Benoit Tardif / Rock On Surf / France

Benoit Tardif illustrated the image of Rock On Surf, a show dedicated to surfing in Anglet, a French town located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Benoit Tardif / Ricardo magazine and Place Longueuil

Benoit Tardif continues his collaboration with Ricardo magazine, this time on the theme of Italy: You say rosé, I say rosato. In addition, we wanted to show you a little more of the mural he created for La Place Longueuil, filled with small playful scenes. We love it!

Benoit Tardif / Québec Science magazine / Québec

Series of illustrations by Benoit Tardif on five themes related to health that are most often asked to Google, published in the magazine Quebec Science, for the release of June 2018.

Benoit Tardif / Magazine Plaisir

Thank you to Maison 1608 for this collaboration with the magazine Plaisir. Benoit Tardif created a series of illustrations on the theme: The pleasure of the first time...

Benoit Tardif / Book updated / Montreal

Here are one of the latest creations of Benoit Tardif, for The Walrus and Les éditions de ta mère.

Benoit Tardif / The Mini-Wheats Hot Milk Man campaign / Canada

Benoit Tardif created with the Leo Burnett agency the branding for the Kellogg's Canada Mini-Wheats truck for the Hot Milk Man campaign. On a chilly morning in Canada, one town got a surprise visit from the Hot-Milk Man. And the rest was history... see here the short commercial video.

Benoit Tardif / Le Chocolat des Français

Benoit Tardif created the "Parisian Santa-Claus" for Le Chocolat des Français' chocolate milk box for Christmas 2017. For those with a little sweet tooth, it's this way.

Benoit Tardif / L'Obs / France

Benoit Tardif invented a series of 10 illustrations for the special folder Investments in OBS magazine.

Benoit Tardif / Editions Fides / Quebec

Here is the cover of Flirtez-vous avec le Burnout parental ? (ENG: Are you flirting with parental Burnout?) book illustrated by Benoit Tardif for Editions Fides.

Benoit Tardif / Télérama / France

Benoit Tardif has illustrated the article Les 10 tics qui crispent quand on regarde un match de foot (ENG: The 10 quirks that stress when you watch a soccer match) for Télérama magazine.

Benoit Tardif / The Baffler and Avenue Magazines / USA

Benoit Tardif is always so funny and relevant in his creations and several American magazines adore him more and more, as The Baffler and Avenue Magazines.

Benoit Tardif / Zoo of Granby / Quebec

Benoit Tardif had lots of fun creating this photo mix for the young and the not-so-young! His artwork is shown at the Zoo of Granby, in Quebec. This illustration was created as part of a partnership with the Caméra Explora project.

Benoit Tardif / Air le Mag / France

Series of illustrations by Benoit Tardif for the file Inspire yourself from Air le Mag, McDonald's magazine.

Benoit Tardif / A Birthday anniversary Bike Bixi / Montreal

Here a drawing drawn by Benoit Tardif on 50 000th Bixi bike made by PBSC Solutions urbaines. This bike was offered to the City of Montreal as part of the city's 375th anniversary. The illustration highlights how the Bixi bikes are now everywhere on the planet.

Benoit Tardif / Côté Corp. / France

Benoit Tardif illustrated a greeting card for the parisian communication agency Côté Corp.

Benoit Tardif / The Baffler Magazine

With always as much humor and talent, Benoit Tardif is original with his funny illustrations apprearing in several articles in the The Baffler Magazine for the January 2017 issue.

Benoit Tardif / Talent Economy magazine

In Talent Economy's winter issue, see the story of how Ryan LLC, the tax firm, switched from a long history of demanding in-office hours to a total flexibility on schedules. The magazine worked on making this article one of a kind using Benoit Tardif's illustrations.

Benoit Tardif / Inter & Dinette Magazines

This month, find Benoit Tardif's colorful creations in the Inter magazine, published by the University of Quebec in Montreal, as well as Dinette magazine, which focuses on food and gastronomy in Quebec. Good reading !

Benoit Tardif / McDo, Air Le Mag + Ricardo cooking magazine

Benoit made a series of llustrations for the article The « sorry syndrome », you know? of the magazine Air le Mag and illustrates the chronic "mouth to EAR" of Ricardo magazine, which like the Clinic, celebrates its 15 years this year!

Benoit Tardif / Heavy Montreal festival 2016 / Montreal

Rocker at heart? Benoit Tardif manages to impress with its straightforward style, as shown in his creations for the Heavy Montreal Festival of 2016. You'll find his animated illustrations in a promotionnal video of various festivals of the greater Montreal area presented by Loto Quebec.

Benoit Tardif / The New York Times magazine

Benoit Tardif has once again been chosen to illustrate an article in the New York Times. The article is an OP-ED (OPposite of the EDitorial page), which analyzes the precarious situation of the Left Party in the US. It expresses the views of a person - the author - who doesn't usually maintain links with the newspaper's editorial board.

Benoit Tardif / VRAK.TV / Québec

Carte blanche for this creation signed by Benoit Tardif, which you can find in the promotionnal video of the new show "Pl>y", airing on VRAK.TV. VRAK is a TV channel with series, web content, as well as unique, funny and audacious videos.


We are pleased to present the very first CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month we invite you to meet Benoit Tardif. artist from Quebec whose work is well known and appreciated in Quebec as well as across the Atlantic. He was also awarded by numerous contests. Good reading.

Describe to us your creative lab?
It's a very simple desk equiped with a luminous table to trace, a scanner and a printer. There are always too many sheets of paper laying around!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I trace individually each color with an ink-pen and marker. Then, I scan it and assemble it with Photoshop.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I am the co-owner and artistic director of "Les Éditions de Ta Mère" (Your Mom's Editions), and I've been creating books covers for about 10 years. I started to illustrate and developping my style with this project.

Which are your favorite colors to create?
I like working with lively colors which contrast well between them. I adore red, there are very few my illustrations which have no red! 

Why did you become an artist?
The freedom of illustrator's job attracted me a lot. To create images to make his living, it is brilliant! 

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Simple, efficiency, madness, color. 

What is the project about which you dream?
I have no dream in particular. I would simply like to go on being popular and to work on beautiful projects.

What looks like a typical day in the life of Benoit Tardif?
I get up at about 6 am, at the same time as my two-year-old son (it's him, the alarm clock!). At about 7:45 am, after the breakfast with the family, I set to work and I draw non-stop (or almost) till 5pm when I'm going to prepare the meal. I try as much as possible to keep my evenings and my ends of the week in family. 

What inspires you?
The art generally, people in the street, the city, the old breweries...

What is your blog or your favorite web page?
I'm using a lot Pinterest to inspire me. Otherwise, website where we can consult Seymour Chwast's work, a legendary illustrator who inspires me a lot.


Benoit Tardif / Dinette and Alberta Venture magazines

In need for the perfect illustration for your next editorial issue? Discover below Benoit Tardif's colored creations, made for Dinette and Alberta Venture magazines.

Benoit Tardif / Kaléidoscope magazine / Montréal

To stop working only for ourselves and in isolation, how to "break the silos"? An original concept coming to life thanks to Benoit Tardif, for the cover of Kaléidoscope magazine.

Benoit Tardif / The New York Observer + Magazine Cottage Life / New York, NY

Need to illustrate the challenges of neighborhood, or an agreement that turns sour between multinational corporations? Benoit Tardif is the illustrator to choose for your articles!

Benoit Tardif / Canadian Testicular Cancer Foundation / NFPO

Colagene is proud to have partnered with the Canadian Testicular Cancer Foundation and Dentsu Bos to create a series of illustrations that will serve to raise awareness and encourage prevention. Benoit Tardif has created quality images for a very important cause. A huge thank you for your trust!

Benoit Tardif / Dinette magazine

Experiences, cultures, passions and exchanges. This is what defines the Neighbor's Kitchen. It is an online platform offering the opportunity to find and share the best homemade food in your neighborhood. Learn more in the 4th issue of Dinette Magazine, illustrated by Benoit Tardif.

Benoit Tardif / Lux Awards

At Colagene for 3 years now, Benoit Tardif  stands out by strong, straightforward and provocative illustrations. He illustrated for the Journal de Montréal, Dinette Magazine, Citroën, The New York Times and many more. His work was rewarded during the last Lux Awards, which the unveiling took place last thursday at the Place des Arts of Montreal. He was given 2 awards: Editorial category for the Airports of Paris, and cultural, for the Théâtre la Licorne with the project 'Intimate Territories".

Benoit Tardif / Orléans Express' campaign

Accompanied by a Benoit Tardif's illustration, the new advertising campaign of Orléans Express makes it easier than ever to travel between Montreal and Quebec, thanks to the new price rates of the trip!

Benoit Tardif / Quebec’s film festival

From the 18th until the 27th of February takes place the 34th edition of the festival Les Rendez-vous du cinema Québécois (Quebec's film festival), an event organized by Quebec Cinema. An illustration signed by Benoit Tardif, inspired by local classic movies.

Benoit Tardif / Le Bled collective exhibition

Benoit is an illustrator, but also a very active artist; he is part of the Montreal's collective Le Bled. He shares with us his last series, realized within the framework of a collective exhibition where he illustrates, in his own way, the goons of hockey. He tested a black and white style, with a more sketchy, textured and fat approach. To see all the series, visit his portfolio.

Benoit Tardif / Dinette magazine

Our collaboration with Dinette magazine is going on with their second issue. Discover the top 5 of the best Montreal addresses where you can enjoy a delightful hot chocolate this winter, and also everything that needs to be known about cold brew coffee. All this embellished by Benoit Tardif’s illustrations.

Benoit Tardif / ICI Radio-Canada Télé

Benoit Tardif created large format illustrations for the scene of the new musical program “Stereo Pop”. This decor was specially designed for Philippe B.’s live performance this autumn. This program is hosted by Pierre Lapointe and Claudine Prévost and broadcasted on Friday nights at 8 pm on ICI Radio-Canada Television.

Benoit Tardif / Agora Internal magazine of Auchan

This autumn, Benoît Tardif realized this cover on Le meilleur d'Auchan accessible à tous (The Best of Auchan accessible to all) for Agora, the internal magazine of Auchan, a French supermarket.

Benoit Tardif / Facebook Citroën / Switzerland

Havas Worldwide Geneva agency requested Benoit Tardif to create a series of 9 illustrations for the Facebook page of Citroën Switzerland. The aim of the campaign was to promote 6 models of car through a joke or a riddle.

Benoit Tardif / Dinette magazine

Dinette is a new magazine from Québec province! The first issue is out now for the good of our own eyes and taste buds as it’s about foodies! Discovers the illustrations signed Benoit Tardif for two articles, first one on the famous and so in drink of the moment : the Kombucha and the other one on classifying the 10 best restaurants with a delivery service. Enjoy!

Benoit Tardif / Editions Milan et demi / France

Benoit Tardif is one of the 60 illustrators in the book "La France qui gueule ! Ces dates qui ont bousculé notre histoire" published by Editions Milan et demi. A history of France where loud people and rebels take forward the society. From Vercingetorix to Charlie, portrait of a rebel France. Benoit illustrated la Querelle des inventaires (Quarrel of the inventories).

Benoit Tardif / New York Times

How not to fall in love with the world of Benoit Tardif and not ask him to tell us a crazy story between a plant of oregano, a butterfly and an ant? The New York Times Science in the article The butterfly, the ant and the oregano falls and dives one more time into his moved, funny and relevant world.

Benoit Tardif / La Licorne Theater / Montreal

Benoit Tardif renewed his collaboration with La Licorne Theater in Montreal for the new 2015-16 season titled «Territoires intimes » (intimate territories). Again, Benoit had a free pass to create in his style a series of illustrations for the promotional campaign of this season.

" We are very happy with this second collaboration with Benoit Tardif. His straightforward and colorful style always comes with humor and fits with the kind of theater that we broadcast."
- Claudie Barnes, director of communication.

Benoit Tardif / The CNRS journal / Paris

Enjoy below 4 illustrations signed Benoit Tardif for the openers of CNRS journal, Summer no.281 issue

Benoit Tardif / Laval City / Quebec, Canada

What a creative and educative project generated by the city of Laval (Quebec province). Benoit Tardif had a lot of fun customizing a truck with a playful illustrated little characters all happy to read. The truck will be used as a mobile library and will circulate this summer in different hoods of Laval city to promote reading to the population. Follow the mobile library on Facebook

Benoit Tardif / Chefs de famille / Les Éditions Cardinal / Quebec

Recipe book illustrated by Benoit Tardif. 20 family portraits of figures from Quebec cuisine, 100 recipes to put back pleasure at the center of the table. More information

Benoit Tardif / The New York Times / New York

We know it : smoking is not good for health. Benoit Tardif knows it too and, furthermore, illustrates it for an article of the New York Times of February for the Science section.

Benoit Tardif / Les Libraires / Quebec city

Benoit Tardif illustrated the cover of the literary review Les Libraires. This cover is referring to the topic of this February-March issue’s special article about the presence of the Seven Deadly Sins in our today’s readings.

Benoit Tardif / Journal de Montreal - JM insert / Montreal

If you are a fervent follower of Journal de Montréal, you must have noticed that its collaboration with Benoit Tardif is going on and on! As a matter of fact, Benoit still illustrates weekly for the articles published in the insert called “Cahier JM”. Here are his last drawings from January issues.

Benoit Tardif / Esquisse Magazine / Quebec Architects Association / Montreal

Here is a series of illustrations by Benoit Tardif  that are introducing some statistics in a special feature about concrete published in Quebec Architects Association's publication: Esquisse magazine.

Benoit Tardif / Télérama / Paris

Series of illustrations by Benoit Tardif realized for the article "Young people in 2014, a small lexicon of the involved Youth" from Telerama Magazine. They always want to redo the world. No, the young peoples aren't uninterested. Here is a complete overview of the causes they are defending and the emergent forms of commitment.

Benoit Tardif / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

Benoit Tardif illustrated an article about the ageing of the Human body for this November issue of Quebec Science Magazine.

Benoit Tardif / La Licorne Theater / Montreal

September also means the fall arts season! Here are the illustrations created by Benoit Tardif for the 2014-15 season of La Licorne Theater. Benoit's work has been adapted on different promotional media: printed brochures, advertising displays, the theater's website and social media, video etc. The illustrator was given a lot of freedom for this project. He illustrated “in an absurd humor style", as he describes it, the season’s theme including links to Quebec's identity and references (winter, bonfire etc.) Art director and executive director of La Licorne Theater, Denis Bernard quotes: "Benoit's work and style match exactly our theater's spirit and the atmosphere that we want to communicate through this season's brochure."

Benoit Tardif / Aéroports de Paris Magazine / Paris

Benoit Tardif continues his annual collaboration with the Aéroports de Paris magazine. For the summer issue he illustrated "A parisian summer sans parisians" and for the September issue "Back to work". All tinged with his unique humorous touch.

Benoit Tardif / Aéroports de Paris Magazine / Paris

Benoit has just signed for an annual collaboration with the Airports of Paris Magazine. He will be invited to illustrate the "opinion column". Here is his first appearance, which had for theme  "Made in France".

Benoit Tardif / INTER Magazine of Université du Québec à Montréal / Montreal

Benoit Tardif illustrated an article published in Université du Québec à Montréal's magazine : Inter magazine which is dealing with issues and environmental matter that government are facing with road traffic congestions in larger urban areas of the Province of Quebec.

Benoit Tardif / Apec Rh magazine / Paris

Colagene illustrates every month the magazine covers of the Apec RH, a French placement and recruitment agency. This month, Benoît Tardif illustrates the theme: "The transfer of skills, performance issue for the company." It was important to demonstrate the concept of passing the torch, communications and information flow between employees.

Benoit Tardif / Air Le Mag / McDonald's / France

Benoît Tardif, a Quebec artist, created this series of illustrations for the Pages actives section of the Air le Mag magazine available at McDonald's. The titles of the 2 articles were: Les secteurs qui vont recruter (The sectors that will recruit) and Qui pour où? (Which for where?) to read with a burger and some fries.

Benoit Tardif / Journal de Montréal / Montreal

Our collaboration with le Journal de Montreal continues this year with new illustrations by Benoit Tardif for the insert Cahier JM.

Benoit Tardif / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

In the context of the upcoming 2014 Olympic Winter Games, humorous ideas of alternative Olympic winter sports are suggested in an article of latest issue of Reader's Digest Magazine. Benoit Tardif illustrated 3 examples among those listed in the article. We let you guess which ones.

Benoit Tardif / Avenue Magazine / Calgary

Benoit Tardif was commissioned by Avenue Calgary Magazine to illustrate the article Cold Comforts, about hibernation and activities in the comfort of home during the winter season.

Benoit Tardif / Review Magazine / Montreal

Here's an illustration created by Benoit Tardif for an article-interview dealing with the best ways to take advantage of your TSFA (Tax-Free Savings Account/ Canada). The article is published in the Fall-Winter issue of Review Magazine.

Benoit Tardif / Journal de Montréal / Montreal

Benoit Tardif is starting a new collaboration with a local newspaper called Le Journal de Montréal. He was commisioned to illustrate on a weekly basis, conceptual illustrations for different short columns of a new editorial insert called '"Cahier JM".

Benoit Tardif / AFPA Campaign / Paris

Benoît Tardif  gave life to 11 new characters from different workplaces to illustrate the new printed and web campaign of recruitment for AFPA (key player of the insertion of training for adults in France).

Benoit Tardif / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Benoit Tardif added his graphic style to the article Is Google making us sick? published in Reader's Digest September issue. The illustator was requested to draw from medical theme,  the letters of Google logo and also a little series of illustrated capital letters to be used in the article.

Benoit Tardif / New illustrator from Quebec

It is after he completed his studies in graphic design at Université du Québec à Montréal that Benoit Tardif started the illustration. Since then, he offers simple, effective and colorful images. Often tinged with irony, his style is marked by an interest in silk screen and posters. Benoit, Quebec’s illustrator, works from traditional and digital techniques to build images that are designed to convey a specific and conceptual message.