Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Calgary

For the magazine Avenue Calgary, Kelly Schykulski was chosen for the article "Opening a Restaurant".

Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Canada

Kelly Schykulski illustrated the cover and the inside feature of the Best restaurants 2018 special issue Avenue Calgary magazine available online.

Kelly Schykulski / Acome, 16th Symposium

Kelly Schykulski created the image of the next symposium of Acome (1st cooperative French industrial company, and leading player in the cable, wires and sunthethic tube market) which will take place from May 8th to 13th 2018 in San Francisco with an immersive route of a day in the Silicon Valley.

Kelly Schykulski / Effectif Magazine

This list of words was the only brief for this project: training, neuro-science, e-learning, social learning, big data, serious gaming and creativity. Kelly Schykulski pursues his collaboration with the Effectif magazine, published by l'Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA).

Kelly Schykulski / Effectif magazine

Always on target with colorful and conceptual illustrations, Kelly continues his collaboration with the magazine Effectif, published by the Order of Accredited Human Resources Advisors (CRHA).

Kelly Schykulski / The Positive Side Magazine

Kelly Schykulski offers, for the fall issue of The Positive Side magazine, a series of sweet pictures that deals with a sensitive subject: HIV today.

Kelly Schykulski / Alberta Views Travel Guides 2015

Discover the province of Alberta in West Canada, thanks to these guides illustrated by Kelly Schykulski. He managed to combine in each illustration several ideas and concepts. In June, his work had already been noticed by Applied Arts.

Kelly Schykulski / AESN, Harvard Business Review, Professionally Speaking

Here are 3 illustrations signed Kelly Schykulski for 3 different clients. First of all one created for a pitch competition for the AESN (Eau Seine Normandie agency) annual report, then an illustration for Harvard Business Review and last but not least a drawing for Professionally Speaking magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / Interview in Applied Arts Magazine blog / Canada

Discover Kelly Schykulski’s little secrets in the article of the Applied Arts blog called “New work by Kelly Schykulski”. See his last project with Alberta Views and its 10 tourism mini-guides for the year 2015.

Kelly Schykulski / 2015 Alberta Views guides / Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Views is a project of 10 mini-guides for the year 2015, on the initiative of the state of Alberta, to put forward every month, events and places to be visited. The first 3 issues are about: training and education, Museums and Art galleries and are illustrated by Kelly Schykulski.

Kelly Schykulski / L'Express weekly Magazine / Paris

In the publication of this week of the French weekly magazine L'Express, Kelly Schykulski illustrates the article Permanent revolution of the high-tech column.

Kelly Schykulski / Personal work for Earth's day / Montreal

For Earth's day that occurred last April 22th, Kelly Schykulski did create a whole new bright illustration. Kelly explains: "It's about how we are all fighting though barely hanging on to this extraordinary and abundant beauty that surrounds us. Due to changing world and destructive technologies we are all becoming distant and isolated from our own environment. But it's always a constant struggle that we must not loose and forever keep fighting for."



Kelly Schykulski / Euler Hermes internal magazine

Kelly Schykulski created ​​these illustrations for articles of internal magazine of Euler Hermes, the world leader in credit insurance, about e-recruiting and e-learning.

Kelly Schykulski / Famille & Education magazine: Special Guidance / Paris

Kelly Schykulski illustrated a package for the Famille & Education Special guidance: How to support our child well? This package is about educational guidance in terms of the role that parents can play.

Kelly Schykulski / TNTmag / Paris

For the December issue, Kelly Schykulski created a cover illustration and an opening for a story about inspiration in the TNT magazine distributed to the clients of the TNT Express France transporter.

Kelly Schykulski / Le Journal du CNRS / Paris

Kelly illustrated an institutional subject for one of the October story of the Newspaper of CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). The subject was: Funding for European research in 2020...

Kelly Schykulski / Research World Magazine / London

Kelly Schykulski produces one illustration for the article: Invasion of the Niche-Seekers for the September 2013 issue of the Research World Magazine, about how the establishment of US branches by small European companies says much about the power of the American dream.

Kelly Schykulski / Hypercity for the magazine Com'Ent / Paris

Kelly Schykulski illustrated the cover and articles of the last issue about hypercity in Com'Ent Magazine of the Communication and Business association in France. This magazine aims to increase the thinking on evolution and current communication trends. To learn more consult the magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / The Réseau des ingénieurs du Québec (Quebec Engineers Association) / Montreal

The Réseau des Ingénieurs du Québec (Quebec Engineers Association) chose Kelly Schykulski to illustrate a service providers directory book that will be available soon to its students and professional members. The book is listing few lifestyle, entertainment, familily and everyday life services that these members can refer to if needed.

Kelly Schykulski / Jobboom Magazine / Montreal

What happens to our virtual goods after we die? This is a topical subject in Western societies and also discussed in the article illustrated by Kelly Schykulski for Jobboom's annual issue about law careers.

Kelly Schykulski / English at work / Joboom Magazine / Montreal

Illustrator Kelly Schykulski was chosen to illustrate Jobboom magazine's cover in relation with an article on young people from Quebec having preferences to choose English language at university or at work because of  the advantages given in the labour world, for May 2012 issue.

Kelly Schykulski / La Carac Magazine / Paris

Kelly Schykulski illustrates, for retirees-oriented magazine La Carac, an article about the parallel economy and helping each other out in an economic crisis context.

Kelly Schykulski / Canadian Wildlife magazine / Canada

Kelly realized a series of illustrations for an article about endangered species in Canada like some unique seal species in northern Quebec and the deals with politics behind all that.

Kelly Schykulski / Magazine Ontario Principals' Council (OPC) Register / Ontario

Kelly created one full page illustration for the article : Scientific literacy (a story about improving scientific literacy in schools) for Ontario Principals' Council (OPC) Register magazine. This project was realized by Fresh Art & Design.

Kelly Schykulski / Registered Nurse Journal / Toronto

Kelly Schykulski did an illustration for the spread cover of the Registered Nurse Journal designed by Fresh Art & Design.

Kelly Schykulski / Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton / Montreal

2 illustrations for the exhibition stand of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. Grant Thornton International is one of the world's leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms. These firms provide assurance, tax and specialist business advice to privately held businesses and public interest entities.

Kelly Schykulski / Reader's Digest magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustration to accompany an article named Quit smoking published in The Reader's Digest magazine

Kelly Schykulski / Jobboom Magazine / Montreal

One editorial illustration realised for an article on the lack of attention at work, published in Jobboom magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / Hour Detroit / Detroit

One illustration for Hour Detroit Magazine for a story about how investigative reporters and television production workers are being diminished by technology.

Kelly Schykulski / Conde Nast Traveller / London

Two illustrations for the Conde Nast Traveller magazine for a story about a trip to the Henri Chenot spa in Murano palace in Italy.

Kelly Schykulski / Cetelem / Paris

Illustration for Cetelem corporate magazine (BNP Paribas Personal Finance).