Ross Cuthbert / Portfolio update

Ross Cuthberg is much in demand, and it's understandable! To see the quality of some roughs and story-boards for brands such as Nespresso, Listerine, Virgin or Embley's. Ross, besides being nice and professional, does 3D. Visit his portfolio Ross 3D.

Ross Cuthbert / Jewelery roughs

Roughs for client's presentation for a famous brand of jewelry, made by Ross Cuthberg.

Ross Cuthbert / Different techniques / Londres

Ross is a roughman and  storyboarder very popular. His asset : he knows how to work with all the techniques, from the line drawing of all kinds, also the vectorial to the 3D modelling. Here are examples of his last 3D realizations.

Ross Cuthbert / Ross Cuthbert also makes vector drawing / London

Last May, we made you discover 3D creations by Ross Cuthbert. This month, we share with you his talent as a vector illustrator. Here are some of his latest creations. Many others are to be seen in his portfolio.

Ross Cuthbert / Ross Cuthbert also does 3D / London

With more than 13 years of professional experience in the advertising industry, Ross knows how to adapt his style to clients needs. He masters the 3D, realistic, traditional drawing renderings. We wanted to share with you some of his latest 3D creations. Many more can be seen in his portfolio.

Ross Cuthbert / Advanced roughs for client presentation / Montreal

Here is a series of vector style icons illustrations by Ross Cuthbert for an advertising agency's client presentation. Ross's work is usually quite realistic with 3D or traditional hand-drawing renderings.

Ross Cuthbert / New roughman / London

With over 13 years of professional experience in the advertising industry working as a visualizer, Ross's style and application varies to suit the clients needs.