Adam James / PepsiCo Challenge / China

Adam illustrated 2 cans Pepsi for PepsiCo Challenge. The idea was to create a leading experience with the Chinese youth. These illustrations are intended to incite the young people to challenge, to do more, and to follow the spirit " Live for Now ".

Adam James / His novelties!

Adam created Parker's Music album cover. You can get his progressive music here. Also, discover two personal researches.

Adam James / Internal Air France Magazine

Two illustrations on the theme of waste management and sustainable development for the internal magazine " L’accent " of Air France signed Adam James Turnbull.

Adam James / Personal works / New York

Here is a small selection from Adam James Turnbull personal artistic research file that we received. A simple line, frank colors, uncluttered images, good ideas. To discover more, it's this way.

Adam James / Canadian Business Magazine / Toronto

Adam Turnbull created a series of 3 illustrations for the MBA Guide Book from Canadian Business magazine. The story dissects the MBA application process, breaking it down into each phases. Step by step, we learn how to take the application process all in stride and to put on the side the daunting and overwhelming aspects. This is why Adam created illustrations with a maintained balance between a chaotic and a feel good composition.

Adam James / Antalis promotionnal flipbook / Monde

Here is a very attractive result being the fruit of a long illustration work by Adam James Turnbull. More than 150 illustrations were created for this promotional flipbook distributed through thirty countries for the paper brand Antalis. This project was realised from an original idea of a Parisian agency who found a way to bring to life this concept. 

Adam James / Health topic of Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Adam was chosen to illustrate the 2014 Health topic for the magazine Votre Beauté. The first issue shown here is "Tomorrow, all supercentenarians?" Discover every month Adam's illustrations in the magazine Votre Beauté.

Adam James / New York inspirations work / New-York

New York is a constant source of inspiration as an illustrator. Experiences are definitely heightened in this city, from everyday life to once in a lifetime events and things you can only find in New York. I feel the need to constantly document this through my blog ten cent dime to keep my ideas current and express my views on life in the "Big Apple".
- Adam

Adam James / Law Careers - Jobboom Magazine / Montreal

2.0 Justine? Computerizing the Justice Administration is at the hot topic of the article illustrated by Adam James Turnbull for a magazine specialized in Law careers, published by Jobboom inc.

Adam James / The Grid / Toronto

Adam created an illustration for an article about the independent and DIY music scene, incorporating diverse elements and business articles tipically related to this industry.

Adam James / Saputo / Montréal

Adam James Turnbull was chosen to illustrate in a line-drawing style a series of elements referring to one of these nice BBQ day during summer for the Summer à la carte online contest presenting by Saputo, a Canadian cheese maker company.

Adam James / Daily research

Adam explains us his new goal for this summer: "These personal works are illustrated from life events, happenings in the media and being a part of gen y, keeping me busy in between projects, I try to load a drawing to my Instagram almost daily. I have been exploring more conceptual illustration ideas, brighter colours and more impact, focusing heavily on the message."

Adam James / Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre's press kit / France

Adam James Turnbull immersed himself for a few weeks in the world of hiking by creating 12 illustrations for the press kit Vivez votre aventure (Live your adventure) of the FFR French Federation of hiking.

Adam James / Personal researches / New York

Adam James Turnbull, Australian illustrator living in New York, works his lines as well as new concepts, and tries more saturated colors.

Adam James / Walls of new Express Service branches of St-Hubert rotisseries chain. / Montréal

Adam James Turnbull did a series of chalk drawing style illustrations, mostly typographic, to dress up the walls of 30 new Express Service branches of St-Hubert rotisseries chain, in Canada.

Adam James / Com' Ent Magazine / Paris

Adam James Turnbull had the chance to illustrate the cover and inside story package on the social networks for the magazine Com'Ent of the Communication and Business Association. This issue marked the launch of the completely new design formula to invite reflection on the evolution and current trends of the communication. To learn more, consult the magazine.

Adam James / Cottage Life / Toronto

Adam James Turnbull illustrates a themed essay for the Cottage Life Magazine. The theme was The Lake and it was open to Adam's interpretation of the text.

Adam James / BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina / North Carolina

Adam James Turnbull illustrated the landscape and the headline & body copy using hand drawn type. The collage of a photo of an adult's hand and child's crayon drawing of a bicycle were added to complete the concept of adding adult's pen sketches to the child's drawing, to show all the things that could be introduced into kids’ lives to help them grow up happier and healthier.

Adam James / Personal research / New York

Living now in the "Big Apple", Adam James Turnbull is inspired by the rythm and trends that he discovers. He shares with us some of his latest personal research. To see more, visit his book.

Adam James / The Book of Doing / USA

Adam created the illustrations and designed "The Book of Doing: Everyday Activities to Unlock Your Creativity and Joy” of Allison Arden, published by the Penguin Group. He illustrated every activities in its own personal way of drawing everyday objects and words.

Adam James / Asda Magazine / London

Adam illustrates Asda Magazine 2 pages' Health section. The subject of the article is giving up smoking and the benefits from doing this: Adam's fun and naive style timeline shows how fast your body gets better the longer you give up smoking.

Adam James / Write Now Journal / USA

Here is Adam James Turnbull journal to complete the series of Write Now journals illustrated by Colagene's artists. This one was an optimistic theme; for those with positive attitudes, with spirituality, aiming to reach a precise goal. The illustrations have a more retro feel, type & graphics, sort of like an ad from the 50's.

Adam James / Personal research and creative residency in Mexico / Sydney

Adam makes us travel in his own country, Australia, with his colorful and unconventional explorations. With the aim of making his style evolve, Adam is doing an illustration residency in Mexico for the entire month of February, as part of the ONDARTE International Artist Residency. Follow every week of his journey on our Facebook page.

Adam James / Personal research

Adam is having fun! He works with the line, typography and lightness in his latest personal research works he shares with us.

Adam James / Personal Research / Australia

As part of  his latest personal work, Adam gets inspired by the CEOs' ascension of the corporate ladder : men and women leading busy lives and climbing mountains to make their way to the to.! The hour glass, titled: "Time keeps on slip'n", reflects the importance of travelling,exploration and seizing adventure. Last illustration is a pretend poster for artist Jose Gonzales and his band Junip conveying the beautiful and natural way his music flows from his guitar.

Adam James / Premium magazine / Montreal

Serie of 3 illustrations to accompany an article on Social networks and the business sphere for the  May-June issue of Premium Magazine.

Adam James / Capital Business Magazine / Washington, DC

Adam created a conceptual illustration for the cover page of the Capital Business magazine to go with stories about where the Washington D.C. business community fits into international business.

Adam James / New illustrator / Australia

Adam James Turnbull is a Freelance Graphic artist and illustrator living and working in Sydney. Adam is inspired by his everyday surroundings and the ways in which we can make them interesting. His illustrations represent this through over analyzing the detail that goes into an everyday objects and scenarios.