Andi Meier / Stern magazine / Germany

Andi Meier illustrated the cover - all in modeling clay - for the weekly German magazine Stern.

Andi Meier / Quebec Milk's Producers

Because it was everywhere (or, "icitte") in Quebec during the holidays, we will keep showing you more. TV, web ads, wild signage, big posters in the subway and shopping centers ... LG2's Milk Producers campaign, illustrated in modeling clay by Andi Meier has made many heads turn and generate beautiful smiles to Quebecers and tourists this Christmas.

Andi Meier / Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec

The beautiful advertising campaign for Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec continues! The LG2 agency asked Andi Meier to make funny and disproportionate clay characters for their Christmas campaign that is currently online and displayed in the beautiful winter scenery of Quebec.

Andi Meier / Les Producteurs de lait du Québec

Ad campaign for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (Milk Producers of Quebec) created by Andi Meier with LG2 agency of Montreal.

Andi Meier / Creative capsule

Here is our tenth CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month, we invite you to meet Andi Meier, our young and smiling German artist working with some Plasticine. He shows a lot of creativity, his compositions are more and more complex and his universe is unique. Big marks and famous magazines appeal to him and the results are magnificent. Décrouvrez down here his interview and also some photos of him in the work in its studio. To work with Andi is a charm!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
Messy, but there are unicorns flying around.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique? 
Everything is modulated in clay, photographed and arranged on computer.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
One of the projects I am really proud of are the illustrations for “The Washington Post”.

What are your favourite colors to create?
I prefer bright pastellic colours.

Why did you become an artist?
I wanted to become famous and rich.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Colourful, happy, hand-crafted, ironic

What is the project of your dreams?
To make my own illustrated-book.

What does a typical day in the life of Andi looks like?
-Option 1: standing up at 7, taking a shower, riding on my bike to my office, creating the whole day amazing new clay-illustrations, going to the gym, meeting friends and go to bed.
-Option 2: snoozing about 2-3 hours, standing up at whenever, riding with my bike to my office, watching the whole day you-tube-videos, riding home, go to sleep.

What inspires you?
There are many things in everyday life, which are really inspiring. But I especially like watching tourists making selfies – a perfect inspiration for character-design. But of course the internet is also pretty helpful.

What is your favourite blog or website?
Globally, I like to surf on Instagram and Pinterest... no favorite !

Andi Meier / TNTmag / France

Clay illustration made by Andi Meier for the TNTmag cover.

Andi Meier / Sosh Big Air / Annecy, France

Andi Meier creates a clay poster of Sosh Big Air. An international skiing competition and snowboard freestyle in the heart of Annecy, a city in France!

Andi Meier / GeolinoZeitreise magazine

Discover portraits of a Pharaon, of Stalin, Churchill, De Gaulle and other created in plasticine by Andi Meier for the german magazine GeolinoZeitreise magazine which is intended to young people.

Andi Meier / Novelties in Clay

Discover an extract of the last poster campaign of WGBW, a renting cooperative in Germany, for which Andi Meier created characters. Then, a album cover for "Imagine" of John Lennon created for the exhibition Secret 7 of London.

Andi Meier / The Washington Post

With the new year approaching, The Washington Post asked Andi Meier to create the cover page which features the important moments of 2016. "The Worst Year in Washington" is illustrated entirely in clay by the german artist. Thanks for this wonderful collaboration!

Andi Meier / Grenade&Sparks 2016 calendar / Paris

Here is the month of September of the 2016 calendar of the agency Gernade&Sparks, created by Andi Meier in clay. Last year, illustrators of the Creative Clinic had participated in this calendar.

Andi Meier / Desert Companion magazine / Nevada, USA

What does a 8-day RV Road trip throughout Nevada looks like? Andi Meier captured all of the different adventures and elements of the road trip made by our friends at Desert Companion.

Andi Meier / Playboy magazine

Donald Trump makes a lot of noise these days, but there’s one area where we can glimpse the raw vulnerability of the people who make up the Trump camp: Craigslist Missed Connections.An illustration from Andi Meier for Playboy magazine, that caricatures some of the stories of the american businessman's supporters.

Andi Meier / New play dough creations

Andi Meier presents new creations, made entirely of play dough. First for his brother’s wedding announcement, then one of a series of illustrations created for the Enkelfaehig magazine in Germany.

Andi Meier / Google / Deutschland25 / Germany

On one year having paid tribute in the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Google has wanted to reconnect with its public thanks to a printed ad in the German newspaper Die Zeit. It was illustrated by Andi Meier in clay and accompanied an essay written for the occasion.

Andi Meier / Smart Campaign / Berlin

Andi Meier worked with BBDO Berlin agency on a clay illustration for Smart campaign, which won an ADC awards. Have a look below at the final artwork as well as the making of.

Andi Meier / Various realisations / Hamburg

They dared the Plasticine! And yes, these magazines chose an original medium to surprise and to stand out. Here are projects realized by one of the youngest artists of the clinic: Andi Meier. If you want to dare too, contact us, Andi is ready to take up the challenge. The first image is an illustration for the Colagene guide. It will for sure convince you; imagine this in a 4x3 in the subway or somewhere else, the impact is more than assured and the cheerfulness is included!

Andi Meier / Glamour Germany / Berlin

Romantic relationships and love illustrated in clay with a touch of humor and lightness by Andi Meier.

Andi Meier / Clay illustrations of portraits / Berlin

Last month, Marie-Christine, agent at the clinic, asked Andi to create few portraits of politicians, actors and movie producers, in order to complete his portfolio. Find below the result of Andi's work, the clay illustrations portraits of John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and Woody Allen.

Andi Meier / New illustrator / Hamburg

The clinic is proud to welcome Andi Meier, a new emerging artist.

After studying graphic-design and illustration in Nuremberg, Andi Meier now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. He is specialized in clay-illustrations, which are often full with ironic elements and little jokes. We all know clay from childhood or animatic-movies, but he brings a different and modern look in this technic. Andi likes to do this handmade-style and not just sitting all the time at the computer. Anyway his first ambition for his work is to make people smile.