Ëlodie / Packaging for Irrésistibles / Montreal, Canada

Here is a series of fruit illustrations in the botanical and natural style entitled Ëlodie, for the new packaging for Irresistibles pies, made by Pigeon Brands.

Ëlodie / Summer creations / Paris, France

In 9 years, Ëlodie has developed her own realistic and poetic style. She uses traditional techniques, but likes to experiment new ones regularly to infuse a "soul supplement" to her illustrations. Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion, and also draws inspiration from the nostalgic world of her childhood. Here's a beautiful and inspiring summer selection for your future campaigns, collections, packaging or editorials.

Ëlodie / Summer novelties / Paris, France

Our dear Parisian Ëlodie has created several series of illustrations on the theme of summer. Here's a nice selection for you in pastel colors. Doesn’t it make you want to go for a bike ride?

Ëlodie / Advertising campaign Carmex / United States

Ëlodie created this superb portrait for an advertising campaign for Carmex, produced by BVR agency.

Ëlodie / Irresistibles / Canada

In the Canadian grocery chain Metro, you will find jam jars from the brand Irrésistibles whose labels were illustrated by Ëlodie. This packaging project was signed by the beautiful team at Pigeon Brands agency.

Ëlodie / Gallery1988 and online shop

The movie Dirty Dancing illustrated by Ëlodie for the exhibition 30 years later on the movies of the 1987 for Gallery1988. As well as a flowery and trendy wallpaper for the Back to School time available on her online shop.

Ëlodie / Avantages magazine / France

Serie of 5 illustrations created by Ëlodie on the theme of the organic food for magazine Avantages.

Ëlodie / Personnal research

Ëlodie presents us here her latest researches on fashion trends, one more time we are under the spell of her pen and her talent! 

Ëlodie / Ëlodie Paper Goods

Ëlodie's online store is now open again. If you're a fan of her work, here's a list of what you can get a hold of; Fine Arts posters, notebooks and cards, a tote bag... It's nearly christmas, think about it!


Here's our fourth CREATIVE CAPSULE.This month, we invite you to meet Ëlodie, parisian and talented illustrator. Enjoy it!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
I live and work in my tiny (but attractive) Parisian apartment. I adore it for the luminosity which is ideal to draw. In a corner of the apartment, I settled my illustrations to create a set which serves me when I photograph my creations. And otherwise of my window I can perceive the beautiful Parisian roofs, I love it!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
Before I drew exclusively in the very fine felt-tip in dotted line, but this technique was long and boring. Since I prefer to draw in the pencil of paper then to colorize on Photoshop. I adore the grain of the pencil of paper which gives a warm and authentic effect to the final illustration. I also scan many textures: papers, paints which I assemble afterward in my illustrations.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I adored illustrating for the collaboration's communication between Nina Ricci and Ladurée: 2 brands that I adore.

What are your favourite colors to create?
Rose, red, purple, white.

Why did you become an artist?
I do not consider myself as an artist but rather as a creator who needs to touch everything and to create and that since my earliest childhood. I became an illustrator, but I am interested in other creative domains such as photo.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Feminine, delicate, poetic, vintage (and sometimes playful)

What is the project of your dreams?
To illustrate for beautiful Parisian brands : Dior, Chanel, Diptyque

What does a typical day in the life of Ëlodie looks like?
In the morning I take advantage to have all my concentration to sort out my e-mails, look after my websites and / or my communication. The afternoon is only dedicated to the creation of new illustrations.

What inspires you?
60's, Paris, fashion, sea.

What is your favourite blog or website?
I am a fan of the universe of the blogger Daphné of for her preppy look and her lifestyle photos.


Here's our fourth CREATIVE CAPSULE.This month, we invite you to meet Ëlodie, parisian and talented illustrator. Enjoy it!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
I live and work in my tiny (but attractive) Parisian apartment. I adore it for the luminosity which is ideal to draw. In a corner of the apartment, I settled my illustrations to create a set which serves me when I photograph my creations. And otherwise of my window I can perceive the beautiful Parisian roofs, I love it!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
Before I drew exclusively in the very fine felt-tip in dotted line, but this technique was long and boring. Since I prefer to draw in the pencil of paper then to colorize on Photoshop. I adore the grain of the pencil of paper which gives a warm and authentic effect to the final illustration. I also scan many textures: papers, paints which I assemble afterward in my illustrations.

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Ëlodie / All is about poetry...

Ëlodie continues to seduce us by her magnificent illustrations filled with poetry. Pastel colors, from contour lines; she presents us her version of Chanel N°5, brings us on the quais de Seine passing by the Eiffel Tower and other Parisian monuments.

Ëlodie / New illustrations

Ëlodie presents us 3 new creations; the first one is an illustration of the movie Romeo + Juliet of 1996 realized for the exhibition 20 years later in Gallery1988 in Los Angeles which took place last July. The second is an illustration based on the movie Lolita de Stanley Kubrick of 1962. And the third one, an illustration of the Trianon of Versailles in the Christmas time.

Ëlodie / Stella McCartney Fall-Winter 2016-2017

For the first time in her life, Ëlodie was invited to attend to a fashion show in Paris! Stella McCartney's Fall-Winter 2016-2017. She tells: Needless to say at what extend I was filled with joy when I received their invitation! The three beautiful Ola, Valery and Sasha posed for us for 30 minutes!
To see pictures, consult Ëlodie's blog.

Ëlodie / Essays of Style

Ëlodie pursues her researches on styles and reveals her last essays. Also know she makes youth oriented illustrations, and you can discover our selection in her portfolio's new Youth Editions tab.

Ëlodie / "Translucide" exhibition / Annecy

Last October, 30 local and international artists included Ëlodie, especially illustrators and graphic artists revisit an idea - Translucide - as it appears to them. Surprising and unexpected artworks were presented during an exhibition organized by Loic Satller at Art By Friends art gallery in Annecy (France). Discover the photo coverage of this exhibition on the art gallery Facebook page.

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / France

"Compliments, take it or leave it?" and "Food and I", two articles illustrated by Ëlodie for the psycho column of Votre Beauté French magazine, for this summer and fall issues.

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

Ëlodie continues its collaboration with Madame Figaro and illustrates two new episodes of the novel L'envers du décor (Behind the scenes) by Tatiana de Rosnay. On the menu: Meeting on the Eurostar and Lunch with his friend Henry.

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

This summer, it's Ëlodie that has been chosen to illustrate 4 episodes of new short stories published in Madame Figaro French magazine. Here is a preview of the first 2 episodes. On the beach, in the mountains or in your hammock, enjoy each week a new illustrated story. Thanks to Madame Figaro team for this great collaboration!

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

Hairdressing and beauty, here are words that are speaking directly to Ëlodie who is a fan of fashion ! So, when Madame Figaro magazine offered her to illustrate the Hairdressing beauty tutorial called BEAUTE cc FLAVE of June issue, it was enough for her to create a wonderful series of illustrations that you can discover below. Ladies, we invite you to try this on your own manes!

Ëlodie / Gallery 1988 / Los Angeles

Here is the illustration of Ëlodie that will be exhibited in June in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 for a tribute to Tom Hanks's movies. The illustration represents Jenny (Robin Wright) of the movie Forrest Gump.

Ëlodie / Personal research / Paris

Ëlodie shares with us her last two personal works where she explores other techniques and plays in particular with the light and the textures. The first one is an inspiration of the Lanvin Fall RTW 2015 collection. The second is a portrait of the blogger / photographer of Paris in four months which Ëlodie follows since a moment and which inspires her a lot (photo credit: Katie Mitchell photography).

Ëlodie / Marie-Claire China Magazine / Pékin

Here is the result of a special report illustrated by Ëlodie about the environment in the city for Marie-Claire China Magazine. She was requested to create a visual mixing Nature with famous singers' portraits in China, as the chinese artist Khali Fong from Hong Kong .

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Here is "Beauty" illustrated by Ëlodie, in a snow white version way, for an article about aging and published in the psychology column of Votre Beauté French magazine's February issue.

Ëlodie / Galeries Lafayette and airbnb / Paris

A sophisticated woman in the Paris' Galeries Lafayette holidays spirit. A night in Galeries Lafayette, here was the request for this beautiful web campaign created for the online booking website airbnb and illustrated by Ëlodie.

Ëlodie / Presentation illustrations / Paris

Ëlodie recently worked on an animation project that finally did a direction change. These illustrations won't unfortunately be published...But we still wanted to show you the great work she did for the preliminary layout.

Ëlodie / Milan Editions / Toulouse

Last spring, Ëlodie created a series of 22 illustrations for a book / interactive photo album entitled : My diary, horse passion, from Milan Editions. The book is finally available here.

Ëlodie / Romantic researches / Paris

In her spare time, Ëlodie explores and creates illustrations to arouse interest of her fans and new customers. Here is a portrait of the actress Nathalie Portman nicely staged in a fresh and uncluttered set. For the other illustrations, she was also inspired by the Victoria's secret fashion show.

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Ëlodie illustrated 2 articles for the September issue of the Your Beauty Magazine. The first one is about the importance of smiling and the second one concerns the dangers of using to much hygiene products.

Ëlodie / Avenue Mandarine jigsaw puzzle / France

Here is a series of illustrations signed by Ëlodie for Avenue Madarine, a brand specialized in educational games. The illustrations were made for 30 x 30 cm puzzles that can be framed once completed. A cute and nice storage box to discover, this is a very smart 2 in 1 piece to adopt! Discover 4 beautiful boxes with an exotic taste... Ëlodie's artistic world and style will bring poetry, sweetness and elegance at the foot of each Christmas tree, for the greatest pleasure of children… And their parents too!

Ëlodie / Avertising pitch for a make-up brand / France

Ëlodie created these fashion character illustrations for an advertising pitch that requested the conception of muses for a new make-up brand. Unfortunately, her work wasn't selected.

Ëlodie / Vision Plus / France

Ëlodie created a series of illustrations made with several portraits, objects and scenes for the mon opticien’s mini fashion mag of the opticians from Vision Plus.

Ëlodie / Click Magazine / USA

Ëlodie had to create an illustration in a watercolor style for the contest section Self Portrait of Click Magazine.

Ëlodie / "Happyscope 2014" of Cosmopolitan Magazine / Paris

Ëlodie created the Big 2014 horoscope for the Cosmopolitain Magazine, the Happyscope 2014. She had to create pure drawings with soft and light colours: yellow, pink, green, purple, sky blue... The grouped composition had to be refined and happy!

Ëlodie / Personal researches / Paris

The first illustration was done for a project, but won’t be published finally. For the other 2, Ëlodie explains: These are researches that I did to test new techniques and to return to more traditional methods (fine felt pen, pencil, ink, paint) and almost no digital coloring. In the one at left ('Miss Dior'), this is obviously a tribute to Dior and Miss Dior particularly with the symbol of the rose, precious to the creator. I am also inspired by the illustrator René Gruau for the style (he has worked a lot with Dior).

Ëlodie / Illustrate the most wonderful time of the year with the clinic

At the clinic, we look forward to winter and the holidays. As a reminder, our artists are available for the production of all kinds of illustrated projects or campaigns: packaging, animations / motion design, greeting cards, corporate gifts, editorials, TV spots, web, etc.

Below you will find examples of our works under the themes of celebrations, elegance and winter time created by Ëlodie.

We hope this will inspire you. Don't hesitate to contact us for any requests and inquiries.

The clinic's agents.

Alexandra, Geneviève, Annie, Marie-Christine and Vincent.


Ëlodie / Lufthansa Woman's World / Paris

Ëlodie portrays Vienna-based fashion designer Lena Hoschek for the German magazine Lufthansa Woman's World.

Ëlodie / Personal research: watercolor in the spotlight

Ëlodie likes to work the textures. This summer, she wanted to explore the watercolor in her own way. Once again, she surprises us with her refined and captivating illustrations.

Ëlodie / Diageo - New Harbor white wine / Montreal

Summer goes with happy hours with friends and a glass of white wine. Ëlodie demonstrates how to relax with a series of little illustrations inspired by instruction manual's drawing style for an advertising campaign for New Harbor white wine. 

Ëlodie / "Fashion" researches / Paris

Ëlodie continues her monthly illustrations on her blog. The first illustration is inspired by the cover of the March 2012 issue of Vogue Australia. The model, Karlie Kloss, was wearing a dress by Alexander McQueen. "I am particulary inspired by his universe and this was the occasion to make a modest tribute to the collections of this great designer that I admire season after season. For the coloring, I was inspired by the advertising campaign of the fashion designer, dreamy and magical..."

And the second illustration is a suggestion of a book cover that ended up not being published. It shows a fictive portrait of the typical Parisian woman.

Ëlodie / Shape magazine / Sweden

Ëlodie illustrated about the Community Relations, a trend where companies work for a better society, for the article: Good Neighbor Inc. of the Swedish magazine Shape.

Ëlodie / Experimentation for the fashion industry! / Paris

Ëlodie gets inspired by the flowering and the environment for her fashion researches. "I enjoyed myself and I had tried to accentuate to the maximum the textures about the bag that can be found on the online shop Sacha", explains Ëlodie. The other illustration, in the way of a lookbook, is inspired by the campaigns and collections of the brand Chloé.

Ëlodie / Unpublished illustrations / USA

Ëlodie created several illustrations for a book published by an American Publishing Company about French mature women. The illustrations will not be published, but we wanted to share some of them with you.

Ëlodie / "Sexy Colors" exhibition and researches for the Fashion Week Couture / Paris

Ëlodie participated to the Sexy Colors exhibition at the Curiosités gallery from December to last January in Paris. The color version as well as the black & white one are on sale on her online shop.

Also, in the occasion of the recent Fashion Week Couture in Paris that happens in the last few weeks, Ëlodie produced a sublime illustration from a photo of the defile. We love that she kept the transparency effect, the lightness, movements and volumes in the clothing, that makes this illustration a splendid image that represents well catwalks. This illustration is also on sale on her online shop.

Ëlodie / Competition for cosmetic brand campaign

Here are the gorgeous tryouts Ëlodie created as part as a competition for a cosmetic brand campaign. The brief consisted in representing an active woman in different situations of her everyday life: at the office, going to the club at night, on a shopping spree, on dates, at the gym, etc…a woman can be many women at once!

Ëlodie / La Marelle Éditions and Ëlodie's boutique / Paris

Ëlodie presents us a series of three illustrations created for La Marelle Éditions, with whom she has collaborated for several years. You may have saw Ëlodie's illustrated objects in France or abroad in more than 40 countries. During the Salon de l'Objet in Paris, the professionals have had the chance to see exclusively the new products. Ëlodie also has an online store where you can purchase little wonders; iPhone cases, bags, notebooks, folders, notebooks recipe, and even original illustrations... You must bookmark Ëlodie's boutique in your favorites.

Ëlodie / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Toronto

Ëlodie were asked to create with her drawing style a head with beautiful hair as well as the headline Head Lice and the subtitle for the cover of the magazine distributed to Canadian pharmacists.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Paris

Ëlodie illustrates Gwen Stefani, singer, designer and fashion lover, for Glamour Spain Magazine's October Issue star astrology section.

Ëlodie / Editions Hachette Education / Paris

Ëlodie had the privilege to create about thirty illustrations for the Agenda 3, an adult book for learning the French language. Everything was created in collaboration with Editions Hachette Education team in France.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Madrid

Ëlodie captivates us once again with this splendid portrait for the special issue about sex of Glamour Spain magazine. The request was to create the portrait of a very sensual woman, wearing a black and luxurious mask, Venitian style, with attractive eyes with long lashes.

Ëlodie / New: Colagene's Luxury and Fashion Book

Marie-Christine Brisson - associate and artistic director - and ten illustrators at the clinic worked together in the creation of the new printed book specialized in fashion and luxury. This brand new book was printed in two versions (Paris and Montreal) for an upcoming meeting tour. If you wish to consult it, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to show it to you. While waiting to see more in the next newsletter, here is a sneak peek on Ëlodie's work.

Ëlodie / Marie France Magazine / Paris

Ëlodie illustrates an Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt text for the special July-August Horoscope issue of Marie France. 

Ëlodie / Advertising campaign for Kyara Leona Blush wine / Istanbul

Ëlodie recently created this illustration about "modern cabaret" for a print, in store and online advertising campaign. This illustration will be used for the Leona Blush wine from Kyara wine producer.

Ëlodie / Shape Magazine / USA

Ëlodie illustrates the glamorous portraits of four men hairdressers to the stars: Harry Josh, Mark Townsend, Ted Gibson and Andy Lecompte.

Ëlodie / Be Magazine / Paris

Illustrator Ëlodie first collaboration with Be Magazine for the Psychorama section in the Special Fashion issue. Ëlodie styles up her illustration for the article Why such bad timing when he breaks up?

Ëlodie / Target Style / USA

Ëlodie was the illustrator of December for Target stores. She had to create illustrations that was used for the profile picture and background of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for Target Style, and for the online magazine, On the Dot. The project was realized by AKQA agency.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Madrid

Ëlodie illustrates with class the even classier Ashton Kutcher, Capricorn, for the Horoscope section of Glamour Spain Magazine.

Ëlodie / Elle Québec / Montreal

In "Elle se raconte" section from Elle QUébec magazine, you'll find Ëlodie's illustration accompanying a true story on a woman from Montreal who had dated an Hollywood celebrity for a year.

Ëlodie / Marie Claire China / Paris

Ëlodie illustrated the article about picking the right foundation product for one's skin type, Beauty Section of Marie Claire China.

Ëlodie / Personal research / Paris

Ëlodie keeps collaborating with the Showcase for the parisian "Open House" nights. Here's the visual she realized for the last edition, on October 29th. In her second illustration, she illustrates her vision of Les Pléiades Hotel in Barbizo, following her short stay as a guest. She chose to draw the bar which looks like part of a hollywood movie, and pays tribute to Bérénice Béjot dans "The Artist".

Ëlodie / New Fashion Illustrator / Paris

The Clinic is glad to announce that a new fashion illustrator, Ëlodie, joins the Colagene team. Working as a freelance illustrator since 2010, Ëlodie developed her own realistic and poetic style. Although she prefers using traditional techniques, she enjoys experimenting with new ones regularly to try and inject more soul into her illustrations. Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion and also gets inspiration from the nostalgic universe of her childhood.