Vincent Raineri / OTH x Vans / Montréal, Canada

In Montreal since 1999, the shop Off the Hook has always been inspired by the uniqueness of our city, its culture, its neighbourhoods and its artists. 2019: the independent retailer offers us 3 unique Vans models inspired by the city centre, the Old Port and Hochelaga. Films directed by Vincent Raineri and Simon Duhamel.

Nourish your creative soul!

Nourish your creative soul!

The creative clinic is brimming with vitality this Fall. Check out this newsletter that is bubbling of ideas and styles. Halloween is around the corner!  Get creative.  Feed your inner-child's creative soul and get daily inspiration on our social networks!
This month: Responsible investment seen by Antonio Uve for Affaires Plus, gourmet books by Annick Poirier for Dominique et Compagnie, Pablo Pasadas and architecture for Idéal magazine, Louise alias Lavilleetlesnuages at the Slow Galerie de Paris, Nicole Jarecz illustrates the chic for Arletti, an animation illustrated by Wearbeard and the novelties of Tonwen Jones, Emmanuel Polanco and Owen Gent. This month's wallpaper is "White Rabbit Red Wolf" by Emmanuel Polanco.

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Antonio Uve / The magazine: Les Affaires plus / Montreal, Canada

Antonio Uve has created six illustrations for Les Affaires Plus magazine for their October issue.The article delves into responsible investing.

Annick Poirier / Dominique et Compagnie / Montreal, Canada

Do you have a sweet tooth? Here are 4 tasty covers illustrated for the Charlie and the Chantilly Brigade book series from publisher Dominique et Compagnie.This delicious project was illustrated by Annick Poirier.

Amaël Isnard / Professionally Speaking Magazine / Canada

Amaël Isnard was chosen to illustrate an article for Professionally Speaking magazine.This particular article focuses on podcasts that teachers can use in the classroom to help improve student participation and their overall learning experience.

Pablo Pasadas / ID&AL / France

Pablo Pasadas has illustrated a series of 7 collages representing 7 French cities for ID&AL Group, accompanying innovative and personalized real estate solutions.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashions illustrations for Arletti / Paris, France

A few months ago, Arlettie, who organizes private sales of luxury and premium brands in Paris, asked Colagene for illustrations that reflect the world of each brand.  These illustrations were used for their event invitations and website. Nicole Jarecz lent herself to the game and now it's online on their website!

Lavilletlesnuages / Exhibition: Bon App! at the Slow Gallery / Paris, France

One of our newest recruits was shown in Paris on the theme of Bon App! at the Slow Gallery. Louise alias Lavilleetlesnuages ​​shares some photos of the exhibition to uncover a little more about her world and meet her!

Jérôme Mireault / Roughs and storyboards / Montreal, Canada

At the clinic, Jérôme Mireault is not only an illustrator but also a roughman and storyboarder.  Lot of agencies and several other loyal customers call on him to create dynamic roughs and storyboards! Here an example.

Wearbeard / Animated advertisement for the liquor: Anis del Mono / Madrid, Spain

Featured here is one of Colagene’s newest artists, Wearbeard. In these illustrations he shows off his animation skills in an advertisement on the history of the famous Spanish liquor: Anís del Mono.

Tonwen Jones / New creations / Brighton, United Kingdom

Here are some of Tonwen Jones' latest accomplishments; tourist monuments, posters, and compositions around travel mixing collages and drawings.

Nicole Jarecz / New creations / Detroit, United Sates

These creations are by Nicole Jarecz, an American illustrator who lived several years in Paris. Nicole, a young mom, adores fashion and is passionate about her career as an illustrator.

Emmanuel Polanco / Book update / Stockholm, Sweden

Below, a small selection of the latest illustrations made by Emmanuel Polanco. Navigating between drawing and collage, his style remains unique and his concepts still powerful.

David Despau / Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker / Madrid, Spain

While the film has mixed reviews, David Despau illustrates the portrait of Joaquin Phoenix, and we like it!

Owen Gent / More news! / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent continues his collaborations with publishing houses and magazines. Check out some of his latest achievements filled with poetry.