Fly away with the clinic!

Buckle up, we're flying towards projects from around the world: Japan, Turkey, France, USA, India, Pakistan ... Thanks to clients from everywhere on the globe, and thanks to the clinic we travel with our eyes!

This month: Steve Scott illustrates the Henri B ad campaign, Dima Godunov illustrates a debate in Turkey, Amaël Isnard livens up for the ad: Ça rock solide! for milk, Miquel Tura, Catalan designer and artist from Barcelona joins our artists' team... etc.

Other news; Claudie, a new agent in training at Colagene Montreal for the USA and the English Canadian market, will be introduced with a nice illustration next month!

- The talents and the agents of Colagene, your creative clinic.

Vincent Raineri / Showreel 2018

Discover the animated world of Vincent Raineri in his fresh new showreel.
Vincent is a French art director and a motion designer settled in Montreal. Self-taught, enthusiastic about by visual arts and other multidisciplinary projects, he likes to explore new techniques and to reconsider the existing. Trained as an Industrial designer, he is in a constant research for aestheticism and balance between the beautiful and the audacious. He also likes to work with professionals who, as him, are not afraid of challenges.

Florent Hauchard / Lab Postal 2018 / Paris

Florent Hauchard creates 2 illustrations for the magazine distributed during the event Lab Postal 2018 organized by the Post.

Dima Godunov / Debate in Turkey

Dima Godunov illustrated a poll for a big debate in Turkey. Dima is an expert in editorial illustrations and vectorial computer graphics. His style can also apply to advertising campaigns, animations and web projects.

Amaël Isnard / Les Producteurs de lait du Québec

Amaël Isnard, freshly new artist at the clinic, has already collaborated with LG2 agency for an ad in La Presse Plus titled Urbania - écran des différences for the campaign of the Milk Producers of Quebec. 

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Express / France

Series of illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for the article Prisonnières de leurs maris in L'Express magazine.

New artist: Miquel Tura

Some new blood has arrived in the Montreal agency, Miquel Tura Catalan designer and artist from Barcelona is now established in Montreal. He worked as a designer for packaging, branding, visual research and also live drawing for events... He is fascinated by illustration and works to sharpen his 3D approach. He is available to take up graphic challenges with you. His portfolio will be revealed in a few weeks.

David Despau / L'Équipe / France

David Despau painted portraits of important soccer agents for the cover of the magazine L'Équipe from April 21st, 2018.

Ross 3D / New creations

Ross shares with us a new series of 3D artworks.

Animatics for Ajinomoto in Japan

The Little Things That Make us HumansZigor Samaniego has illustrated a robot in 3D and Eric Caron did the storyboard for an animatics produced by DentsuBos agency. This concept is for a client pitch for Ajinomoto; one of the leaders of the food-processing industry in Japan.

Florent Hauchard / Cap Digital / France

Cap Digital, the Pole of Competitiveness of the Digital Transformation, appointed Florent Hauchard to create a series of illustrations for their brochure Map of Trends.

Vincent Raineri / Énergir / Quebec

Vincent Raineri created 2 video clips for Énergir (formerly Gaz Métro). Énergir is the main natural gas distributor in Quebec involved in wind energy, the development of the natural gas as a fuel and the valuation of renewable natural gas.

Silke Werzinger / Madame Figaro / France

Silke Werzinger signed an annual agreement with Madame Figaro to created portraits of female personalities. Here are some examples that have been done since the beginning of the year. 

Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Calgary

For the magazine Avenue Calgary, Kelly Schykulski was chosen for the article "Opening a Restaurant".

Jérôme Mireault / Le Parisien Week-end / France

Jérôme Mireault illustrated the story «Trêve du thé » between India and Pakistan for Le Parisien Week-end magazine.

Owen Gent / Editions Gallmeister / France

Owen Gent illustrated the cover of Gabriel Tallent's novel My Absolute Darling for Gallmeister publishing house.