, it is with great fanfare that Colagene announces its continuing expansion — and a facelift — in response to steadily growing demand in the world of illustration. On the program: the agency is launching a new website, combining products and services (illustration and graphic design clinic), introducing six new illustrators and two motion designers.

To better serve its clientele, Colagene continues to forge ahead, working towards larger and more integrated commercial applications. In addition to illustration, Colagene now offers motion design and creative consultation services. As part of this expansion, the Colagene team has grown to include 30 artists, including new international recruits to better serve — and amaze — you.

Bomboland / New illustrator

Maurizio Santucci, a.k.a. Bombo, an Italian artist whose artistic and commercial signature is his refreshing paper collages

Damien Vignaux / New illustrator

French by birth, but a Berliner by choice, he is a man of many talents: illustrator, graphic artist, photographer, VJ and motion designer. Challenge and variety are what fuel his projects.

Elroy / New motion designer

French by birth, but a Berliner by choice, he is a man of many talents: illustrator, graphic artist, photographer, VJ and motion designer. Challenge and variety are what fuel his projects.