New blood, an animated pub and portraits!

Your creative clinic introduces you to three new artists! These are LaVilletlesnuages, Emmanuel Hyronymus and Wearbeard. Artists carefully selected by the attentive eye and the creative intuition of Marie-Christine Brisson, Co-founder of Colagene, and her team to bring fresh blood to the agency. There is even more to come this quarter, stay tuned with us every month and on our social networks every day!

This month: 3 new illustrator books, an animated campaign for Vélo Québec by Les Tontons Makers, portraits of American singers for Billboard magazine by Silke Werzinger who is back from her maternity leave, illustrations of famous film athletes for ESPN magazine by David Despau, Victoria Bee’s visual papers on display at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and many other outstanding projects!

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Les tontons makers / Animated campaign for Vélo Québec / Montreal, Canada

Discover this dynamic and trendy animation created for the awareness campaign targeting young Canadians aged 18-30 "Mon campus à vélo". This campaign aims to promote the bicycle trend as an alternative mode of transportation created by the OBSL Vélo Québec Association. This animated project was directed by Les Tontons Makers one of our great duo of motion designers!

Lavilletlesnuages / New artiste! / Paris, France

A warm welcome to this rising artist who is creative and very involved! Passionate illustrator, Lavilletlesnuages aka Louise lives in Paris where she creates and plays with colors and words. With her Penninghen diploma in hand, Louise embarked on the adventure of illustration to share her vision of the world she wants, colorful and positive. Recent winner of the Jeunes Talents des Agents Associés, Louise is multiplying experiences in advertising while she is developing her own creations. She likes to use all image and communication outlets, from the press to digital and even television. In addition to the illustration, Louise explores new medias (notably ceramics and textiles) to develop her own style.

Wearbeard / New illustrator! / Madrid, Spain

Welcome to a colorful, authentic artist who is strong in visual concepts! Wearbeard is a Madrid based illustrator and painter specialized in what he calls conceptual illustration, which means that every image that he draws tries to deliver a home-cooked idea. He mostly works in advertising and editorials, specifically in science dissemination, but also in purely artistic endeavors. In his spare time he plays the drums with his band and sculpts using ceramics. He is also a firm believer in self-teaching.

Emmanuel Hyronimus / New artist! / Paris, France

Welcome to an authentic artist with playful yet strong and imposing creations! Creative freelancer for more than 10 years for various collaborations or cultural projects, Emmanuel Hyronimus has been drawing since he can remember. For him, it is a way of questioning the world, appropriating it and restoring it with energy. Characters or landscapes, imaginary or realism, social criticism or graphic poetry, his falsely naïve line unfolds his thoughts and invites us to follow him in his imagination filled with pop and classical culture. His drawings explore and express, allowing him to extend the realm of possibilities and to explore in a curious way.

Silke Werzinger / The Billboard magazine / United States

Silke Werzinger created these portraits for Billboard Magazine which features four artists who top streaming, touring and album sales in the 21 Artists Under the Age of 21 category.

Giordano Poloni / Knowable magazine / United States

This illustration was created by Giordano Poloni for Knowable magazine to illustrate an article that explains how scientists are using tiger genetics to contribute to conservation efforts.

David Despau / New creations / Madrid, Spain

David Despau shares his new illustrations of the athlete-actors and the great sportsmen of this world. A series produced for the latest issues of ESPN Magazine.

Annick Poirier / New creations / Laurentides, Québec

Our Quebecer Annick Poirier creates a second mural for the walls of Place Longueuil. Plus, an illustration created for Work book ad and a series of fruity labels for Smucker’s jam packaging. Children running on the beach for Fundraising Children Hospital and an editorial illustration on the delicate subject of vaping for Hour Detroit Magazine.

Victoria Bee / Le Carrousel du Louvre / Paris, France

From July 13th to August 31st, the artwork of Belgian paper artist of this designer Victoria Bee was in the spotlight at the Carrousel du Louvre. The artist presented her romanticized and colorful vision of a summer day in the heart of the French capital, in partnership with 7 brands of the Galerie: Caudalie, Change Group, La Maison du Chocolat, Lancel, Maxim’s de  Paris, Pylones and Sunglass Hut.

Emmanuel Polanco / BBC Science Focus / United Kingdom

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for the article Electroconvulsive therapy: with ECT clinics closing nationwide, is the UK losing a life-saving therapy? published in the BBC Science Focus Magazine #340 in September 2019.