Aaron McConomy / Total

Series of portraits illustrated by Aaron McConomy for an internal publication Total.

Aaron McConomy / The Nurse Journal / USA

Aaron McConomy illustrated this powerful illustration for an article in Nurse Journal for their October issue. The article takes an intimate look at health professionals serving patients.

Aaron McConomy / Plane & Pilot Magazine

The magazine Plane & Pilot chose Aaron McConomy for this efficient and strong image for the article The Old, Not So Bold Pilot: Exploring the intersection of risk, age and experienceRead the article.

Aaron McConomy / Creative capsule Aaron McConomy

Here is our 9th CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month, we invite you to meet Aaron McConomy, one of the most faithful illustrators of the clinic since many years. Aaron is an artist in the soul, he likes finding and interpreting strong and unique ideas in his creations. He got his own mark and he excels in the editorial domain and many others. Good meeting with the mysterious and charming Aaron.

Describe your creative lab in a few words?

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique? 
I put blobs of color on paper and convince people they look like something

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I wouldn’t want to make the other projects jealous by picking a favorite.

What are your favourite colors to create?
I would very much like to create new colors but it is very hard to imagine what they would look like. Having only 8 colors to work with can be very frustrating.

Why did you become an artist?
I decided when i was pretty little. Drawing was always what i was good at. It was either this or a lucrative career in poking things with sticks.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Line, color, line, repeat

What is the project of your dreams?
The New Yorker cover. Well, the front cover. I did the back cover once but it doesn’t count.

What does a typical day in the life of Aaron looks like?
I lay in bed and draw. It is a very difficult way to make a living.

What inspires you?
Process. It’s not where you start it’s where you go.

What is your favourite blog or website?

Aaron McConomy / Botanical garden of Montreal / Quatre-Temps Review

Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate the four 2016/2017 editions of the magazine Ember Days; the popular science magazine in botany and horticulture published by the Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden for over 30 years.

Aaron McConomy / Canadian Geographic + Education Forum / Ottawa

2 illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The first one is a mini-interview of Christine Sinclair, famous sportswoman who was 10 times elected Canadian player of feminine soccer of the year, for the magazine Canadian Geographic. The second one illustrated the future of the education in Ontario is handled by the magazine Education Forum

Aaron McConomy / Cottage Life / Canada

Aaron McConomy is not afraid of dragonflies. And you? Look how Cottage Life speaks about them this month to make you discover that they cannot be as cute as we think!

Aaron McConomy / Registered Nurse Journal / Toronto

Even if the subject is difficult to bring up, Aaron McConomy illustrated the difficulty of letting dying patients go and the intense moments of the nurse's job.

Aaron McConomy / Com'Ent magazine / Paris

Aaron McConomy  illustrated for the cover and special article about truth and lies regarding the communication field in France, for the last issue of Com'Ent magazine published by Communication and Firm in France association. The publication is about reflexions on trends and actual evolutions of the communication field. To know about it, we invite you to consult the magazine.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

Aaron McConomy keeps on working with Québec Science magazine this year. The article illustrated this month is dealing with the discovery of a gene that would protect people from Alzheimer disease.

Aaron McConomy / Focus Alumni magazine - McGill's Faculty of Law / Montreal

Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate the cover of the 2014 edition of Focus, an alumni magazine for the Faculty of Law at McGill. The issue is dealing with the profound changes through which the legal profession is undergoing due to globalization and the actual commercial and technological context.

Aaron McConomy / The Positive Side Magazine (CATIE organization) / Toronto

Aaron McConomy surprised us with a graphic approach for this estival collaboration with the Positive Side Magazine published by the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange which mission is to provide with up-to-date and unbiased information about HIV and hepatitis C. This illustration was created for a feature on the current state of a search for an HIV cure. However, Aaron stays true to himself with his color palette combining sobriety and brightness.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

Here is Aaron McConomy's new illustration for April-May issue of Quebec Science magazine. This time the article is putting the emphasis on how important and necessary social science researchers’ works are to citizens and politicians.

Aaron McConomy / OPC Register magazine / Ontario

Aaron McConomy collaborates again on a conceptual illustration project for the cover of the Ontario Principals' Council Register magazine. The article was about electronic communications in a school setting.

Aaron McConomy / Collection of short stories / France

Series of illustrations including cover made ​​by Aaron for a collection of short stories. The topics covered are Normandy and the domain of ​​water.

Aaron McConomy / Premium Magazine / Montreal

In this month's issue of Premium Magazine, Aaron McConomy illustrated the portrait of LinkedIn CEO Jeffrey Weiner for an interview sourced from The New York Times.

Aaron McConomy / Ontario Principals’ Council Register Magazine / Ontario

Aaron had to illustrate, in a conceptual way, an article about Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) and the Leading Student Achievement Project (LSA), two resources that help leaders refocus their thinking and practice to support student learning.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

The attention-deficit among children is illustrated by Aaron McConomy for an article dealing with this topic in a context where the Internet and new technologies are an increasing stimulation for them. The article is published in Quebec Science magazine.

Aaron McConomy / Le Maag / Paris

Aaron McConomy created a series of small illustrations representing exercices to practice at work for the "tips and tricks" section of the quarterly internal magazine of the Maaf "le Maag".

Aaron McConomy / The New Yorker Magazine / Siemens Advertising / New York

Aaron McConomy created 5 illustrations representing stories of innovation in four U.S. cities and the Intellistructure, multiple elements and touchpoints – technology, transportation, energy efficiency, etc – working together to create today’s smartest cityscapes. The illustrations were used for a centre-spread ad in the New Yorker Magazine and Siemens' social channels.

Aaron McConomy / National Parks Magazine / USA

National Parks Magazine mandated once again Aaron McConomy for the creation of an illustration to accompany an essay on pronghorns.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

The end of the world is the chosen theme for this December issue of Québec Science magazine. This month, Mr. Lorenzo DiTommaso, Associate Professor and Chair of Concordia University's Department of Religion, is interviewed by the magazine. For this occasion, illustrator Aaron McConomy created a very dramatic illustration to accompany the article.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Aaron McConomy's collaboration with Quebec Science magazine still goes on with this time a drawing illustration for an article-interview with Gaetan Lafrance, professor at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS). The article is dealing with a comparison between the Quebec province and Canada regarding the future of scientific research.

Aaron McConomy / At Home with Century21 Magazine / USA

Aaron McConomy illustrated for an article about the benefit of neighbor watch with an illustration representing the ways of getting to know our neighbors.

Aaron McConomy / Ecological challenges / Montreal

Illustrator Aaron McConomy carries on his collaboration with Quebec Science magazine. The interview-article for this June-July issue is about ecollogical challenges with the 2012 Earth Summit coming on June, 20th in Rio, Brazil. Previous summits assessment, challenges in the actual international context, the discussion has started with Christian Simard, ceo of Nature Quebec.

Aaron McConomy / New Brunswick Tourism / Montreal

A little taste of holidays now with a web promotion for New Brunswick destination in Canada. Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate a serie of elements (landscapes, characters etc..) in order to create 3 mini animations for a contest on New Brunswick Tourism Facebook page. Advertising banners on web media from Quebec were also created.

Aaron McConomy / Report on Business Magazine / Toronto

For an article about social media, Aaron McConomy illustrates different small graphic illustrations representing the social media tactics of 6 companies featured in the text.

Aaron McConomy / The Maple Celebration / Montreal

Spring is almost there and maple is already in the place of honor in Quebec! La fête de l'érable 2012/ maple celebration event 2012 organized by Quebec Maple Producers took place on March 4th in Montréal. Aaron McConomy was chosen to create for the occasion, a series of illustrations: a cauliflower, a rosemary herb and a vegetable garden. His work has been displayed during the event and has also been used to accompany the event press release.

Aaron McConomy / Affaire Plus Magazine / Montreal

Aaron McConomy drew a series of obstacle courses that we can experience in our life for an article published on Affaire Plus magazine about how to choose REER depending on the stage in life we are experiencing and that can have an impact on our retirement savings.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Quebec Science Magazine's favourite at Colagene,  Aaron McConomy, illustrated for an article about cyberwar, a reality of our today's world and for an interview with Anne-Marie De Passillé about how cattle and other farm animals well being can benefit from technology.

Aaron McConomy / Québec Sciences magazine / Montreal

It's the beef journey that is illustrated in Québec Science magazine for this June-July issue. The illustration accompany an article written by a journalist who had followed a cattle deliverer during 6 days.

Aaron McConomy / Reader's Digest magazine / Montreal

Serie of illustrations to accompany the article '"The Leap You Trust" about the people and institutions who and which are trusted by Canadian people for the May issue of The Reader's Digest magazine.

Aaron McConomy / Premium Magazine / Montreal

Vineet Nayar portrait, Indian Business man and HCL Technologies CEO, for an interview published in the Premium Magazine.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustration to accompany a column named "L'envers des choses" about wine bottles recycling for Québec Science Magazine.

Aaron McConomy / L'actualité magazine / Montreal

One editorial illustration to accompagny an article about how to manage/handle a web reputation. The article will be published in L'actualité Magazine.

Aaron McConomy / Review Magazine / Montreal

Two coloured drawing illustrations for an article on getting cozy with an HD home theatre for Review Magazine.

Aaron McConomy / Le Monde / Paris

One illustration for the article "Haro sur les vaccins!" (Doubt on Vaccine) for the magazine Le Monde.

Aaron McConomy / Québec Science Magazine / Montreal

Illustrations for the Quebec Science magazine on the ecology theme.

Aaron McConomy / Le Monde / Paris

One illustration for the article "Facebook tisse sa toile" (Facebook weaves its web) for the magazine Le Monde

Aaron McConomy / GPS, a subsidiary of Desjardins / Montreal

A series of  animated illustrations for the web for GPS, a branch of Desjardins Bank, that appeared on the BNN website

Aaron McConomy / TV ad DISNAT / Canada

Illustrations & graphic material for animated TV ad project presented on BNN; for DISNAT, a Desjardins subsidiary. Directed by Staub Studio.

Aaron McConomy / Enjeux Les Echos / Paris

Series of 4 illustrations for the Enjeux du Futur report for the articles named Le Cercle Fermé des Grands Patrons and La Poste sait-elle ce que prioritaire veut dire? for the magazine Enjeux Les Echos.