Bomboland / New creations / Lucca, Italy

Our flamboyant Italian duo, Bomboland, made headlines for the German newspaper Diezeit with their colorful editorial illustrations for 580 and Kokode.

Bomboland / Various creation / Italy

Here are some of the latest projects of the duo Bomboland working in paper cut. Surprise your clients by offering them to work in volume for their advertising campaign.

Bomboland / Latest works

Here are the latest creations of Bomboland cut paper; a visual for DB Mobil Magazine, the cover of the Washington Post, and the cover of Fivestar Bank's Annual Report.

Bomboland / Les Producteurs de lait du Québec

Ad campaign for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (Milk Producers of Quebec) created by Bomboland with LG2 agency in Montreal, announcing a contest to win a weekend in Charlevoix.

Bomboland / Mount-Royal Avenue

The holiday season was festive on Mount-Royal Avenue in the famous district of the Plateau in Montreal. L'Atelier Chinotto chose a cut paper look and signed Bomboland to illustrate the promotional campaign of this past year's Christmas activities on The Avenue. Posters, brochures and banners colored one of the favorite avenues of the Montrealers.

Bomboland / Lake Mégantic / Quebec

The Italian duet Bomboland, compound of Maurizio and his partner Elisa, was chosen by Havas Montréal to create 4 papercut illustrations putting the accent on depth and space. They created this campaign Une ville à cœur ouvert for the reconstruction of the city of Lake Mégantic, after the drama of the 2013 train explosion; a moving, human and graphic project.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Campaign

Interior Saving Credit Union is a huge fan of Bomboland's characters and their universe, thus for the 3rd time, they use their creativity in an other advertising! Thank you again to Interior Savings Credit Union for your confidence.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Advertising / Canada

How to give some more of dynamism to your brand and to amuse your clients? It is simple: animate the characters and the world of Bomboland in an advertising! Thank you again Interior Savings Credit Union for your trust.

Bomboland / Numerical or paper-cut advertising!

Bomboland is an Italian duet composed of Maurizio and his partner Elisa. Their secret lies in the paper-cut as well as their mastery of digital technology. They present us with their last projects; a magnificent campaign entitled "Don't let food get in between" for the dental floss's brand Guardian, made in collaboration with DDB Singapore.
We can also find an illustration for Il Giornale della famiglia, plus an illustration of crocodile absolutely charming for PUH magazine. Curious? You can have an overview of their working universe in this video. Be sure to have a small Italian dictionary within easy reach!

Bomboland / Pharmacy Practice + / Toronto

For the cover of Pharmacy Practice+ of February 2015, Bomboland represented pharmacists as small papercut birds helping and advising their customers-birds ! So answering the question: "How are pharmacists feeling ?"

Bomboland / Welcome back!

Welcome back to the clinic BombolandBomboland is a papercut illustration studio based in Italy, officially born around 2010. The studio works both on publishing and advertising projects and has illustrated magazines, newspaper, children books and collaborated with several agencies to create advertising campaigns. Within few years Bomboland has been able to carve out a space in the world of international illustration with a well-defined and recognizable style, but not without that versatility that allows him to create images for many types of projects and even more different types of customers.

Bomboland / Pochette cd / Jewel The Merry Goes 'Round / United States

Bomboland beautifully illustrated a cd pocket for child for the singer artist Jewel.

Bomboland / Best Health Magazine / Toronto

Bomboland has created a comic style fight cloud for the opening page and 4 different spots for an article about fighting styles.

Bomboland / Up! Magazine / Edmonton

Bomboland created 3 paper cut style illustrations for the article: Holiday in the Sun, for up! Magazine, WestJet's in-flight travel publication.

Bomboland / Connections magazine of Saint-Gobain / Paris

Paper cut illustration for Connections de Saint-Gobain magazine, realized by Because agency, on the theme Le bilan et perspective des activités du Pôle Produits pour la Construction de Saint-Gobain et dans le monde. (Balance and perspective of the Construction Products Sector activities of Saint-Gobain and the world.)

Bomboland / PediaSure Peptide, Abbott Nutrition / USA

Bomboland had the challenge to cut into sponges to create illustrations for printed ads of PediaSure Peptide (nutrition supplement for kids) of Abbott Nutrition.This Project was realized with Lehman Millet agency.

Bomboland / Worldwide Challenge Magazine / Charlottesville

Bomboland had to create 3 paper-cut illustrations for 3 stories, with each one being a simple tale involving a spiritual lesson learn, for the Worlwide Challenge Magazine.

Bomboland / Ministère de l'éducation nationale / France

Papercut illustration for a poster of the Ministère de l'éducation nationale in France. In this illustration, bridges symbolize the transition in higher levels of schooling for students.

Bomboland / Loto-Québec / Montreal

Digital illustration paper-cup effect for a recruitment campaign for Loto Québec.

Bomboland / Kölln - Kolle Rebbe / Germany

Two paper cut illustrations for Kölln, a well known German cereal brand, for an advertising campaign produced by Kolle Rebbe in Germany.

Bomboland / New Scientist / London

One paper cut illustration for the New Scientist cover magazine in the UK.

Bomboland / Monsieur magazine / Paris

Series of paper cut illustrations for an article on shoes for Monsieur magazine.

Bomboland / Premium Magazine / Montreal

Series of paper cut  illustrations to accompany an article on the generation that is going to take over in the work sector/market, for Premium Magazine.

Bomboland / Draft FCB / Kraft cookie / San Francisco, CA

Paper-cut illustrations for two different concepts, the first one for chocolate chunks cookies and the second for wheat crackers to create backgrounds for in store advertising , billboard and tramway and buses campaign in USA, for Kraft Back to Nature realized by Draft FCB.

Bomboland / New Scientist Magazine / London

One paper cut illustration for the cover of the New Scientist magazine: Your Inner Voice

Bomboland / Up! magazine / Calgary

Three illustrations for up! magazine for an article about WestJet Cares for Kids program.

Bomboland / Kölln / Germany

Two new paper cut illustrations for the Kölln advertising campaign for the Kolle Rebbe agency in Germany.

Bomboland / Kölln / Germany

A series of paper cut illustrations for the new Kölln (a well known cereal brand) advertising campaign for the Kolle Rebbe agency in Germany.

Bomboland / Air Canada / Montreal

Illustration for the Web contest Win the Whole World, directed by the agency Marketel for Air Canada

Bomboland / New illustrator

Maurizio Santucci, a.k.a. Bombo, an Italian artist whose artistic and commercial signature is his refreshing paper collages