Stephanie F. Scholz / Alzheimer’s Society / UK

A workshop was run with Ashford Dementia Peer Support Group to talk about the real difficulties which people with Alzheimer's face at Christmas. This is formed the basis for the animation’s narrative illustrated by Stephanie F. Scholz for Alzheimer’s Society.

Florent Hauchard / Une jonquille pour Curie / France

Series of illustrations by Florent Hauchard for Une jonquille pour Curie campaign against cancer. The film was animated by Nicolas André.

Nicolas André / EDF Films / France

Series of 12 animations directed by Nicolas André and illustrated by Steve Scott for EDF (French Electricity).

Nicolas André / Le BHV Marais / Paris

Mary Poppins is in the spotlight this Christmas at BHV Marais. On this occasion, Nicolas André animated the 3D illustrations of Zigor Samaniego on the principle of zoetrope.

Les tontons makers / La Capitale / Quebec

The Capital Insurance Company has chosen the motion design studio LesTontons Makers to create their digital Christmas greetings card.

Les tontons makers / Creative capsule

Here's our fifteenth Creative Capsule. This month, we invite you to meet Les Tontons Makers, a creative studio composed of Laurent Lasserre and Romain Lier. From motion design to illustration to typography, they use both digital and traditional techniques to give the best visual solution to their clients. To try them is to adopt them! Enjoy your meeting.

Quickly describe your creative lab.
Romain: It's a pretty simple place, a desk with my laptop and a big screen, some pictures on the wall, my graphic tablet, books, and drawing materials. We meet a few times at Laurent's place to discuss projects. Laurent: An office that is a bazaar, a tablet, 2 screens, my PC and my dog who lays between my feet!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
We look for graphic references on various mediums or we start with instinct. Once the style is found, we propose a board to the client for validation, and then comes the storyboard. We then decode the entire graphic universe of the film and finally, we have the final animation.

What is the project you are most proud of?
The credits from The Minute of the Prisoner, because we had a "carte blanche" on the project on all aspects ranging from the artistic direction for the side comic strip to the animation itself where 3D projection works well.

What are your favorite colors to create?
Romain: I do not really have a favorite color. I find them more or less beautiful and interesting depending on the context and the emotion that we want to communicate. That said, I love black and white, or the combination of black and white added to a color. And Laurent: I prefer fresh colors to saturated colors.

Why did you become motion designers?
Laurent: For my part I've always loved animated films and video games. I discovered motion design during my studies where it was the premise. I loved the first time animated an object, and I have not stopped since. 
Romain: I am basically passionate about drawing and graphic design and it's always fascinating to be able to create the movement of graphic things.

In four words, how would you describe your animation style?
Graphic, modern, neat, varied.

What is your dream project?
A production where we would have "carte blanche" and could complete the team with other talents for an ever more ambitious project.

What does a typical day look like in Tonton Makers' lives?
We wake up at home, then go to our respective offices and connect to status on current projects and define the work of the day. We both like working with music. In general, we will call each other for a second status in the afternoon and when the evening comes (when there is not a project to finalize), we wind down with physical activities (Roman rock climbs, while Laurent plays indoor soccer).

What inspires you?
Laurent: I like to watch videos on Vimeo or images on Dribble to see the principles of animation or techniques that work well.
Romain: Too many things to list them! I love painting, drawing, typography, animation, ancient and modern creations, and I am a big music fan.

What is your favorite web page?
We do a lot of graphic scouting on Behance, Dribble, Vimeo and Instagram. We also follow the work of agencies and artist portfolios.

Amaël Isnard / Influence Film / United Kingdom

Produced by Beakus, Amaël Isnard, who is also a motion designer, directed this animation entitled Why Our World Needs Documentaries for Influence Film. Documentaries bring us closer to each other and the world. Help us spread the word of their powerful influence.

Vincent Raineri / New logo Kijiji / Canada

Cloudraker called upon Vincent Raineri and Rémi Vincent to create the animated reveal of the new Kijiji logo.

Florent Hauchard / DRAK TV spot / France

TV spot for DRAK, a universal peg to fix up to a ton, illustrated by Florent Hauchard and animated by Nicolas André.

Vincent Raineri / Énergir / Quebec

Vincent Raineri created 2 video clips for Énergir (formerly Gaz Métro). Énergir is the main natural gas distributor in Quebec involved in wind energy, the development of the natural gas as a fuel and the valuation of renewable natural gas.

Vincent Raineri / Business With Attitude 2018 / Paris

Vincent Raineri created an intro movie, as well as all the animated slides and all the partners movies, for the Business with Attitude 2018 event of Madame Figaro. The illustrations are signed by Emmanuel Polanco.

Florent Hauchard / Dacia / France

Series of GIFs directed by Florent Hauchard for Dacia, in partnership with Parallel Studio.

Raoul Paulet / Finance For Tomorrow

Raoul Paulet created this animation for the Finance For Tomorrow conference. The icons were illustrated by Dima Godunov. Finance for Tomorrow is an initiative led by the actors of the Paris Financial Center to promote sustainable finance in France and internationally. 

Nicolas André / Fontstore

Short introduction by Nicolas André introducing the new high quality font library platform: Fontstore !

Elroy / Madame Figaro / Business with Attitude / France

Damien "Elroy" Vignaux created the opening film, as well as all the animated slides for the award ceremony on the Business with Attitude event organized by Madame Figaro that highlights the female entrepreneuship. The portraits of 6 finalists were, as for them illustrated by David Despau.

Les tontons makers / New motion design studio

Les Tontons Makers is the union of two creatives: Laurent Lasserre and Romain Lier. A creative studio which likes exploring various media to create their own visual language. From motion design to illustration via typography, the techniques they are using are digital as well as traditional, in order to give the best visual answer to clients.

Vincent Raineri / New motion designer artist / Montreal

Vincent is a French art director and a motion designer settled in Montreal. Self-taught, enthusiast by visual arts and multidisciplinary projects, he likes to explore new techniques and to reconsider the existing. Trained to be an Industrial designer, he is in a constant research for aestheticism and balance between the beautiful and the audacious, and also he likes to work with professionals who, as him, are not afraid of challenges.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Advertising / Canada

How to give some more of dynamism to your brand and to amuse your clients? It is simple: animate the characters and the world of Bomboland in an advertising! Thank you again Interior Savings Credit Union for your trust.

Vincent Raineri / Unofi logo animation / France

Vincent Raineri, new motion designer of the clinic, created an animation for the revealing of the new logo of Unofi, the Union notariale financière de France.

Nicolas André / Total / Africa Cup of Nations 2017 / Africa

Nicolas André, new motion designer artist of the creative clinic, created a TV spot for Total and the soccer Africa Cup of Nations 2017. This campaign was broadcast on Canal+ Sport and SuperSport channels during the CAF.

Nicolas André / New motion designer artist

Nicolas André, French artist exiled in Berlin is a self-taught Jack-of-all-trades. He likes challenges and confrontation with various media and styles, in which he leaves his imprint. The art of the movement, the rhythmic and the research for new techniques are three axes which allow him to find always creative solutions to projects he works on.

Raoul Paulet / AINÉ ft Sergio Cammariere - Dopo La Pioggia

Here's the latest video clip directed by Raoul PauletBecause every story is made by millions of little fragments. Recalling a past love is never simple. We keep dissecting our memories until we don’t know anymore what has really happened and what is merely a construction of our subconscious. What remains with us is a collage of conflicting hopes and fears, a mash-up of past moments and imagined futures.

Maison Vignaux / Strokes for Institute Magazine

From pictures to illustrations and from movies to motion design, the couple Maison Vignaux touches everything and knows how to give prestige and a glamour touch to any brand or product. This project is an example, an editorial for Institute magazine.

Owen Gent / Episona Seed by Uncle Ginger studio

Owen Gent is a member of the new animation studio Uncle Ginger. He presents us with his last two projects, created for a customer in the medical field. Don't hesitate to call on us for any project illustrated or animated by Owen.

Maison Vignaux / Direction / New Showreel

Damien and Jacqueline Vignaux are Maison VIGNAUX, a multi-platform creative studio developing content in film, photography, illustration and animation for fashion and brands. Their love for experimentation, and their high-praised visual touch, a crossover of traditional film techniques and cutting-edge contemporary illustration skills, led them to work for clients such as Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Arte, Universal, MTV, Redbull, Sunday Times, Warner or Air Canada.

Elroy / M6 Smart Audience / Paris

Here's a motion design signed Damien Vignaux for the opening of an event created by M6 French TV channel, for the launch of a new data plateform nammed Smart Audience. The art direction of this event which was held at the Palais de Tokyo, was assured by Vincent Sillard, partner of the Graphic design clinic and the creative clinic.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Télé-Québec / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay created the illustrations of the opening of Ciné-Mollo TV program broadcast this fall-winter season on Télé-Québec channel. Every Saturday at 6 p.m and, the TV program is presenting several family movies.

Liberté Kéfir Products / Montreal

Damien Vignaux worked with Cossette agency on the «Thank you Kefir » advertising campaign. He was requested to create a promotional video with aquarelle illustrations and textures that will introduce the fermented milk drink product, its origin, composition, benefit and the different ways to enjoy it.

Raoul Paulet / New 2013 Demo

 Raoul Paulet is a visionary director and artist who works on a wide range of media projects. In his research he tends to focus on minimalism, simplicity, and strong aesthetic combined with content and meaning. Raoul always applies a multidisciplinary approach, especially in the search of the perfect balance between image and sound.

Raoul Paulet / Telekom Slovenia (Director's Cut)

 TV spot created by Raoul PauletIt is said that there is no identical snowflakes.Each is a world in itself. Unique. Unrepeatable. Just like you. You can choose many paths. It is up to you and only you. Where you turn, which door you open, which world you visit. But there is only one way which leads you to your destination. Telekom Slovenia. Live freely.

Maison Vignaux / New 2013 Demo / Berlin

New demo of Damien Vignaux, half of the producers duo of Das Schloss.

Raoul Paulet / Le Mystère / Hugo & The Prismatics / London

 Raoul Paulet would like to present you Le Mystère, a music video he wrote, directed and animated for Hugo & The Prismatics.

Through a journey of self-discovery a woman explores the meaning of life. Choices, fears, intentions, mistakes. Her feelings are brought to life and populate her imagination. To distinguish what is real from what is not, she has to observe and listen carefully. This is the only way to not get lost.

Objects that move and change shape. A magical table that gives her shelter. Dark shadows that reflect thoughts and movements. In this journey she learns how to communicate and play with these elements, so that she can finally feel confident enough to open her eyes wide and make her own destiny.

Backstage photos here.

David Despau / Société Générale / London + Hong Kong

 Illustration by David Despau for a digital poster, animated by Damien Vignaux, as well as a printed billboard for the Société Générale.

The bank's mission is to make the link between those who have money (investors) and those financing needs (the issuers). This link is symbolized by flows that meet and build an imaginary bridge.

Damien Vignaux / Libresse TV spot

Damien Vignaux animated the illustrations created by Mydeadpony for a TV spot for Libresse broadcasted in Eastern Europe.

Maison Vignaux / New team of French directors / Berlin

Colagene is proud to welcome aboard Das Schloss (The castle in German), composed of Damien "elroy" Vignaux and Nicolas "Neopen" André, a Berlin-based team of French directors and art directors. Their crossover techniques and experiences allow them to run projects from A to Z by writing, directing, designing and animating full stories together, creating rich homogeneous contents. The duo already worked for clients like YSL, Nike, Adidas, Universal, EMI, MTV group, Nokia, Swatch, Visa Premier or Nescafé.

Elroy / Femmes en Or opening / France

Once again this year, Damien Vignaux created the opening of the awards ceremony of Femmes en Or. Open to the public, in the presence of guests from the media, entertainment, sports, film industries and business communities, the awards ceremony promotes a woman each year through the awarding of a trophy. A moment of celebration and encounters, it is also a moment of conviviality and spectacle.

Raoul Paulet / Spie Batignolles / Animated wish card / Paris

Based on the illustration in volumes of Ciara Phelan for the printed wish card of Spie Batignolles, Raoul Paulet created the animated wish card. With over 150 years of history, Spie batignolles is a global operator in construction and public works.

Raoul Paulet / Gaznat / Animated wish card / Switzerland

2D animation for 2013 wishes of Gaznat created by Raoul Paulet. Gaznat is a limited company which supplies and transports high pressure natural gas to Western Switzerland.

TV spot / Tourisme Montréal

TV spot by Damien Vignaux made from illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The animation was produced to promote tourism in Montreal. Damien and Aaron worked together under the artistic direction of Jimmy Lee creation team. Enjoy!

Raoul Paulet / New Demo / London

Discover the new Demo of our London motion designer
Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism.

Baillat Cardell & fils / Havas Média / Paris

Baillat Cardell & fils produced the printed and interactive greeting card for Havas Media, aiming to spread their wishes for 2012, and announcing they’re moving.

Elroy / New Demo Reel

When Damien a.k.a. Elroy, sits down at his drawing table, it’s like he’s an eight-year-old on a sugar high from being overfed candies at Grandma’s house. He’s influenced by pop culture, music and films, and he likes to experiment with a variety of media in his work, which often has a timeless quality.

Raoul Paulet / New Demo Reel

Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism. Now he is living in London, UK.

Jérôme Mireault / Femmes en Or / France

Jérôme made a series of 12 women illustrations for the awards ceremony « Femmes en or » that took place in Nice on September 17th 2011. This ceremony honors and celebrates the life, the poweful stories and the sucesses of women that contributed to valorize the role and place of women in the world.

Raoul Paulet / Lehning Laboratories / France

Corporative film for Lehning pharmaceutical laboratories, specialists in the manufacture of natural medicines, experts in homeopathy, phytotherapy and phytocosmetics. Raoul Paulet took care of the animation, and Damien Vignaux made the whole photo and video shoot, and music and sound design. Realized with Euro RSCG 360.

Elroy / Nokia SMARTour / Making of "Connecting Vans" / France

For its SMARTour that started Wednesday June 22nd 2011, Nokia gives an artsy touch and Connecting People at the famous combi Volkswagen. A fun and uncommon performance by Vincent, rep and associate at the Clinic. The making of, produced by Damien Vignaux, act as an online promotion tool for this tour of 42 days that travels in 13 towns of France during all summer. This campaing is realized by JWT Paris.

Mariage des Meubles / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay realised the illustrations of the Tv opening, the transitions and the end credits of  TV show Le Mariage des Meubles which look was renewed by La Cavalerie agency.

Raoul Paulet / Colagene / Get your illustration fix

Animation created for the Colagene Get your fix illustration event, projected during the launch (Montreal + Paris) of the new Colagene guide.

Elroy / Colagene / Get your illustration fix

Animation created for the Colagene Get your fix illustration event, projected during the launch (Montreal + Paris) of the new Colagene guide.

Elroy / The Escapists

Brand new video teaser for The Escapists’ upcoming release « Les Ailes du Courage »

« Les Ailes du Courage » is the debut EP from The Escapists, a Berlin based electronic music duo composed by the producer Leonard de Leonard and the graphic designer elroy. “The Escapists” is both a musical and visual concept that explores the mixed aesthetics of film noirs, adventure novels and movies from the mid 20th century, aviators pioneers or mariners, somewhere in between Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon.

Raoul Paulet / New motion designer

Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism. Now he is living in London, UK.

Damien Vignaux + Nazario Graziano / Canal Savoir / Montreal

Series of illustration for the flyer of the fall programming and TV spot of the television channel Canal Savoir illustrated by Nazario Graziano and Damien Vignaux. Damien also took care of the animation.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec City

Series of illustrations for the new Spring TV and press ad campaign for Place Laurier one of the biggest shopping centre in eastern Canada. The slogan is : Là où les tendances se dessinent.

Elroy / New motion designer

French by birth, but a Berliner by choice, he is a man of many talents: illustrator, graphic artist, photographer, VJ and motion designer. Challenge and variety are what fuel his projects.