Colagene Monsters Contest

You can win this limited edition serigraphie by Oscar Llorens!
As it is soon Halloween, we invite you to create "Colagene Monsters". You can be an art director, an illustrator or a graphic designer, you just have to create the most original of monsters and to share it on your Facebook profile by mentioning @Colagene or your instagram profile with the hashtag #colagenemonsters!

End of the votes : Friday, October 27th, 12pm (Montreal).

(illustrations of Zigor Samaniego and Oscar Llorens)

Emmanuel Polanco / CommArts 2017 award

You had already loved in 2016 the poster "Of Mice and Men" by Emmanuel Polanco for The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, so for 2017 this poster has again won an award of Communication Arts’ annual 2017 Design Competition. Look at the video where John Malkovich comments the project of the 40th anniversary of The Steppenwolf and you will discover that this poster is, as a Sir J. Malkovich said it himself, "really f ** king cool" as he hung on it in his magnificent bathroom. Again, Thanks to The Steppenwolf Theatre CompanyOgilvy and Mather Chicago crew and Sir John Malkovich!

Contest / Halloween wallpaper / Montreal

Next September 23rd, we will launch our Halloween contest via our Facebook page. Our artists are now creating an illustration on this theme and you will be able to vote for your favorite one. The image that will receive the most like mention will be selected to be Colagene next October wallpaper! Stay aware, here's where it's all going to happen.
llustration: Ross Cuthberg

Applied Arts Awards Winners 2015 / Toronto

As you know, we represent talented illustrators at the clinic. Thus, we are proud to announce you that they won 8 Applied Arts Awards. Congratulations to Véronique Joffre, Sonia Roy, Pedro Covo, David Despau, Aaron McConomy, Emmanuel Polanco, Kelly Schykulski, Takeshi and Benoit Tardif.

Óscar Llorens / Facebook game for Pink Lady® / France

A whole virtual and imaginary graphic village was created by Oscar Llorens with 4 main environments (orchard, park, restaurants, beach) linked to each other by secondary places (as bakery,smoothy bar, picnic, stores, market ...), for a facebook interactive game for Pink Lady® 's apple brand.

Expo + Transit Shelter contest / Montreal

Discover the illustrations of Sonia Roy and Kelly Schykuslki entered to Expo + Transit Shelter contest presented by Quebecor Media in collaboration with STM (Montreal's public transport society) for the promotion of new bus shelters in Montreal city.

Winners of Applied Arts illustration contest / Canada

Several illustators at the clinic won an award at the illustration contest of the magazine Applied Arts. Discover the works that won below. For more details, visit the complete list of winners here.

Awards Lux contest 2012 / Montreal

Last Thursday October 4th was taking place Lux Awards evening 2012. The clinic whould like to congratulate 2 of her illustrators on their Lux awards in 2 categories. Illustrator Sonia Roy was rewarded in the editorial category with City Break, her series of illustrations for Le Monde newspaper for a feature listing holidays options for every budget and every will. In addition to that, her illustration La clé d'Herman won in the Personnal Research category. At last, illustrator Aaron McConomy did win an award in the Editorial category for his illustration about the future of Scientific Research in Quebec published in Québec Science magazine.

Winners of : American Illustration 31 contest / USA

Karen Klassen, Marie-Eve Tremblay, Silke Werzinger and Sonia Roy illustrations earned their place in the Chosen category at the lastest American Illustration contest. Congrats girls!

Aaron McConomy / New Brunswick Tourism / Montreal

A little taste of holidays now with a web promotion for New Brunswick destination in Canada. Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate a serie of elements (landscapes, characters etc..) in order to create 3 mini animations for a contest on New Brunswick Tourism Facebook page. Advertising banners on web media from Quebec were also created.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Caisse Desjardins / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay has been chosen to ilustrate a Vespa helmet as part of a contest organized by Desjardins Bank, with a grand prize of a Vespa and the helmet. The illustrator had to take her inspiration from the estival period which is usually associated with the musical festivals in Montreal.

Contest result : Mydeadpony’s Colagene bags around the world

Here's our contest winning picture. Charlotte, from Rougemont in Switzerland, wins the contest and will receive another limited series bag illustrated by Mydeadpony. Thanks to all of our participants and long live the Colagene bags, hoping they serve you well and make you happy!