Nicole Jarecz / Hour Detroit magazine et Lipstick / Detroit, Usa

Nicole Jarecz, illustrated a gift bag and a makeup clutch for the American cosmetics brand The Lipstick Journey. And, she unveils an illustration for Hour Detroit magazine on the theme of Miss America's and a new illustration for the Arletti brand in Paris.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie magazine / Paris, France

Recurring illustrations by Tonwen Jones featured in Science & Vie magazine on the theme of fake news in the media.

Giordano Poloni / Welcome to the Jungle / Paris, France

Here is an illustration of Giordano Poloni created for the article: Companies that provide everything to their employees: benevolent or alienating practice? Luck or golden prison? A survey on the Welcome to the Jungle website.

Wearbeard / Spanish National Science Foundation / Madrid, Spain

Wearbeard continues its periodic collaboration with the press agency of the Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology, SINC...

Lavilletlesnuages / New creations / Paris, France

Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas to start the year 2020 in style.

Silke Werzinger / Inc Magazine / United States

Silke Werzinger has created two portraits for the Inc Magazine of Deena Fox and Rachel Drori for and article about performance reviews in work environment.

David Despau / Les Affaires magazine / Montreal, Canada

David Despau has created several portraits of journalists from Les Affaires magazine for their January issue.

David Despau / L'Express / Albert Camus / France

Portrait of Albert Camus by David Despau on the cover of L'Express magazine.

Owen Gent / Science & Vie / France

Illustrations by Owen Gent for an article on gender and parenthood published in the Science & Vie magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / fake news / France

Recurring illustrations by Tonwen Jones featured in Science & Vie magazine on the subject of fake news.

Tonwen Jones / Management Magazine / Portraits / France

Recurring portraits of managers throughout history featured in Management magazine by Tonwen Jones.

Silke Werzinger / Science Focus magazine / Germany

Silke Werzinger shows us his creativity in this series of illustrations for the German magazine Science Focus and at last a fresco for Trennt Magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / New creations / Stockholm, Sweden

The strength of the image emerges from the new illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco. Discover editorial illustrations for Oprah Magazine, Institutional Investor and Network Magazine...

Jérôme Mireault / Que Choisir Magazine / Paris, France

The French magazine Que Choisir launched a challenge to Jerome Mireault for the December issue: illustrate a satisfaction survey on favorite consumer brands in a pop art style.

Nicole Jarecz / New creations / Detroit, Usa

American illustrator Nicole Jarecz makes us travel and dream with her illustrations for Hour Detroit magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue, and for the French brand Arletti.

Bomboland / Apple / Lucca, Italy

The clinic wants to share a beautiful series of illustrations made by our Italian duo Bomboland. Summertime and the paper cut were in the spotlight in this project for Apple.

Wearbeard / Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology / Madrid, Spain

Discover this periodic collaboration with the Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology's news agency, SINC. Graphic illustrations by one of our new artists Wearbeard.

Poppy Magda / News / Cannes, France

Here is a "pop" selection of the latest achievements and imaginings of Poppy Magda.

Bomboland / New creations / Lucca, Italy

Our flamboyant Italian duo, Bomboland, made headlines for the German newspaper Diezeit with their colorful editorial illustrations for 580 and Kokode.

Lavilletlesnuages / Inspirations from Seoul / Paris, France

Just back from an inspirational trip to Seoul, Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas.

Silke Werzinger / Gala / France

Illustration by Silke Werzinger for Gala magazine about the love of young love.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Express / France

Illustrations in L'Express magazine (No. 3566) about a failed attack at the Elysee Palace.

Antonio Uve / The magazine: Les Affaires plus / Montreal, Canada

Antonio Uve has created six illustrations for Les Affaires Plus magazine for their October issue.The article delves into responsible investing.

Amaël Isnard / Professionally Speaking Magazine / Canada

Amaël Isnard was chosen to illustrate an article for Professionally Speaking magazine.This particular article focuses on podcasts that teachers can use in the classroom to help improve student participation and their overall learning experience.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashions illustrations for Arletti / Paris, France

A few months ago, Arlettie, who organizes private sales of luxury and premium brands in Paris, asked Colagene for illustrations that reflect the world of each brand.  These illustrations were used for their event invitations and website. Nicole Jarecz lent herself to the game and now it's online on their website!

Tonwen Jones / New creations / Brighton, United Kingdom

Here are some of Tonwen Jones' latest accomplishments; tourist monuments, posters, and compositions around travel mixing collages and drawings.

Nicole Jarecz / New creations / Detroit, United Sates

These creations are by Nicole Jarecz, an American illustrator who lived several years in Paris. Nicole, a young mom, adores fashion and is passionate about her career as an illustrator.

Emmanuel Polanco / Book update / Stockholm, Sweden

Below, a small selection of the latest illustrations made by Emmanuel Polanco. Navigating between drawing and collage, his style remains unique and his concepts still powerful.

Owen Gent / More news! / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent continues his collaborations with publishing houses and magazines. Check out some of his latest achievements filled with poetry.

Silke Werzinger / The Billboard magazine / United States

Silke Werzinger created these portraits for Billboard Magazine which features four artists who top streaming, touring and album sales in the 21 Artists Under the Age of 21 category.

Giordano Poloni / Knowable magazine / United States

This illustration was created by Giordano Poloni for Knowable magazine to illustrate an article that explains how scientists are using tiger genetics to contribute to conservation efforts.

David Despau / New creations / Madrid, Spain

David Despau shares his new illustrations of the athlete-actors and the great sportsmen of this world. A series produced for the latest issues of ESPN Magazine.

Annick Poirier / New creations / Laurentides, Québec

Our Quebecer Annick Poirier creates a second mural for the walls of Place Longueuil. Plus, an illustration created for Work book ad and a series of fruity labels for Smucker’s jam packaging. Children running on the beach for Fundraising Children Hospital and an editorial illustration on the delicate subject of vaping for Hour Detroit Magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / BBC Science Focus / United Kingdom

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for the article Electroconvulsive therapy: with ECT clinics closing nationwide, is the UK losing a life-saving therapy? published in the BBC Science Focus Magazine #340 in September 2019.

Emmanuel Polanco / The Voice magazine / United States

Emmanuel Polanco created this illustration for the inside article of Voice Magazine for an article based around the outdoor sports industry in the US.

Emmanuel Polanco / Science Focus magazine / London, United Kingdom

Here's a portrait and a conceptual illustration dealing with masculinity, created by Emmanuel Polanco for Science Focus Magazine.


Emmanuel Polanco / BBC Science Focus magazine / UK

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for a feature about a rare brain disorder ‘Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS)’ in BBC Science Focus magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / France

Tonwen Jones continues, this year again, her collaboration with the Science & Vie magazine for the section Fake News.

Tonwen Jones / Management / France

Every month, Tonwen Jones illustrates Yesterday's Manager for Management magazine. Here are some of the latest portraits.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / St-Sauveur Valley Guide / Laurentides, Québec

Once again, Marie-Eve Tremblay is chosen by King agency to illustrate a friendly scene for the 2019-2020 visitor's guide for the St-Sauveur Valley.

Emmanuel Polanco / Politico / Belgium

Illustration of Emmanuel Polanco in Politico magazine for the European Parliament New members guide.

Amaël Isnard / Lightspeed Brochure / Canada

Here's the number 1 of the new internal magazine from Lightspeed ​​Agency. Amaël Isnard was chosen by the agency to launch this great communication tool!

Emmanuel Polanco / The Voice magazine / United States

Emmanuel Polanco  created this illustration for the cover of the Voice Magazine for their June issue 2019. 

Antonio Uve / The Cincinnati magazine / United States

Antonio Uve created this illustration for an article in the Cincinatti's magazine in honor of a dish from Bauer European Farm Kitchen, a local restaurant that serves an entire pig's head to its guests.

Silke Werzinger / Focus / germany

Cover story for Focus magazine illustrated by Silke Werzinger about 70 Years and Secrets of the German Federal Republic of Germany..

Silke Werzinger / Book updated / Berlin

Our Berlin Silke Werzinger is now a young mother! Back from her maternity leave, she shares with us the portrait of director Pedro Almodovar for Arte magazine and a series of tourist maps.

Ëlodie / Summer creations / Paris, France

In 9 years, Ëlodie has developed her own realistic and poetic style. She uses traditional techniques, but likes to experiment new ones regularly to infuse a "soul supplement" to her illustrations. Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion, and also draws inspiration from the nostalgic world of her childhood. Here's a beautiful and inspiring summer selection for your future campaigns, collections, packaging or editorials.

Giordano Poloni / The commercial Observer magzine / United States

Illustration from Giordano Poloni for an article in the American magazine The Commercial Observer which covers lenders looking for new financial opportunities outside of New York.

Ross 3D / The magazine: Les Affaires plus / Montreal

Ross Cuthbert had the mandate to create a textured escutcheon at the effigy of the Quebec Real Estate Club for the cover page of the Quebec magazine Les Affaires Plus.

Bomboland / Various creation / Italy

Here are some of the latest projects of the duo Bomboland working in paper cut. Surprise your clients by offering them to work in volume for their advertising campaign.

Anne Cresci / Le Journal des Femmes / France

Series of illustrations by Anne Cresci for the fashion pages and cover - ultimately not used - in the Journal des Femmes.

Jérôme Mireault / The Commercial Observer magazine / United States

Jerome Mireault created this illustration for the American magazine The Commercial Observer for their March issue. The article that demystifies stereotypes by explaining how the Woodstock generation changed the world of seniors.

Pablo Pasadas / Second skin!

Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with a new series of personal research around femininity. His idea is always to recreate a second skin by adding layers of texture. A magnificent artistic work that makes us want to see this kind of colorful and lively images everywhere in the streets of major capitals or major fashion centers.

Giordano Poloni / Commercial Observer magazine / USA

Giordano Poloni created this illustration for the Commercial Observer magazine for their February issue. An article that looks at the operation of some questionable financial practices.

David Despau / Madame Figaro / France

Series of portraits illustrated by David Despau for Madame Figaro.

Tonwen Jones / Michigan's University Magazine

Tonwen Jones created these maps of the University of Michigan campus to highlight the impact of the campaign for student support and school programs.

Damien Vignaux / The Professionaly Speaking magazine / Canada

Damien Vignaux created this collage for an article in Professionaly Speaking magazine that explores the different ways in which teachers can develop leadership skills through programs and qualification courses.

Emmanuel Polanco / Beaux Arts Magazine / France

Emmanuel Polanco has produced a series of illustrations for a dossier on the art schools of the Beaux Arts magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Express magazine / France

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for a topic on DNA in L'Express magazine.

Giordano Poloni / IDEAT / France

Giordano Poloni illustrated the cities of Lisbon and New York for the last 2 issues of IDEAT magazine.

Tonwen Jones / The Lehigh University Magazine / United States

Series of illustrations by Tonwen Jones for Lehigh University magazine, which wanted to pay tribute to their alumni for the November 2018 issue.

David Despau / Madame Figaro Cuisine / France

David Despau illustrated 5 portraits for the Madame Figaro Cuisine special issue.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Le Journal des Femmes / France

Series of illustrations signed Stephanie F. Scholz for the article No More Shopping: Long Live the Sharing Economy in le Journal des Femmes magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / The Economist / United Kingdom

Series of illustrations about Democrats for The Economist signed by Emmanuel Polanco.

Emmanuel Polanco / Men's Health Dad / Germany

Series of several illustrations on different topics by Emmanuel Polanco for Mens's Health Dad.

Stephanie F. Scholz / America / France

Stephanie F. Scholz illustrates a text by Shalom Auslander for the Religion section of the America magazine.

Pablo Pasadas / Le Parisien Week-end / France

Pablo Pasadas illustrated the Real Estate section for le Parisien Week-end magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor Magazine / USA

Emmanuel Polanco created two illustrations for an article on the expenses of charitable foundations for the Institutional Investor Magazine. 

Emmanuel Polanco / Phosphore magazine / France

Series of eleven illustrations for the article Trump Without Being Wrong in Phosphore magazine by Emmanuel Polanco.

Aaron McConomy / The Nurse Journal / USA

Aaron McConomy illustrated this powerful illustration for an article in Nurse Journal for their October issue. The article takes an intimate look at health professionals serving patients.

Owen Gent / L'Express / France

For L'Express magazine, Owen Gent illustrated an article about sexual offenders and psychiatry.

Emmanuel Polanco / The Economist / UK

Illustration of Emmanuel Polanco for the Books and Arts section of The Economist.

Antonio Uve / Les Echos Week-end / France

Series of illustrations by Antonio Uve for a topic on self-publishing of Les Echos Week-end magazine.

David Despau / New Trail Magazine / Canada

David Despau collaborated with the University of Alberta on a series of portraits for the Alumni Awards in the Autumn 2018 issue of New Trail magazine.

Florent Hauchard / ESPN Magazine / USA

Florent Hauchard made this illustration for ESPN magazine for their September 2018 publication.

Pablo Pasadas / Paris Worldwide / France

Series of illustrations by Pablo Pasadas for Paris Worldwide, the magazine of Paris Aéroport, for the article: Education: the shift to digital.

Tonwen Jones / Paris Worldwide / France

Tonwen Jones illustrates in every issue of Paris Worldwide, the magazine of Paris Aéroport, a district of the City of Lights for The shopping spree.

Pablo Pasadas / SMART#TravelWithCorsair

Illustrations by Pablo Pasadas for an article about jetlag in Corsair's new inflight magazine SMART.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Gala / France

Mydeadpony has realized a series of 5 illustrations for Gala magazine's summer horoscope.

Antonio Uve / Que Choisir / France

3 illustrations for the article The Main Measures of the Élan Law in Que Choisir magazine, for the summer release, realized by Antonio Uve.

Damien Vignaux / Que Choisir special issue / France

Series of illustrations by Damien Vignaux for the article Six Good Reasons to Create an SCI from the Que Choisir magazine's special issue.

Florent Hauchard / Welcome to the Jungle / France

Series of illustrations created by Florent Hauchard for L'Étude N°1 of Welcome to the Jungle about The Arrangement of Offices.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / France

Tonwen Jones illustrates monthly for the Fake News section of Science & Vie magazine.

Bomboland / Latest works

Here are the latest creations of Bomboland cut paper; a visual for DB Mobil Magazine, the cover of the Washington Post, and the cover of Fivestar Bank's Annual Report.

Poppy Magda / Le Journal des Femmes / France

Poppy Magda illustrated the cover and four fashion spreads of the #2 summer issue for Le Journal des femmes.

Dima Godunov / Russian Today magazine

In this period of World Cup soccer, Dima Godunov presented a series of illustrations on the Russian national team, as well as pictograms related to health.

Poppy Magda / Lily Magazine.

Poppy Magda created an illustration for an article on famous actress Samira Wiley (Orange Is the New Black) for Lily magazine.

Florent Hauchard / Lab Postal 2018 / Paris

Florent Hauchard creates 2 illustrations for the magazine distributed during the event Lab Postal 2018 organized by the Post.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Express / France

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for the article Prisonnières de leurs maris in L'Express magazine.

David Despau / L'Équipe / France

David Despau painted portraits of important soccer agents for the cover of the magazine L'Équipe from April 21st, 2018.

Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Calgary

For the magazine Avenue Calgary, Kelly Schykulski was chosen for the article "Opening a Restaurant".

Jérôme Mireault / Le Parisien Week-end / France

Jérôme Mireault illustrated the story «Trêve du thé » between India and Pakistan for Le Parisien Week-end magazine.

Silke Werzinger / Le Journal des Femmes / France

Silke Werzinger illustrated 4 double-pages of the beauty feature Colorama of the first printed edition of Le Journal des Femmes magazine, from Figaro Group. Le Journal des Femmes was originally a website.

Antonio Uve / Enjoy! Transavia magazine

2 illustrations series made by Antonio Uve for The Numbers and Phrases features of  Enjoy! magazine distributed on all  Transavia flights.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investors Magazine

Emmanuel Polanco has illustrated a feature entitled "The Saudi Stanford Mafia" for Institutional Investors magazine.

Jérôme Mireault / Avenue Calgary Magazine

Jérôme Mireault has illustrated the "Packing for an alpine hut" article of Avenue Calgary magazine. 

Pablo Pasadas / Paris Worldwide / Aéroports de Paris

Pablo Pasadas illustrated Les aliments du futur (Food for the future) for the Aéroports de Paris magazine, Paris Worldwide.

Florent Hauchard / Management Special Issue / France

Florent Hauchard created a series of 7 illustrations, including the cover of Management magazine, Le guide du bien-être en entreprise. (The guide of the well-being at work)

Stephanie F. Scholz / The New Yorker magazine / USA

Stephanie F. Scholz seduces the most prestigious magazines, such as The New Yorker for a third article available online about Tomb Raider movie. (the last article was in January, and the previous one in October.) 

Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Canada

Kelly Schykulski illustrated the cover and the inside feature of the Best restaurants 2018 special issue Avenue Calgary magazine available online.

Emmanuel Polanco / Cosmopolitan and Outside Magazines

As it for Cosmopolitan or for Outside magazine, Emmanuel Polanco never stops astonishing us.

Zigor Samaniego / Ad Age magazine for Hershey's

Zigor Samaniego creates a whole Hershey’s 3D planet from caramel and popcorn for Ad Age magazine about Hershey's. Read the article.

Florent Hauchard / Neon / France

Illustration of the article À l’école de la cyber armée from NEON magazine, for N°62 issue of February 2018, created by Florent Hauchard

Aaron McConomy / Plane & Pilot Magazine

The magazine Plane & Pilot chose Aaron McConomy for this efficient and strong image for the article The Old, Not So Bold Pilot: Exploring the intersection of risk, age and experienceRead the article.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / L'Express / France

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrates the start of the literary season of foreign novels for L'Express magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Maison 1608 / Québec

In cooperation with Maison 1608, Tonwen Jones illustrated the Marché Artisans market map found in the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth Hotel for the first issue of Gazette d'exploration gourmande.

Florent Hauchard / America / France

Florent Hauchard illustrates a double spread page on Chicago for the last issue of the America magazine. The article states that the city is profoundly broken and segregated between the Downtown district which represents the rich district and the South Side, the poor and dangerous area of Chicago.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs / France

Emmanuel Polanco created the cover of l'OBS magazine. The article presents the city of Trappes, following the release of Ariane Chemin's bookLa Communauté, also about this suburb.

Stephanie F. Scholz / The New Yorker magazine

This month, The New Yorker chose Stephanie F. Scholz to illustrate another article but this one talks about harassment at Wall Street. Read the whole article here.

Florent Hauchard / Le Parisien Weekend / France

Illustration series created by Florent Hauchard on the theme of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence, in le Parisien Weekend magazine.

David Despau / Science Focus / UK

Portrait series created by David Despau for Science Focus in the BBC Focus magazine.

Florent Hauchard / Welcome to the Jungle / France

Florent Hauchard created 4 illustrations for Welcome to the Jungle magazine and its special file Fintech. This quarterly magazine, which is distributed in more than 100 French schools, is also available for free download.

Antonio Uve / Le Parisien Week-end / France

Antonio Uve illustrates the Santé, Psycho, Argent et Droits columns for Le Parisien Week-end magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs / France

Series of illustrations created by Emmanuel Polanco for the debate column of the OBS magazine. They are both liberals in their confession. The Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur and the Muslim intellectual Rachid Benzine wanted to think together in " one thousand and one manners to be Jewish or Muslim ".

Damien Vignaux / Ad Age Magazine Cover / USA

Damien Vignaux created a beautiful portrait of Marc S. Pritchard, Manager of P&G Brand, which made the November issue cover of Ad Age magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Baltimore magazine

Tonwen Jones amazes and abducts our clients with every project she works on. Baltimore magazine is a part of them.

Zigor Samaniego / Ad Age Webzine

Zigor Samaniego continues to impress us with his 3D creations. He makes a beautiful exploit for this article of Ad Age on the role of the woman in the weapons' world in the United States.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'OBS / France

2 illustrations created by Emmanuel Polanco for the column Débat in L’OBS magazine on September 28th. Debate between the sociologists Gérald Bronner and Cyril Lemieux.

Tonwen Jones / Version Femina / France

Tonwen Jones illustrated a series of maps for Version Femina magazine. Fjords of Norway, via Ireland, to arrive on the Californian coast.

Antonio Uve / New creations

Here is a new series of illustrations signed by Antonio Uve. To begin, an illustration on the leaders who move during summer to open pop-up restaurants. Then a representation of Port-au-Prince in Haiti for, followed by an illustration for Icon Elpais in Spain on the way the Amazon stores its products. And, finally, a personal creation that he baptized "Laid-back attitude".

Emmanuel Polanco / Santa Clara Magazine and Texas Monthly US Magazines / USA

Emmanuel Polanco became famous from the Southeast to the West of the United States with these 2 beautiful images created for 2 American magazines : Santa Clara Magazine (California) and Texas Monthly Magazine.

CAA magazine / Canada

The CAA magazine loves our artists' team and we give them back our best! Discover 3 beautiful new creations made by Steve ScottTonwen Jones and Nazario Graziano.

Silke Werzinger / Last projects

Here are the new projects from Silke Werzinger exploring different mediums. First an editorial for Migros Magazine in Switzerland, then an illustration for Motion Magazine from Munich airport, and finally an illustration for the newspaper Die Ziet.

Emmanuel Polanco / M le Monde / France

Emmanuel Polanco has illustrated the article on the brand on fashion engaged for M le Monde magazine of the 9th of June 2017.

Emmanuel Polanco / Management special issue / France

Series of illustrations for the special edition of Le leadership au féminin (Female Leadership) of Management magazine, for the June 2017 issue created by Emmanuel Polanco.

Dima Godunov / Latest creations

Here is a small selection of the latest creations by Dima Godunov. He is available at the moment and during all summer long for your simple or audacious projects. Discover his book to see all what he is capable of.

Tonwen Jones / Baltimore Magazine

Tonwen Jones has again managed to express a lot of  joy and energy in this illustration which accompanies an article on one of the pioneers and influencers regarding ecological construction in the United States. Discover the whole article online here.

Kelly Schykulski / Effectif Magazine

This list of words was the only brief for this project: training, neuro-science, e-learning, social learning, big data, serious gaming and creativity. Kelly Schykulski pursues his collaboration with the Effectif magazine, published by l'Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA).

Zigor Samaniego / Le Parisien magazine / France

Zigor Samaniego created a family of "bobos" (bourgeois bohemians - contraction of bourgeois-bohème) in 3D for the article Ras-le bobo! of the magazine Le Parisien.

Jérôme Mireault / Freundin magazine / Germany

Jérôme Mireault illustrated a series of funny situations that arrive during a wedding, for the magazine Freundin, in Germany.

Zigor Samaniego / Pharmacy Practice+ and The Medical Post

Zigor Samaniego has the chance to create this "fun" serie of characters with his unique 3D style for Pharmacy Practice+ and The Medical Post.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorial news

The 3 first ones are for a platform for urban gardening called "Let it grow" in a monthly column. The first article spoke about BIOFIT, the second one about a green gym that uses natural materials of green schools and how plants help children learn, the 3rd illustration accompanied an article about vertical forests. The last illustration is for a book project about telescopes called "Looking Up". It depicts the Holmdel Horn Antenna in New Jersey with which microwave background radiation was discovered in the 60s.

Silke Werzinger / Cosmopolitan magazine

The Cosmopolitan magazine called out Silke Werzinger to illustrate one of its articles, and, two personal illustrations; Fade into you and a portrait of Father John Misty.

Ross 3D / Medical marijuana / Ontario

In Canada and since few years, marijuana for medical uses is popular and very well regulated. Ross 3D collaborated with the magazine Pharmacy Practice + for the cover of their March 2017 issue to promote and inform the pharmacists of the Ontario province about this treatment.

Tonwen Jones / FundEd magazine / UK

Tonwen Jones created the cover for the Summer issue of FundEd magazine.

Anne Cresci / Spring vibes for our favorite magazines

Anne Cresci always gives us and still lots of energy and good vibrations in this spring period. Glow Magazine and Professional Speaking magazines adore her, what about you?

Poppy Magda / L'Express / France

Brexit illustrated by Mamzelle Poppy for l'Express magazine.

Ëlodie / Avantages magazine / France

Serie of 5 illustrations created by Ëlodie on the theme of the organic food for magazine Avantages.

Silke Werzinger / Editorial news

Discover here 2 astological signs of Cosmopolitain 2017 magazine, and also an extract of the last feature illustrated by Silke Werzinger for the german magazine Die Zeit.

Tonwen Jones / Maps / London

Here are 2 maps created by Tonwen Jones. One on Whisky regions for the restaurant J. Sheekey in London, and the other, a map of India, displayed in the Royal botanic gardens of Kew, still in London.

Damien Vignaux / Management magazine / France

Damien Vignaux pursues his monthly collaboration with the Management magazine. Every month, he illustrates a CEO. Find Karl Lagarfeld, Jean-Paul Agon (CEO of L'Oréal) and Elon Musk (boss of SpaceX and Tesla Motors).

Owen Gent / Philosophie Magazine / France

Owen Gent illustrated for the articles Pourquoi tant de haine ? (Why so much hatred?) and Kit mains libres (Hands free Kit) of the Philosophie magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de pouce magazine

Marie-Eve Tremblay ​​illustrates her monthly column in the February 2017 issue of Coup de Pouce magazine, under the theme "Love, fresh water and socks lying on the floor".

Stephanie F. Scholz / News

The work of Stephanie is seen almost everywhere, she tells us more here about her last collaborations. The first illustration is for my bimonthly column about life with children in Luna Magazine. The second, I'm working on a kids' science book about telescopes with Jacob Kramer and this is from one of the series about great observatories around the world. Both third and forth illustrations were for Let it grow, an online magazine, which deals with modern eco architecture. The first article was about the planned Garden Bridge in London, the second one about a Dutch architecture firm called SUS Ateliers. The last illustration is for Missy Magazine. It went with an article about pension funds and poverty at an old age.

Antonio Uve / L'Express

Séries of illustrations by Antonio Uve created for an article on spirits in the l’Express magazine.

Damien Vignaux / L'Express Styles

For the second year in a row, a Colagene's artist signs the Shopping chronic of the l'Express Styles special Jewelry. Last year, it was Takeshi, and this year it is Damien Vignaux's turn.

Silke Werzinger / Cosmopolitan magazine

This year, the 2017 astrology of the Cosmopolitan magazine appears under the new cycle theme: the Huge Revival. This illustration is signed Silke Werzinger.

Owen Gent / Creations and researches

Here are some of Owen Gent's last creations, filled with poetry and melancholy. Discover a poster for "Prints Charming" - an exhibition raising money for the art therapy charity Art Refuge UK, then an editorial illustration for Spatially Literate Experience Design, an illustration for How Did Hitler Rise to Power, short film for TED-Ed. Finally, an editorial illustration for the magazine Modern Reformation.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Air le mag

Special focus on Kardashian's family illustrated by Stephanie F. Scholz for Air le Mag (McDonald's).

Emmanuel Polanco / Management special issue

Series of illustrations and cover created by Emmanuel Polanco for the special issue Create your own business in 2017 for the Management magazine. Last year, it was Damien Vignaux who had created them about the expats.

Kelly Schykulski / Effectif magazine

Always on target with colorful and conceptual illustrations, Kelly continues his collaboration with the magazine Effectif, published by the Order of Accredited Human Resources Advisors (CRHA).

Damien Vignaux / GQ Watches / France

Damien Vignaux illustrates, for the GQ watches supplement, the cover as well as an article on the trend of the seventies.

Emmanuel Polanco / GQ France

Emmanuel Polanco illustrates the article The new snipers of the right for GQ France. A subject on the future "strong men" of the right to watch over the next few years.

Silke Werzinger / Cosmopolitan magazine

The best of home care : All the high-tech products and new gestures that we can't do without.  It is the special article on Hair that Silke Werzinger illustrated illustrated for the female magazine Cosmopolitan.

Giordano Poloni / Digital and retro creations

Volkswagen, Pace Magazine, Esquire UK, 99 Homes for Delve, Mr Porter x Paul Smith are part of the clients who appealed Giordano Poloni. Here's a short selection in images.

Antonio Uve / Magazine University Affairs

Antonio Uve illustrated with his characters the University Affairs magazine, for the file on the studies and the bridging admissions in schools when you are a foreigner. What can be more complicated than imagined in Canada because, according to provinces, available subscriptions are expensive and limited.  

Óscar Llorens / Sexy, chic and colorful creations!

Here are several projects and personal researches done by Oscar Llorens. Discover Oscar's different styles, which oscillate between realism and line drawing.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorial projects

Very popular in Germany, her native country, Stéphanie, whose technique is mixed with vectorial elements and with cut papers, presents us her last projects. The first one illustrates the article how the immigration and the architecture can influence each other for Jetzt Magazin. Then, a series done for Die Zeit magazine, on philosophic, psychological and scientific subjects. And finally, Luna magazine about family and Christmas preparations.

Dima Godunov / Researches on the theme of the couple

In his last personal researches, Dima dealt with the theme of the relations between men and women. Sometimes, there are difficult, often delicious, but never boring times.

Nicole Jarecz / Chic & fashion!

Always in her fashion world, Nicole Jarecz continues her researches for style and for technique. Concerning silhouettes above, she has worked the watercolor, the line and the transparency. To see other of her researches see her portfolio.

David Despau / ELLE Quebec

ELLE Quebec recently mandated David Despau to illustrate the portrait of the acting editor in chief of the magazine! You'll find this beautiful portrait in the October 2016 issue of the magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / The Positive Side Magazine

Kelly Schykulski offers, for the fall issue of The Positive Side magazine, a series of sweet pictures that deals with a sensitive subject: HIV today.

Aaron McConomy / Botanical garden of Montreal / Quatre-Temps Review

Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate the four 2016/2017 editions of the magazine Ember Days; the popular science magazine in botany and horticulture published by the Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden for over 30 years.

Anne Cresci / Avantages magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci's illustration for Avantages magazine about five new "tribes" of women of today: sharers, vegans, mumies, makers and Millenials.

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine

Here is 3 collages on the food theme for the article local Spécialités locales, je craque ou pas ? of the magazine Advantages. Pablo Pasadas illustrated a Tour de France of the local specialities of the various regions.

Tonwen Jones / Essays of style + BBC Focus magazine

Tonwen Jones widens her creative horizons with the trying of a new style in her researches for a project on the food theme. Beautiful dishes that will give you the creation hunger ! She also illustrates a map which shows the cultural attractions of Manchester city for BBC Focus magazine in the UK.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorials and news

Stéphanie is busy this summer; besides being available this month, she has just finalized illustrations for Missy Magazine and Luna magazine. Keep your eyes open for Zeit magazine in the upcoming months; she was chosen to illustrate the whole magazine.

Anne Cresci / Santé Magazine

Anne Cresci Illustrates the Sexuality folder of Santé magazine (Health magazine). Audacious subjects illustrated with talent and elegance.

Damien Vignaux / Baku Magazine

The summer issue of Baku magazine is dedicated to the Formula 1, Damien Vignaux created the cover.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Que choisir magazine (What to choose magazine)

Series of 6 illustrations created by Marie-Eve for the «Banks, are your accounts secured?» folder, for the N°143 Que Choisir Argent magazine. (What to choose Money magazine)

Dima Godunov / Order of Architects of Quebec / Esquisses magazine

In one of his first projects with the Clinic, Dima Godunov illustrates the cover and an article of the Esquisses magazine of the Order of Architects of Quebec

Tonwen Jones / CAA magazine / Toronto, ON

Discover the Tonwen Jones illustrations for the CAA Magazine in the Summer to Remember section.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Express / France

Series of 12 illustrations for the Investments section of l'Express magazine realized by Emmanuel Polanco.

Óscar Llorens / Air For Kids (McDonald's) Magazine

2 illustrations from Oscar Llorens for the article Do you speak video games? for Air For Kids magazine (McDonald's).

Tonwen Jones / Air For Kids (McDonald's) Magazine

2 illustrations from Tonwen Jones for the article Startups are the buzz of McDonald's Air For Kids magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / GQ France

Emmanuel Polanco's illustration for the article Profession:​ Profiler of GQ magazine France.

Damien Vignaux / Management magazine / Special issue

Damien Vignaux's series of illustrations for the special issue of Management magazine on The Expatriates. He illustrated the following topics : What if I was taking off? It's decided, I'm leaving! I work. I come back.

Jérôme Mireault / Canadian Geographic / Ron MacLean

Jérôme Mireault illustrates Ron MacLean, Canadian sports reporter for CBC, best known fro his involvment in hockey. You will find the illustration accompanying the article in the latest issue of Canadian Geographic in "Our Country" section.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sneaker News / Volume III

"Throughout sneaker history, no signature line has impacted a sport like Andre Agassi's." Mydeadpony had the opportunity of creating a collage illustration of this tennis legend.

Takeshi / The Officiel magazine

The l'Officiel magazine, from Netherlands, entrusted Takeshi with an article featuring the Jeager Lecoultre's watches. The result is more than seducing. To see more of Takeshi, consult his last projects.

Óscar Llorens / Anah's Notebooks

Here's an illustration about rented brokerage for the decryption section of the internal magazine : Les Cahiers de l'Anah (Anah's Notebooks), the National Housing Agency.

David Despau / Pélerin Magazine

3 magnificent realistic compositions signed David Despau demonstrating of the pope' actions, for the article "Surprising pope François" for the Pilgrim magazine.

Giordano Poloni / Quartz / Hitachi

One scene, and four moments of the day: You wish to know How your intersection is outfitted for crime prevention? Here are Giordano Poloni's illustrations for an article with interactive content, sponsored by Hitachi. Read the full article on Quartz (!

Jérôme Mireault / Avenue Calgary Magazine

If you wish to know more about the chefs to discover in the Calgary area, don't hesitate to flip through the last issue of Avenue Calgary Magazine !  The article features 5 local chefs, whom portraits were illustrated by Jérôme Mireault, as well as a section of the food trends of 2016.

Anne Cresci / ELLE Québec / ELLE Canada / Endless Jewelry

Anne Cresci illustrates in ELLE Québec and ELLE Canada for the company Endless Jewelry. Every bracelet is accompanied of a stylized look for all occasions, embellished with the feminine touch of the illustrator.

Emmanuel Polanco / Femme Majuscule magazine

The words that deceive us: This is the subject of very last society report of the Femme Majuscule magazine, illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco.

Owen Gent / Modern Reformation magazine

Modern Reformation magazine entrusted the text The Resurrection in has Secular World to Owen Gent, who delivered impactful illustrations for a delicate subject.

Bomboland / Numerical or paper-cut advertising!

Bomboland is an Italian duet composed of Maurizio and his partner Elisa. Their secret lies in the paper-cut as well as their mastery of digital technology. They present us with their last projects; a magnificent campaign entitled "Don't let food get in between" for the dental floss's brand Guardian, made in collaboration with DDB Singapore.
We can also find an illustration for Il Giornale della famiglia, plus an illustration of crocodile absolutely charming for PUH magazine. Curious? You can have an overview of their working universe in this video. Be sure to have a small Italian dictionary within easy reach!

In the need for infographics?

Infographics allows to visualize more easily a set of data, which can be rather complex. An image is often worth a thousand words when it comes to spreadsheets or texts. Colagene also makes infographics, here are some examples. To see more, visit the Infographics tag.

Takeshi / L'Express Styles, jewelry special issue

Takeshi's series of illustrations for the L'Express Styles jewelry's special issue, on romantic looks: Bohemian, smart and rock.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine

Last December, Emmanuel Polanco illustrated for the weekly magazine L'OBS, on the subject of the hour in France: The current state of emergency.


Giordano Poloni / La Parisen Magazine + Variety Magazine

Let's travel a little and discover Galicia, the Spanish Britain, illustrated by Giordano Poloni for the Destination section of the magazine The Parisian. Then, let's go to Hollywood, where Giordano illustrated an article on the ethnic diversity in the Hollywood cinematographic industry, for Variety Magazine.


Jérôme Mireault / The Globe and Mail

To accompany an article published in the February 2016 issue of The Globe and Mail, Jérôme Mireault illustrated the portraits of 12 of the members of the Prime Minister's Office of Canada, Justin Trudeau.


Giordano Poloni / Westjet Magazine

Here are two new illustrations created by Giordano Poloni for the Big White Ski Resort located in Kelowna, in British Columba, Canada. The illustrations have been published in the inflight magazine of WestJet Airlines.

David Despau / Institutional Investor magazine

Institutional Investor magazine is specialized in research and world rankings publications that serve as industry benchmarks, informing and influencing its audience. David Despau was requested to illustrate portraits of Shelly Yang, Kim Sung Jin et Rajah Sukumar for an article of the magazine.

Damien Vignaux / SNCF Magazine

Damien Vignaux illustrated a series of 6 portraits for the Magazine of the SNCF (French National Railway Company), produced by Babel Agency.

Emmanuel Polanco / Callisto Media

Emmanuel Polanco illustrates for the book of the Lightning Guides Russia: Putin’s Playground: Empire, Revolution, and the New Tzar. We find Vladimir Putin’s accomplishments, going from the Olympics of Sochi to the international, political and commercial relations.

Tonwen Jones / Callisto Media

Tonwen Jones illustrated for the book on Leonardo da Vinci’s work entitled Leonardo: Insatiable Curiosity: The Artist, the Genius, the Legend was published by the Lightning Guides in December 2015.

Anne Cresci / L’Épicurienne, Cuisine et Vins de France

Anne Cresci continues her collaboration with Cuisine et Vins de France (Cuisine and Wines of France) for their extra issue The Epicurian of January 2016, which says a lot about good French wine. You can find it in the Marie Claire’s January issue, currently on newsstands.

Poppy Magda / Atmosphère Magazine / Air Transat

Here are some new illustrations by Mamzelle Poppy for the chronicle Travel In Style of the May-October 2015 edition of the Air Transat Atmosphere Magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / Alberta Views Travel Guides 2015

Discover the province of Alberta in West Canada, thanks to these guides illustrated by Kelly Schykulski. He managed to combine in each illustration several ideas and concepts. In June, his work had already been noticed by Applied Arts.

Jérôme Mireault / Le Parisien Magazine

Jérôme Mireault illustrated the city of Liverpool in a spontaneous style, for the section Destination January 2016 issue of Le Parisien Magazine

Tonwen Jones / Red Magazine

How to spend Christmas without stress, and peacefully? It is the subject which has been asked by Red magazine to Tonwen Jones.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor magazine / New York, NY

Magnificent full page, powerful and striking for the Institutional Investor magazine October issue created by Emmanuel Polanco. The article deals with the American bonds market of 8 trillions of dollars, as well as its new regulations and its technological breakthroughs.

Jérôme Mireault / Loulou magazine

Jérôme Mireault illustrated the different head titles of a special feature about gift ideas in this November issue of Loulou magazine.

Anne Cresci / Moët Hennessy / L’Esprit magazine

E-commerce was the subject of the last autumnal cover of L'Esprit magazine for Moët Hennessy.This illustration is signed Anne Cresci.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

A little article about discreet people illustrated with a lot of humor and good taste by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the monthly column C’est ma vie of Coup de Pouce magazine, December issue.

Takeshi / La Pan magazine / Hong Kong

Takeshi this illustration for the brand Versus on the wine tastings for the new magazine Le Pan, based in Hong Kong and distributed worldwide.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

The article illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco raises the question of the immigration of today with regard to the immigration of the last century. Is it the same? France will be up to it in front of this new immigration and also face to the expansion of the extreme right and the FN (Front National). All these questions are put in perspective by the publication of Jean Daniel's book (founder and now editorial writer of Le Nouvel Observateur magazine, become L’Obs) “Mirrors of a life”.

Reporters sans Frontières / Paris

Colagene was chosen to work for an issue of the well-known Reporters sans Frontières magazine about freedom of expression. Mamzelle Poppy illustrated the portrait of Christophe Deloire, the magazine's general secretary and Chris Arran, the portrait of Gao Yu, a Chinese journalist.

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / France

"Compliments, take it or leave it?" and "Food and I", two articles illustrated by Ëlodie for the psycho column of Votre Beauté French magazine, for this summer and fall issues.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco illustrated a debate questionning if Michel Foucault was a neoliberal philosopher and published in one of French magazine L'Obs's summer issues. 

Anne Cresci / Cosmopolitan Germany magazine / Hamburg

Who is happiest in their job? It’s the theme of this article illustrated by Anne Cresci for August issue of Cosmopolitan Germany.

Aaron McConomy / Canadian Geographic + Education Forum / Ottawa

2 illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The first one is a mini-interview of Christine Sinclair, famous sportswoman who was 10 times elected Canadian player of feminine soccer of the year, for the magazine Canadian Geographic. The second one illustrated the future of the education in Ontario is handled by the magazine Education Forum

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

Ëlodie continues its collaboration with Madame Figaro and illustrates two new episodes of the novel L'envers du décor (Behind the scenes) by Tatiana de Rosnay. On the menu: Meeting on the Eurostar and Lunch with his friend Henry.

Tonwen Jones / Com' Ent magazine / Paris

With a little of delay, we present you a topic which handles with the question of the identity, through, on one hand, a philosophic approach (who am I? I am the same throughout my existence? etc.) and, on the other hand, the problems of brand identity (logotype, positioning, storytelling). Illustrated by Tonwen Jones for the magazine Com' Ent of last spring.

Aaron McConomy / Cottage Life / Canada

Aaron McConomy is not afraid of dragonflies. And you? Look how Cottage Life speaks about them this month to make you discover that they cannot be as cute as we think!

Kelly Schykulski / AESN, Harvard Business Review, Professionally Speaking

Here are 3 illustrations signed Kelly Schykulski for 3 different clients. First of all one created for a pitch competition for the AESN (Eau Seine Normandie agency) annual report, then an illustration for Harvard Business Review and last but not least a drawing for Professionally Speaking magazine.

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

This summer, it's Ëlodie that has been chosen to illustrate 4 episodes of new short stories published in Madame Figaro French magazine. Here is a preview of the first 2 episodes. On the beach, in the mountains or in your hammock, enjoy each week a new illustrated story. Thanks to Madame Figaro team for this great collaboration!

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

Hairdressing and beauty, here are words that are speaking directly to Ëlodie who is a fan of fashion ! So, when Madame Figaro magazine offered her to illustrate the Hairdressing beauty tutorial called BEAUTE cc FLAVE of June issue, it was enough for her to create a wonderful series of illustrations that you can discover below. Ladies, we invite you to try this on your own manes!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Here are the last illustrations by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Personal life column of Coup de Pouce Magazine, June and July issues. The first one is dealing with the art of doing nothing. The second one refers to the time that we spend looking for our everyday life things.

Silke Werzinger / Gemey and Cosmopolitan / Paris

Here is the first illustration of a very beautiful series to come of advertorials for the make-up brand Gemey and published in Cosmopolitan magazine. This first drawing was created in relation with the 100th anniversary of GEMEY brand! Watch out for the other up-coming trendy illos, also all signed Silke Werzinger.


Anne Cresci / Marie Claire & Coup de Pouce magazines / Paris & Montreal

Discover in the first place the cover of this freebie supplement about French cuisine and wines illustrated by Anne Cresci and added in the French issues of Marie-Claire and Marie-Claire home magazines.

In the seconde place, we invite you to enjoy this explosion of flowers and colors created with a lot of poetry by Anne Cresci for an article on happiness published in Coup de Pouce magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / Interview in Applied Arts Magazine blog / Canada

Discover Kelly Schykulski’s little secrets in the article of the Applied Arts blog called “New work by Kelly Schykulski”. See his last project with Alberta Views and its 10 tourism mini-guides for the year 2015.

Poppy Magda / Atmosphere inflight magazine / Montreal

Let’s fly to Europe with this article about Mediterranean fashion illustrated by Mamzelle Poppy for Atmosphere, Canadian airline Air Transat’s inflight travel magazine.

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine / Paris

Retro-modern series for an article on overstepping your own limits for Advantages magazine. To enjoy more artworks in this very same fresh and alive spirit, have a look at Pablo Pasadas’ news.

Emmanuel Polanco / Ateliers d'Art Magazine / Paris

Never better trained than by yourself? This is the theme of a survey on self-education published in Studios of French magazine Ateliers d'Art, and illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco in an uncluttered and poetic style.

Takeshi / M Le Monde magazine

Takeshi illustrated the universe of luxury rentals for an article on luxurious Airbnb apartments, for M Le Monde magazine. These rentals are essentially permanent condos in the city and summer villas and houses, in France and abroad.

Nicole Jarecz / Women's Health Magazine / Pennsylvania

How to adopt the best posture at your workstation? Here are some tricks for you not to have backache anymore. Discover the article illustrated by Nicole Jarecz in the magazine Women Health of May 2015.

Emmanuel Polanco / Global Brief Magazine / Canada

Yes, all the subjects are possible to illustrate, even the most delicate. Emmanuel Polanco shows us once again, in this article about the big lessons of the Arab Spring of the Global Brief magazine. To read the article in French it is here.

Óscar Llorens / Fortune Magazine / New York

To be an entrepreneur and succeed whatever is your route, your age or your work experiences it is possible. Óscar Llorens illustrated these ideas in the article of March 2015 issue Fortune Magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

The freedom of expression, a topical subject for the last debate of the magazine the Ob, illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco: the useful idiots of the FN (Front National).

Bomboland / Pharmacy Practice + / Toronto

For the cover of Pharmacy Practice+ of February 2015, Bomboland represented pharmacists as small papercut birds helping and advising their customers-birds ! So answering the question: "How are pharmacists feeling ?"

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine / Paris

The new collage style of Pablo Pasadas is at its very best for the article named Low cost : je déjoue les pièges (Low cost : I prevent myself from traps) published in Avantages magazine March issue.

Poppy Magda / Apple Magazine / Calgary

Mamzelle Poppy created a colorful portrait as we like them for an article of Apple magazine which motivates everyone to open and to speak about their own feelings. Because, sometimes, we hide severe disorders and problems in relation with the mental health.

Emmanuel Polanco / Femme Majuscule magazine / Paris

Symbolic illustration as Emmanuel Polanco knows how to do the best, to represent a social discussion around the following question : "Sexuality, are we still free?" published in Femme Majuscule French magazine.

Poppy Magda / Avantages magazine / Paris

Cooking is honoured on these illustrations by Mamzelle Poppy for the article titled Viandes et poissons je sublime les petits prix (Meat and fish, I enhance low prices) published in Avantages magazine, March issue.

Anne Cresci / Ryerson University Magazine / Toronto

For the "Fashion kills" article of the Ryerson University magazine, Anne Cresci illustrated this skeletal sweet little couple. So trendy that we forget to be afraid !

Aaron McConomy / Com'Ent magazine / Paris

Aaron McConomy  illustrated for the cover and special article about truth and lies regarding the communication field in France, for the last issue of Com'Ent magazine published by Communication and Firm in France association. The publication is about reflexions on trends and actual evolutions of the communication field. To know about it, we invite you to consult the magazine.

David Despau / New Trail Magazine / University of Alberta / State of Alberta

David Despau illustrated a series of 24 portraits which pay tribute to the Alumni of the University of Alberta which also celebrates its 100 years. From 1911 to nowadays, we can discover in this edition of New Trail Magazine, 24 students who create the history ans spirit of this school.

Poppy Magda / Le Parisien magazine / Paris

Discover, through Mamzelle Poppy's graphic touch, these must-see places to visit in London city and presented in Le Parisien magazine through the Travel route : Destination London column.

Ëlodie / Marie-Claire China Magazine / Pékin

Here is the result of a special report illustrated by Ëlodie about the environment in the city for Marie-Claire China Magazine. She was requested to create a visual mixing Nature with famous singers' portraits in China, as the chinese artist Khali Fong from Hong Kong .

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Here is "Beauty" illustrated by Ëlodie, in a snow white version way, for an article about aging and published in the psychology column of Votre Beauté French magazine's February issue.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personal life column - Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Romance and humor are filling Marie-Eve Tremblay's last illustration for “Vie Perso” (Personal Life) column of Coup de Pouce Magazine. The theme for this February issue is about the kiss. It was necessary to mark the occasion, Valentine’s Day being the event of the month.

Nicole Jarecz / Various realizations / Paris

Nicole Jarecz, whose works endlessly evolve, is proud to share with you her last realizations. First of all, silhouettes realized in the magazine Commons&Sense in Japan for an article about Tiffany jewels . Then, a patchwork of clothes and accessories for gifts. A scene of a bike in spring, very smart and with pastel colors. And, last but least, an illustration created for Ford USA. To see more of her recent work, visit her portfolio.

Tonwen Jones / CAA Magazine Winter issue / Canada

Tonwen Jones brings her special touch of colors and her collage style to the winter issue of CAA magazine. She created a map showing the location of different Italian museums where people can enjoy the exhibition of beautiful Italian cars.

David Despau / GQ Magazine / UK

David Despau illustrated the rugby players Mike Brown, Joe Launchbury and Courtney Laws, for the article Players to watch from GQ file Electric Performance.

Damien Vignaux / CLES Magazine / Paris

Series of 4 illustrations, realized by Damien Vignaux, for a 10 pages file on the era of sharing, for the CLES magazine. December 2014 issue.

Jérôme Mireault / Wells Fargo Conversations Magazine / Greensboro, USA

In the colors of India, 7 animal species in danger were illustrated by Jérôme Mireault for the Autumn/Winter issue of the Wells Fargo Conversations magazine. The purpose of the article was to highlight the south-Asian environmental stakes as well as their impacts on the fauna.

Tonwen Jones / M le magazine du Monde / Paris

2 illustrations realized by Tonwen Jones for 2 different articles of M the magazine of Le Monde. The first one is a report on a ski resort just renovated in North Korea, and the second, a fictitious map on 10 accommodations of charm in the mountain.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Hemisphere magazine / Brooklyn, USA

Mydeadpony proposes a realistic, sunny and warm portrait of the actress Bette Midler for an interview in the December 2014 issue of the Hemisphere magazine. In this illustration, we can perceive the Bette Midler's very own aura and personality. The illustrator has been inspired by a photograph from Catie Lazarus and he sublimated it for us.

Poppy Magda / Marie-Claire China Magazine / Pékin

The oriental flavored red highlights this floral scene of Mamzelle Poppy to present diverse cosmetics in Marie-Claire China.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

Aaron McConomy keeps on working with Québec Science magazine this year. The article illustrated this month is dealing with the discovery of a gene that would protect people from Alzheimer disease.

Damien Vignaux / Courtage project / Paris

Cover illustration of the quaterly magazine "Projet Courtage", from Allianz group, realised by Damien Vignaux, on a topic intended for the companies: Pull together to grow.

Emmanuel Polanco / M Le Monde magazine / Paris

Here are 2 illustrations that, unfortunately, haven't been published because of an editorial contents change. But, as the client and us found the images particularly beautiful, we decided to share them with you. The subject Emmanuel Polanco illustrated deals with the celebrities and their psychoanalyses.

Aaron McConomy / Focus Alumni magazine - McGill's Faculty of Law / Montreal

Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate the cover of the 2014 edition of Focus, an alumni magazine for the Faculty of Law at McGill. The issue is dealing with the profound changes through which the legal profession is undergoing due to globalization and the actual commercial and technological context.

Nicole Jarecz / Magazine Atlanta / Atlanta

For its Fall/Winter 2014 issue, Atlanta magazine asked Nicole to illustrate the Southbound publication. The subject: a map made of the most popular attractions around 5th Avenue South from Naples, Florida. For each of them, a representative icon has been drawn to help the Fashionistas to find tasty croissants or Tracy Negoshian’s flagship store.

Damien Vignaux / Le Monde magazine / Paris

During this month of the Paris International Paris Motor Show, Le Monde Magazine wanted to illustrate a complete supplement file with photographs of the press (modern and more older). Damien Vignaux proves one more time how much he excels at the photomontage technique, no matter what is the subject. Mixing skillfully the vintage and the contemporain.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor magazine / New York

In the last Institutional Investors magazine issue, Emmanuel Polanco found a brilliant way to illustrate the current situation of the Greek banks helping the economy to get back on track. It is all in symbolism that he shares with us his singular vision of this economic situation.

Jérôme Mireault / Le Parisien magazine / Paris

Jérôme Mireault created a series of 7 illustrations for the column Destination, heading for Yorkshire! of The Parisian Magazine summer issue. He had to bring to front the touristic attractions of this unique and beautiful region who inspired, a few years ago, the Harry Potter movies, with its vestiges, the nature, the monuments, the old alleys, the canals and the barges.

Damien Vignaux / Télérama Sortir / Paris

Damien Vignaux created an illustration for the cover of Télérama Sortir Magazine whose subject matter is the Columbian music brought to front at the Île-de-France festival.

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Ëlodie illustrated 2 articles for the September issue of the Your Beauty Magazine. The first one is about the importance of smiling and the second one concerns the dangers of using to much hygiene products.

Pablo Pasadas / Reflex magazine / GDF Suez / Paris

For the Reflex in-house magazine, on the health and safety of the GDF SUEZ group co-workers topic, Pablo Pasadas conceptualized the professional deafness for a column "Share the health experiences". The text deals with, from a prevention point of view, the risks connected to the noise in a working environment.

Silke Werzinger / Loulou Magazine - Shopping's mega makeover / Montreal

Silke Werzinger gave her “BIC” ballpoint pen drawing touch to LOULOU magazine for its October issue. She was chosen to illustrate, in her style, an article about how the shopping landscape evolves in Canada these last ten years.


Jérôme Mireault / Ricardo Magazine / Montreal

Here are exotic and colorful illustrations created by Jérôme Mireault for an article on Brazilian food in Rio de Janeiro. The article was published in Ricardo magazine, June issue.

Emmanuel Polanco / Le Journal du CNRS / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco illustrated the opening of En personne - Grand Format - En action - En idées column for the August 2014 issue of CNRS review.

Aaron McConomy / The Positive Side Magazine (CATIE organization) / Toronto

Aaron McConomy surprised us with a graphic approach for this estival collaboration with the Positive Side Magazine published by the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange which mission is to provide with up-to-date and unbiased information about HIV and hepatitis C. This illustration was created for a feature on the current state of a search for an HIV cure. However, Aaron stays true to himself with his color palette combining sobriety and brightness.

Damien Vignaux / « Projet Courtage » internal corporate magazine's cover / Allianz group / Paris

Damien Vignaux created this collage image for the cover of « Projet courtage », an internal corporate magazine created by the world's second largest group in the Insurance sector, The Allianz group, for its collaborators.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor magazine / USA

Once again, Emmanuel Polanco created a strong and significant visual for the Institutional Investor magazine. Many cultural symbols have been used to illustrate the article Global Market Thought Leaders, a text about the influences of politics in world markets.

Damien Vignaux / USAA Magazine / USA

In the Summer 2014 issue of the USAA magazine, a collage style illustration by Damien Vignaux accompanied a subject familiar to American military men (and women) for the article "Preparing for the Drawdown".

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personnal life column - Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay maintained her collaboration with Coup de Pouce magazine this summer by illustrating its Personal Life column. Colleagues who are taking long breaks at the office, a friend of yours richer than you are and unpleasant neighbors: enjoy Marie-Eve's illustrations that were created with a lot of humor, for these last 3 articles.

Kelly Schykulski / L'Express weekly Magazine / Paris

In the publication of this week of the French weekly magazine L'Express, Kelly Schykulski illustrates the article Permanent revolution of the high-tech column.

Damien Vignaux / Télérama / France

Damien just created several illustrations for a section concerning britannic TV series entitled "The British, serial world champions" for the Télérama Magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personnal life column / Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Let’s put the emphasis on couple relationships with the last project for Coup de Pouce magazine’s Personal Live column illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay. The first illustration deals, with humor, with the head-in-the-sand policy during a domestic hassle. The second image illustrates a darker article on domestic violence.

Jérôme Mireault / Mc Kinley's catalog - Sports Experts company / Montreal

Character illustrations signed by Jérôme Mireault for The guide to the great outdoors, a printed product catalog promoting outdoor items for Mckinley, a Sports Experts company’s brand.

Jérôme Mireault / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Calgary

Jérôme Mireault illustrated, for Avenue Calgary Magazine, a current situation about smartphone users ignoring each other and their surroundings when they go out to the bar.

David Despau / Vivre Magazine / League against Cancer / Paris

Here is the portrait of Richard Doll, a well known British epidemiologist doctor, made by David Despau for Vivre magazine of the League against Cancer in France.

Emmanuel Polanco / Philosophy Magazine Germany : German philosopher Martin Heidegger / Berlin

Here is an audacious portrait and 2 symbolic illustrations about the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. They were created for the magazine Philosophie (Germany) by Emmanuel Polanco, one of the collage artists at the clinic. To discover more portraits and conceptual illustrations by Emmanuel, take a look at his latest collaborations.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Lufthansa Woman's World Magazine / Istanbul

Mydeadpony’s illustrations literally took off in the latest issue of Woman’s World Istanbul Magazine, a magazine of Lufthanssa Airline. This magazine is dedicated to the businesswomen who frequently fly. The request was to portray Nurgül Yesilcay, a Turkish actress, and two typical Turkish motifs.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

Here is Aaron McConomy's new illustration for April-May issue of Quebec Science magazine. This time the article is putting the emphasis on how important and necessary social science researchers’ works are to citizens and politicians.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

New article for Vie Perso (Personal life) column illustrated monthly by Marie-Eve Tremblay and published in Coup de Pouce magazine. This time they are given 5 tips to be efficient when working from home.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor Magazine / USA

Emmanuel Polanco had to come up with a concept for an illustration published in the Institutional Investor magazine. It has to represent the article: "Global Market Thought Leaders", a story about why investors should reconsider investing in emerging markets stocks despite any skittishness over volatility in those markets, especially in high-risk stocks, which are trading at historically low prices while offering high potential returns.

Aaron McConomy / OPC Register magazine / Ontario

Aaron McConomy collaborates again on a conceptual illustration project for the cover of the Ontario Principals' Council Register magazine. The article was about electronic communications in a school setting.

Emmanuel Polanco / Les Inrocks / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco continues to work with the weekly French magazine Les Inrocks. Here is a selection of the latest topics that have been given to him. Emmanuel explains: "This series is for the "ideas" section for the triple issue of the end of the year. I illustrated two keywords to describe the ideas of the year: the first is about burnout and the second on discretion."

Kelly Schykulski / Euler Hermes internal magazine

Kelly Schykulski created ​​these illustrations for articles of internal magazine of Euler Hermes, the world leader in credit insurance, about e-recruiting and e-learning.

Ëlodie / Click Magazine / USA

Ëlodie had to create an illustration in a watercolor style for the contest section Self Portrait of Click Magazine.

Anne Cresci / Marie Claire China magazine / Beijing

In Beijing, China, the young women discover in this month's Marie Claire China magazine, a mysterious silhouette surrounded with a splendid vegetal scene by Anne Cresci created for the scene decor of a series of products on the "Botanical" theme.

Jérôme Mireault / Apple Magazine, Alberta Health Services / Alberta

For a special insert about senior’ health for Apple Magazine, Jérôme Mireault illustrated a senior couple holding hands and walking in a mountains and prairies landscape, representative of Alberta.

Kelly Schykulski / Famille & Education magazine: Special Guidance / Paris

Kelly Schykulski illustrated a package for the Famille & Education Special guidance: How to support our child well? This package is about educational guidance in terms of the role that parents can play.

David Despau / Epic Life Magazine, Vail Resorts / United States

With the Sochi Olympics in mind, David Despau was asked to create the portraits of 6 Olympic hopeful athletes for an article about them in Epic Life Magazine, the Vail Resorts publication.

Anne Cresci / 2014 Astrology in watercolor for Biba Magazine / Paris

Black spots and spontaneous colors to keep a direct and very modern graphic look; this was Anne Cresci’s mandate. The final look of the series is unique, with a palette of exotic and inspiring colors to project you into the future of 2014. To discover all the zodiac signs, see Anne Cresci’s portfolio!

Nicole Jarecz / Marie Claire China / Beijing

Nicole created a splendid floral and enchanting interior design, by integrating 7 featured products, for the floral package of Marie Claire China Magazine.

Silke Werzinger / 2014 Astrology of Marie Claire Magazine / Paris

The new beginning, is the title of the great 2014 astrology of Marie Claire Magazine that has just been published. Silke had the opportunity to use her new style. To see the series visit Silke's portfolio.

Emmanuel Polanco / Les Inrocks / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco continues his collaboration with the French weekly magazine Inrocks. This is the latest topic that was given to him, he explains: The title of the article is "All spies, high-tech file"; how new technologies enable citizens to have the resources to spy on each other (Facebook stalking, etc.) and how certain military technologies become accessible to the general public (drone), and also how states (including the USA) monitor its citizens (snowden, etc.).

David Despau / Magazine Long Cours / Paris

David Despau illustrated the article Dechen Yeshi, la jeune fille aux yaks. Living at a 3,200 m altitude in Tibet, she founded the company Norlha, which sells yak wool (the khullu, equivalent to cashmere) and creates throws and scarves that are sold in luxury boutiques.

Anne Cresci / Marie-Claire China Magazine / Beijing

In China, the holidays season is also approaching. Anne Cresci illustrated a selection of limited edition products gifts with a red theme festive setting.

Aaron McConomy / Premium Magazine / Montreal

In this month's issue of Premium Magazine, Aaron McConomy illustrated the portrait of LinkedIn CEO Jeffrey Weiner for an interview sourced from The New York Times.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Nylon and Company magazines

Two new illustrations by Mydeadpony. The first one for a collaboration between NARS and Pierre Hardy. NARS released a new nail polish and blushes collection with shades based on the Pierre Hardy's spring / summer collection. And the second one for the article Mes parents sont sur Facebook (My parents are on Facebook) for Company Magazine. 

Nicole Jarecz / Clin d'Œil Magazine / Montreal

Discover, with this illustration by Nicole Jarecz, a few ideas for your Christmas gifts. Clin d'Œil Magazine is introducing, in their December issue, 6 fragrances to try out.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Contact Magazine / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated an article explaning all about patents for the fall issue of Contact Magazine published by Laval University.

David Despau / La Gazette de Marcel Rose / Paris

La Gazette de Marcel Rose, new magazine and societal trendsetter on homosexuality in France has just been released. David Despau participated to the first issue by performing 3 illustrations for articles: History, Fashion and Sociology.

Kelly Schykulski / TNTmag / Paris

For the December issue, Kelly Schykulski created a cover illustration and an opening for a story about inspiration in the TNT magazine distributed to the clients of the TNT Express France transporter.

Silke Werzinger / Fashion editorials for a German magazine

Silke shares with us her latest collaboration, made with crayons, for a German magazine. It's the cover and a spread on Green Fashion. She particularly likes this style and hopes she can work more and more with this technique more versatile than the ballpoint pen which she usually uses.

Emmanuel Polanco / Weekly Magazine: Les Inrocks / Paris

New collaboration for Emmanuel Polanco with the French weekly magazine Les Inrocks. Two first topics were given to him this month: 

Co-author with Toni Negri of major political and philosophical reflections of the 2000s – Empire, Multitude –, Michael Hardt thinks the spirit of resistance and revolt that blows around the world.

And the article: We do not necessarily have to pay our debts
Anthropologist, historian, university professor, David Graeber is also an activist who wrote books on the anarchism and participated in the creation of the movement Occupy Wall street.


Tonwen Jones / Geico Now Magazine / United States

Tonwen Jones had to create an illustration for a story published in the Geico Now Magazine on Collaborative Consumption, which is about neighbors sharing items around their home to save money.

Aaron McConomy / Ontario Principals’ Council Register Magazine / Ontario

Aaron had to illustrate, in a conceptual way, an article about Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) and the Leading Student Achievement Project (LSA), two resources that help leaders refocus their thinking and practice to support student learning.

Jérôme Mireault / Review Magazine / Montreal

The collaboration with Review magazine for the Fall-Winter issue goes on with an illustration made by Jérôme Mireault for another article-interview about a way to finance the education of a family member.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

The attention-deficit among children is illustrated by Aaron McConomy for an article dealing with this topic in a context where the Internet and new technologies are an increasing stimulation for them. The article is published in Quebec Science magazine.

Jérôme Mireault / Marie Claire Magazine / China

Jérôme Mireault recreated the latest hair trends from Fall fahsion runways, in a film noir style for the magazine Marie Claire China.

Ëlodie / Lufthansa Woman's World / Paris

Ëlodie portrays Vienna-based fashion designer Lena Hoschek for the German magazine Lufthansa Woman's World.

Damien Vignaux / Philosophie Magazine / Paris

Portrait of the philosopher Diderot and concept of biomimicry created by Damien Vignaux for Philosophy magazine.

Anne Cresci / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrated, for a special issue of Votre beauté magazine, the following perfume: Si, by Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford's Fleur de Chine, Serge Lutens' la vierge de fer, Tonka by Reminiscence Paris, YSL's Manifesto, and Blue Cedrat by Comme des Garçons.

Aaron McConomy / Le Maag / Paris

Aaron McConomy created a series of small illustrations representing exercices to practice at work for the "tips and tricks" section of the quarterly internal magazine of the Maaf "le Maag".

Kelly Schykulski / Research World Magazine / London

Kelly Schykulski produces one illustration for the article: Invasion of the Niche-Seekers for the September 2013 issue of the Research World Magazine, about how the establishment of US branches by small European companies says much about the power of the American dream.

Anne Cresci / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates the Silhouettes files for the special issue of Votre Beauté magazine. She had to represent the vibes of several key styles as made-up by the editors.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / RTE Magazine / Paris

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated a story on the mobility of personnel for the Ressources section of the internal magazine RTE (transportation and electricity network).

Jérôme Mireault / Magazine de l'Université Trinity / Toronto

For an article in the Trinity College Magazine about environmentally responsible approach, Jérôme Mireault had to illustrate many facets of the greening of Trinity, using only two colors to give a particular look to the image.

Tonwen Jones / Personal research: tourist maps / London

Tonwen Jones loves to illustrate tourist maps! She had fun to illustrate maps of India and Iceland, countries that she had the chance to visit.

Tonwen Jones / Bulletin Magazine / London

Tonwen Jones illustrated the cover of the Bulletin magazine, for a feature on dementia impacts on communication aspects. Tonwen says : "I was asked to illustrate an elderly person as the main focus with the top of their head open revealing thoughts, memories and patterns."


Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Virgin Worlwide's "The Roger Collective" Magazine / London

Mydeadpony produced 3 portraits for the article How you get your mojo going for the August issue of The Roger Collective, staff magazine for Virgin's worldwide employees.

Aaron McConomy / The New Yorker Magazine / Siemens Advertising / New York

Aaron McConomy created 5 illustrations representing stories of innovation in four U.S. cities and the Intellistructure, multiple elements and touchpoints – technology, transportation, energy efficiency, etc – working together to create today’s smartest cityscapes. The illustrations were used for a centre-spread ad in the New Yorker Magazine and Siemens' social channels.

Silke Werzinger / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Silke Werzinger illustrates, for Votre Beauté Magazine, the monthly section Sur le Divan (on the sofa), with her signature ballpoint pen and markers style and neon colors.

Nicole Jarecz / Fémina Magazine / Paris

Nicole Jarecz produced 3 illustrations of sunscreens' packaging for the article : subject Solar Beauty for the May 2013 issue of Fémina Magazine.

David Despau / Time 100 Magazine / New York

David Despau drew 19 portraits of the 100 most influential people in the World according to Time. They were published in their latest special issue.

Ëlodie / Shape magazine / Sweden

Ëlodie illustrated about the Community Relations, a trend where companies work for a better society, for the article: Good Neighbor Inc. of the Swedish magazine Shape.

Anne Cresci / I comme Info / Crédit Lyonnais / Paris

Anne Cresci created, in her more corporate style, 4 illustrations for the article: What to do in case of termination!  for the I as Info magazine of the subscibers of the Crédit Lyonnais.

Pablo Pasadas / Philosophie Magazine / Paris

Pablo Pasadas illustrates, for Philosophie Magazine, a subject named Montaigne and the friendship, as well as a text about post-democracy.

David Despau / ESPN Magazine + personal researches

David Despau created 4 illustrations of famous sport athletes for the article " War is the answer" in the Analytics issue of ESPN magazine.

He also shares with us a series of personal illustrations that he named "Legend Sneakers"; a mix between legendary sport shoes and renowned people. 

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Print / New York

For the Style Notes section, Mydeadpony had to create illustrations of sort of collages based on imagery from the Fashion weeks highlights recently happening in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Silke Werzinger / Made in Germany news! / Berlin

You will find here few last creations of Silke Werzinger in Germany. The first and the last one are part of a series of horoscope illustrations for the German magazine Maxi. She has worked on the horoscope section every month for one year.

Illustration 2 and 3 have been created for the German magazine Musikexpress, which is a music magazine, on the theme: Pop Poll 2012. The magazine asked its readers about their favorite artists/persons/movies/events in 2012.

Illustration 4 has been created for the Berlin based PR agency Zucker on the themes Sport/Fashion/Lifestyle.

Jérôme Mireault / Colby Magazine / Waterville, ME

For an article about a woman who is taking a mathematical approach to her fight against cancer, Jérôme Mireault had to illustrate a hand-drawn diagram with a chalkboard style of the different parts of the woman's life and her support systems: family, friends, doctors, fellow Colby alumni.

Kelly Schykulski / Hypercity for the magazine Com'Ent / Paris

Kelly Schykulski illustrated the cover and articles of the last issue about hypercity in Com'Ent Magazine of the Communication and Business association in France. This magazine aims to increase the thinking on evolution and current communication trends. To learn more consult the magazine.

Damien Vignaux / Ever Magazine / Toronto

For a special section on luxury watches, Damien Vignaux created 3 thematic spread pages for EVER magazine. In addition of highlighting the luxury of these watches, he had to represent the following themes: animal, indulgence and open dial.

Silke Werzinger / Marie Claire Magazine France / Paris

Silke Werzinger continues her collaboration with Marie Claire Magazine. For the last months, she illustrated the Me, Reader testimonies, in order from top to bottom : a reader that found love at her dentist’s office as well as a mother that saw her child and new husband fall in love together.

Aaron McConomy / National Parks Magazine / USA

National Parks Magazine mandated once again Aaron McConomy for the creation of an illustration to accompany an essay on pronghorns.

Damien Vignaux / Company Magazine UK / London

Damien Vignaux collaborates with Company Magazine on the article “we wish he was our boyfriend”. He created the dynamic portraits of 3 guys with out-of-the ordinary jobs.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce and Laval University Contact Magazine / Montreal

Here is a new illustration by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Laval University Contact Magazine. She illustrated, again with a lot of humor, an article about people who are happy to serve the Scientific Research by offering their services as human guinea-pigs.

Below, is following another illustration of a female tightrope walker holding a friend of hers in her hand. This one was creating, still by Marie-EVe, for a new Coup de Pouce Magazine Personal Life column, in which some advices to help your friends without getting personally affected are given.

Jérôme Mireault / Working Mother Magazine / USA

Jérome Mireault had to illustrate a female executive throwing a big, Frankenstein's-lab-style knife switch on a giant money-making machine, and a huge torrent of money cascading out, to represent successful executives who are in charge of making profits for respective their companies, and how it is being in positions of such important responsibility that they can lead directly to CEO jobs.

Anne Cresci / Le Mag de France Boissons / Paris

Anne Cresci has realized the cover page of corporate clients-oriented France Boissons' magazine. She worked with a frank and precise trait that comes out with the bright and lively colours she used.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Vie Perso / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

Here are two new illustrations by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the very short stories of  Vie perso (Personal life) column in Coup de Pouce magazine. In the January issue, we can enjoy Marie-Eve's drawing for a few advices on how to look for another job without getting caught by one's current boss. In this month issue, as Valentine's Day is under the spot, Marie-Eve had to illustrate how new communication devices, Internet or social media may be the new places for infidelity.

Damien Vignaux / D'Amour Magazine / London

Damien Vignaux conceived 3 illustrations for D’Amour Magazine for David M Robinson – a chain of luxury jewelry stores in the UK, published by FMS Publishing. He had to represent the watch in 3 different thematic such as:  "Air / Vintage Aviation", "Land / Driving and sport watches" and "Home / Formal dress watches".

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Company magazine / London

Mydeadpony illustrates the article Lipstick Lab for Company Magazine about students making chemistry cool in cosmetics school!


Óscar Llorens / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Canada

True to himself, Oscar Llorens greatly combined his childlike world to the serious topic of Pharmacogenomics, customized pharmacologic care based on an individual’s genetic makeup, for the cover of the Pharmacy Practice magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / Jobboom Magazine / Montreal

What happens to our virtual goods after we die? This is a topical subject in Western societies and also discussed in the article illustrated by Kelly Schykulski for Jobboom's annual issue about law careers.

Óscar Llorens / Le Mois / Saint-Gobain / Paris

Oscar Llorens illustrates urban environments with his playful style on the cover of the Saint-Gobain Group magazine.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Biba Magazine / Paris

Mydeadpony illustrates the 12 zodiac signs for Biba magazine 2013's horoscope special. Let's hope 2013 will be colorful and bold like his illustrations!

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

The end of the world is the chosen theme for this December issue of Québec Science magazine. This month, Mr. Lorenzo DiTommaso, Associate Professor and Chair of Concordia University's Department of Religion, is interviewed by the magazine. For this occasion, illustrator Aaron McConomy created a very dramatic illustration to accompany the article.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Elle Quebec Magazine / Montreal

Portrait of a man disturbed by his sadness and his demons created by Mydeadpony to accompany an article about the experience of a father who had to deal with his son's sickness, but also his own torments, for Elle Quebec Magazine.

Silke Werzinger / Marie Claire Magazine / Paris

Silke Werzinger continues her collaboration with the Marie Claire magazine on the Moi Lectrice (Me, Reader) section, with her own signature, the ballpoint pen style.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Aaron McConomy's collaboration with Quebec Science magazine still goes on with this time a drawing illustration for an article-interview with Gaetan Lafrance, professor at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS). The article is dealing with a comparison between the Quebec province and Canada regarding the future of scientific research.

Tonwen Jones / Open Minds / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Tonwen Jones did a nice series of collage illustrations for an article named Open Minds published in Reader's Digest magazine about 3 true stories of  people that were diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Anne Cresci / Capital Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates a series of portraits of the different french households, in Capital Magazine, for an article about the impacts of the changes on income tax with the new government. She explores a more corporate style and minimalistic colors, which gives a new dynamic result.

Silke Werzinger / Le Parisien Magazine / Paris

Silke Werzinger illustrates the weekly Shopping section of Le Parisien's magazine from the newspaper of the same name. Every week, she must take inspiration from the themes chosen by the editors to represent the spirit of the products, which she succeeds doing everytime.

Jérôme Mireault / Spafax / Review Magazine / Home Gym / Montreal

Bring the gym to you if  you can't go to it : this is what one of last Review Magazine's article is about and for which Jérôme Mireault drew a nice urban home gym space. The article is suggesting different advices to set up a perfect gym area at home to the great delight of people who are too busy in their daily routine to go to a gym club to work out.

Aaron McConomy / At Home with Century21 Magazine / USA

Aaron McConomy illustrated for an article about the benefit of neighbor watch with an illustration representing the ways of getting to know our neighbors.

Ëlodie / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Toronto

Ëlodie were asked to create with her drawing style a head with beautiful hair as well as the headline Head Lice and the subtitle for the cover of the magazine distributed to Canadian pharmacists.

Nicole Jarecz / Midwives Magazine / London

Nicole Jarecz made the portraits of Midwives Magazine's contributors, with a young and fresh style and variations in textures. This series includes portraits of 3 female collaborators, involved in the midwives community, giving their opinion in different matters.

Tonwen Jones / Le Parisien Magazine / Paris

Tonwen Jones collaborates to the very first issue of Le Parisien weekly magazine. She illustrates the city of Rome and its historic monuments for the Weekend chronicle.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Paris

Ëlodie illustrates Gwen Stefani, singer, designer and fashion lover, for Glamour Spain Magazine's October Issue star astrology section.

Nicole Jarecz / Commons&Sense magazine / Tokyo

Nicole Jarecz has created this amazing project of fashion illustrations based on the Celine runway show for Tokyo-based magazine, Commons&Sense.

Tonwen Jones / Gastronomica Magazine / Massachusetts

Tonwen Jones created a fun collage for the article Eating by Numbers, about the internet correlation of certain foods with names of prominent people, specifically about American political figures and the types of foods their names conjure on the internet.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Madrid

Ëlodie captivates us once again with this splendid portrait for the special issue about sex of Glamour Spain magazine. The request was to create the portrait of a very sensual woman, wearing a black and luxurious mask, Venitian style, with attractive eyes with long lashes.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Petra magazine / Hamburg, Germany

Mydeadpony has created two energic illustrations for the article I’d like to be so different, but I never get a chance for the psycho section of the magazine Petra.

Anne Cresci / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Anne Cresci drew 4 illustrations to bring 4 stories to life. The texts are from a short story collection presented in the article Quick Fix and published in Reader's Digest's August issue.

Jérôme Mireault / Elle Quebec magazine / Montreal

We're talking about dating websites adepts in an article from Elle Québec in July issue titled "Les cyberlibertines". This is accompanied by 2 suggestive illustrations by Jérôme Mireault.

Pablo Pasadas / Contest for a medical print campaign

Pablo Pasadas created this collage and photomontage type illustration for a medical print campaign contest. This mock-up was finally not use but we wanted to share with you his work.

Tonwen Jones / At Home with Century21 magazine / USA

Tonwen Jones creates once again a colourful designer portrait for the Point of View section of the At Home with Century21 magazine. She also contributed to this issue in creating few spots to go with the text of the Homefront section.

Tonwen Jones / Immense Magazine / Quebec City

Here is an idea of holiday destinations in the Province of Quebec for this summer with these beautiful maps illustrated by Tonwen Jones that make us discover in details Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and the summer activities suggested there. These illustrations were made for Immense Magazine, a touristic publication about the region. Enjoy the visit!

Takeshi / Festimania festival / Le Guide Prestige Montréal / Montreal

Here is a festive and colourful photomontage created by Takeshi for Festi + Pass promotion which is a pass that gives advantages and privileges during 11 festivals organized by Montreal Festimania for the 2012 summer season. Illustrator Takeshi gathered key-elements to depict each discipline of these festivals that are promoted as cool, modern and authentic.

Tonwen Jones / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

To accompany an article on the stress and its negative effects on the human body, Tonwen Jones enjoyed herself drawing a woman body based on the visual created for an old well-known society game called Operation. Some body parts have been identified to refer to those quoted in the article.

Ëlodie / Marie France Magazine / Paris

Ëlodie illustrates an Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt text for the special July-August Horoscope issue of Marie France. 

Óscar Llorens / L’Esprit MHD Magazine / Paris

Oscar illustrates the cover of Moët Hennessy Diageo's L’Esprit MHD magazine, for a special issue about alliances between 2 generations in a company, as well as the knowledge transfert between juniors and seniors employees.

Kelly Schykulski / English at work / Joboom Magazine / Montreal

Illustrator Kelly Schykulski was chosen to illustrate Jobboom magazine's cover in relation with an article on young people from Quebec having preferences to choose English language at university or at work because of  the advantages given in the labour world, for May 2012 issue.

Anne Cresci / Company Magazine / London

Anne Cresci illustrates the article « Genie in a bottle », for Company Magazine, about the 3 trendiest feminine and floral summer 2012 fragrances.

Aaron McConomy / Ecological challenges / Montreal

Illustrator Aaron McConomy carries on his collaboration with Quebec Science magazine. The interview-article for this June-July issue is about ecollogical challenges with the 2012 Earth Summit coming on June, 20th in Rio, Brazil. Previous summits assessment, challenges in the actual international context, the discussion has started with Christian Simard, ceo of Nature Quebec.