Wearbeard / Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology / Madrid, Spain

Discover this periodic collaboration with the Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology's news agency, SINC. Graphic illustrations by one of our new artists Wearbeard.

Wearbeard / Animated advertisement for the liquor: Anis del Mono / Madrid, Spain

Featured here is one of Colagene’s newest artists, Wearbeard. In these illustrations he shows off his animation skills in an advertisement on the history of the famous Spanish liquor: Anís del Mono.

Wearbeard / New illustrator! / Madrid, Spain

Welcome to a colorful, authentic artist who is strong in visual concepts! Wearbeard is a Madrid based illustrator and painter specialized in what he calls conceptual illustration, which means that every image that he draws tries to deliver a home-cooked idea. He mostly works in advertising and editorials, specifically in science dissemination, but also in purely artistic endeavors. In his spare time he plays the drums with his band and sculpts using ceramics. He is also a firm believer in self-teaching.