Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Gala / France

Mydeadpony has realized a series of 5 illustrations for Gala magazine's summer horoscope.

Silke Werzinger / Editorial news

Discover here 2 astological signs of Cosmopolitain 2017 magazine, and also an extract of the last feature illustrated by Silke Werzinger for the german magazine Die Zeit.

Poppy Magda / Greedy illustrations / Paris

Here is a delicious and greedy series of illustrations signed by Mamzelle Poppy for a new tea shop that will open soon in Paris 9th arrondissement.

Ëlodie / "Happyscope 2014" of Cosmopolitan Magazine / Paris

Ëlodie created the Big 2014 horoscope for the Cosmopolitain Magazine, the Happyscope 2014. She had to create pure drawings with soft and light colours: yellow, pink, green, purple, sky blue... The grouped composition had to be refined and happy!

Anne Cresci / 2014 Astrology in watercolor for Biba Magazine / Paris

Black spots and spontaneous colors to keep a direct and very modern graphic look; this was Anne Cresci’s mandate. The final look of the series is unique, with a palette of exotic and inspiring colors to project you into the future of 2014. To discover all the zodiac signs, see Anne Cresci’s portfolio!

Silke Werzinger / 2014 Astrology of Marie Claire Magazine / Paris

The new beginning, is the title of the great 2014 astrology of Marie Claire Magazine that has just been published. Silke had the opportunity to use her new style. To see the series visit Silke's portfolio.