Entertainment for creative neurons!

Have you finished making your skeleton, ER doctor or nurse costumes? Here's a little entertainment for your creative neurons before your Halloween festivities.

This month: Discover the operation The Celebration of Your Projects for Leroy Merlin by Stéphanie F. Scholz, a book by the very talented Claude Leduc, our new roughman/ storyboarder,more than experienced, the animation of unveiling Kijiji's new logo signed by Vincent Raineri, a series of info-graphics for the city of Moscow by Dima Godunov, and several new editorials and personal researches ... 

Your clinic will remain in the operating room to look after all your end-of-year projects, including those for the Holiday season or New Years: printed or animated greeting cards, advertisements, editorials, corporate gifts and more.

- The artists and agents of Colagene, your creative clinic

Stephanie F. Scholz / Leroy Merlin / France

Series of three illustrations by Stephanie F. Scholz for the operation The Celebration of Your Projects for Leroy Merlin, a French retail chain specializing in hardware, DIY and gardening. The illustrations were applied to various billboards and promotional materials such as tote bags, T-shirts, notebooks etc ... Thanks to BETC!

Dima Godunov / RT (Russia Today) / Russia

A major land improvement in downtown of Moscow was implemented. Today, Dima Godunov was commissioned to created these info-graphics and a GIF about the Moscow Subway for RT (formerly Russia Today).

Amaël Isnard / Influence Film / United Kingdom

Produced by Beakus, Amaël Isnard, who is also a motion designer, directed this animation entitled Why Our World Needs Documentaries for Influence Film. Documentaries bring us closer to each other and the world. Help us spread the word of their powerful influence.

Vincent Raineri / New logo Kijiji / Canada

Cloudraker called upon Vincent Raineri and Rémi Vincent to create the animated reveal of the new Kijiji logo.

Emmanuel Polanco / Men's Health Dad / Germany

Series of several illustrations on different topics by Emmanuel Polanco for Mens's Health Dad.

Óscar Llorens / Lürzer's Archive

We are very proud to announce that Oscar Llorens has become one of the 200 best illustrators in the world in 2018 according to Lürzer's Archive.

Stephanie F. Scholz / America / France

Stephanie F. Scholz illustrates a text by Shalom Auslander for the Religion section of the America magazine.

Owen Gent / Book update

Owen Gent shares with us some of his latest illustrations. His book has been updated for your eyes' pleasure!

Antonio Uve / Book update

Antonio Uve brings his characters to life in an outer space vacantion topic for Oryx magazine, and at the barbershop for a great series in George Magazine! Visit his book to see more.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Book update / Belgium

Mydeadpony seduces us with his new personal research. A palette of earthy colors, strong images and a very fashionable tone, as usual. If you are looking for a unique signature and an artistic and creative soul, Mydeadpony's work is for you!

Pablo Pasadas / Le Parisien Week-end / France

Pablo Pasadas illustrated the Real Estate section for le Parisien Week-end magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor Magazine / USA

Emmanuel Polanco created two illustrations for an article on the expenses of charitable foundations for the Institutional Investor Magazine. 

Aurore Danielou / Les Enfants Terribles / Montreal

Aurore Danielou has struck once again! This time, it's in one of Les Enfants Terribles restaurants where she did a mural of the city of Montreal.

Jérôme Mireault / L’Éloi / Korean Air / Montréal

At the clinic, Jérôme Mireault is an illustrator but also a roughman and storyboarder. The production studio L'Éloi called on him this summer to make pre-shoot roughs for their client Korean Air. Discover the before and after ... it's fresh!

Emmanuel Polanco / Phosphore magazine / France

Series of eleven illustrations for the article Trump Without Being Wrong in Phosphore magazine by Emmanuel Polanco.

Aaron McConomy / The Nurse Journal / USA

Aaron McConomy illustrated this powerful illustration for an article in Nurse Journal for their October issue. The article takes an intimate look at health professionals serving patients.

Owen Gent / L'Express / France

For L'Express magazine, Owen Gent illustrated an article about sexual offenders and psychiatry.