Kimi Kimoki / New creations / Marseille, France

Kimi Kimoki shares with us her new food-themed illustrations, a vintage color palette and a modern look to the end. Visit Kimi's book here.


Kimi Kimoki / New creations / Avignon, France

Kimi Kimoki, who lives in the south of France, continues her explorations in vintage colors. This time illustrating this season's running shoes and portraits of young people.

Kimi Kimoki / Life style illustrations

Kimi Kimoki shares with us her new illustrations using a vintage color palette with a modern look. We can imagine her work in a nice campaign for millennials or an electronic brand.  Visit Kimi's book here.

Kimi Kimoki / New illustrations

Kimi Kimoki is a French artist based in the South of France. She has several years of experience in illustration, and studied at the College in Art of Avignon. A few months ago, she launched a new digital style using plain colors by playing with  outlines. She shares with us her approche towards fashion and still-lives paintings. 

Kimi Kimoki / Illustrated Road-trip

Pastel colors, tone on tone, pale lines outlines and uncluttered environments, this is what Kimi Kimoki continues to explore. Besides silhouettes fashion, she presents us this time with the sets of journeys in a small illustrated road-trip. Discover more here.

Kimi Kimoki / Personal researches

Kimi Kimoki renews her work all the time and we love her new style.

Kimi Kimoki / Angels on Earth magazine

A great story on a lucky event for an American family in the Angels on Earth Magazine of September-October imagined by Kimi Kimoki.

Kimi Kimoki / Angels on Earth magazine / USA

Earlier this summer, Angels on Earth magazine asked Kimi to add her sensitive and detailed touch to a short story of their own. Beautifully illustrated with key images, the story describes a relationship based on respect between a young child, a thirty-year-old and an old man.

Kimi Kimoki / Marie-Claire China magazine / Beijing

As for the previous issues, Colagene continues its collaboration with Marie-Claire China. This time it's for the August issue of the magazine and its illustrator Kimi Kimoki who was challenged to create a thematic scene around cosmetics. The theme is about an amusement park and includes sport-related products. Once more, the result is a real pleasure for the eyes!

Kimi Kimoki / Marie Claire China / Beijing

Kimi Kimoki showcased featured beauty products for readers in China in a mural inspired by the fairy tale Thumbelina, with an enchanting and romantic garden and its modern princesses.

Kimi Kimoki / New material freshly made / Avignon

For nearly two months, Kimi Kimoki and Marie-Christine Brisson, co-founder of the agency, are working together to give a new breath to Kimi’s book and more spontaneity in her technique. After working on images that were ignoring background in the past, I reinstated it today by giving it the texture of the paper. It is now an element voluntarily put forward and interacting with characters and objects of my compositions. About coloring, crayons took up on brushes to give more spontaneity and sparkle to my drawings. I hope to give the impression of an illustration more "drawn", more "real" while maintaining the realism feel of my own style.

Kimi Kimoki / Canadian Capital Magazine / Toronto

For this article, Kimi Kimoki had to illustrate bespoke suits.

Kimi Kimoki / ERPI / Professional Training book / Montreal

Kimi Kimoki was chosen by Les Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique to illustrate a professional training book titled Communiquer pour mieux aider by author Pascale Reny. This book is adressed to students in nursery and deals with mastering verbal and nonverbal communication in order to better help patients and to optimize the relations with colleagues in this sector.


Kimi Kimoki / Metropolis at Metrotown / Vancouver, BC

5 realistic style illustrations and 5 badges for a shopping center brand book, for Metropolis at Metrotown, the British Columbia's largest shopping centre.

Kimi Kimoki / Reader's Digest / Canada

Illustration for Reader's Digest, an article explaining how the product Dizzy Fix works, a new system treating the symptoms of vertigo