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Here is a newsletter that should "boost" you in vitamin "C" while waiting for the real spring!

This month: do not miss the new artist Amaël Isnard who recently joined the clinic, Joluvian's typography for Coca-Cola, Pablo Pasadas created an illustration for a feature for Paris Worldwide, a superb series of GIFs directed by Florent Hauchard for Dacia, the campaign # donewaiting illustrated by Aurore Danielou ... etc. Also, the Creative Capsule will introduce you to Giordano Poloni.

- The creatives and agents of Colagene, your creative clinic.


Pablo Pasadas / Paris Worldwide / Aéroports de Paris

Pablo Pasadas illustrated Les aliments du futur (Food for the future) for the Aéroports de Paris magazine, Paris Worldwide.

Joluvian / Coca-Cola / Spain

Joluvian - artist specializing in calligraphy, lettering and typography - was commissioned to create a series of posters for the promotion of the new 250 ml cans of Coca-Cola on the Spanish market.

Florent Hauchard / Dacia / France

Series of GIFs directed by Florent Hauchard for Dacia, in partnership with Parallel Studio.

Florent Hauchard / Management Special Issue / France

Florent Hauchard created a series of 7 illustrations, including the cover of Management magazine, Le guide du bien-être en entreprise. (The guide of the well-being at work)

Amaël Isnard / New artist / Paris

Welcome to Amaël Isnard who freshly joins the clinic
Amaël loves to compose funny, minimalist and colorful images, often populated with facetious anthropomorphic animals, mysterious museum objects, and exotic plants. He is also an animation director. Graduated from Supinfocom in 2007 with the wacky "Music Therapy", a musical in an animal hospital. He then spent 5 years in London, making short films, educational films and commercials. He developed a passion for Earl Grey tea and British rock. Back in France, he now lives in Paris, with a plastic Diplodocus flatmate.

Aurore Danielou / Canadian Labour Congress / Canada

A great campaign which started for International Women rights Day. The #donewaiting movement aims at the safety, the equity and the economic justice for women in Canada. A project created by the Canadian Labour Congress in collaboration with the talented Aurore Danielou who drew the artworks. Join the movement:

Stephanie F. Scholz / The New Yorker magazine / USA

Stephanie F. Scholz seduces the most prestigious magazines, such as The New Yorker for a third article available online about Tomb Raider movie. (the last article was in January, and the previous one in October.) 

Stephanie F. Scholz / National Bank of Canada

Icon series created by Stéphanie F. Scholz for a social network, website and internal display campaign for the National Bank of Canada, conducted by the agency Sid Lee.

Bomboland / Les Producteurs de lait du Québec

Ad campaign for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (Milk Producers of Quebec) created by Bomboland with LG2 agency in Montreal, announcing a contest to win a weekend in Charlevoix.

Giordano Poloni / Creative capsule

This is our twelfth Creative Capsule. This month, we invite you to meet Giordano Poloni who lives in Milan and has a Bachelor's degree in cinema. Famous magazines and various customers use his style. He creates digital works that recall his Italian origins. Discover the advantage through our Creative Capsule which he took care to answer. Good meeting!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
A desk full of paper and some inspiring books surrounding my laptop.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I always work using digital software and Cintiq, I also draw sketches digitally as well, but it’s just matter of habits, I found it a quicker method. I’d really like to draw with pencils and other stuff on paper, maybe one day… Working on projects I can say that at first, I let flow some random images in my mind, without rational process, until I find a subject that affect me. Then I start drawing immediately the main subject with colors, changing them in progress until I’ve found the perfect combination.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
The children’s book “C’est toi mon papa?” (“Are you my daddy?”) is my favorite project so far. I’m really proud of it, I had great freedom creating all the illustrations, I had seen my imagination explode on them. I also won a Gold medal and another couple of competitions with this book so it has widely recognized.

What are your favourite colors to create?
I didn’t have a clear idea about this aspect of my work until I saw a bunch of my illustrations put together and I found that the colors I use the most are the primary ones: green, blue and red. This is funny.

Why did you become an artist?
I started reading comics when I was four, since it’s my great passion. I didn’t do anything until, at the and of my twenties, one night I saw the interview of Emiliano Ponzi in an Italian newspaper. Something exploded into my mind and at that moment, I figured out what I wanted to do. It’s the most important means of self-expression and it makes me feel better to create new colorful worlds. 

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Narrative, surreal, melancholic and colorful.

What is the project of your dreams?
I’m really far from where I am aiming right now, but I’d really love to illustrate a ghost story.

What does a typical day in the life of Giordano Poloni?
I wake up to feed my cats and have a breakfast. Then I take a bus to go to my office that I share with some friends.  I quickly look at the news and then I start answering emails and working on my projects (at the moment I’m on three books and a bunch of covers and editorials) while listening to some music and having funny conversations. During the afternoon, I keep working until 6pm then I sometimes can have a predinner drink with friends or my fiancée. I could be also having a funny night in some bars or clubs, if not I come back home to rest and watch a movie.

What inspires you?
I recognize that I’ve got a vintage touch and I really love the American imaginary of the forties and fifties. My favourite painter is Edward Hopper, his use of light is astonishing, I’m studying it and everytime I try to integrate it on my artworks but I also try to use colors in a surrealistic and expressionistic way for a more playful mood. Other two painters that I really love are Francis Bacon and David Hockney.

What is your favourite website?
I’m currently studying to improve my skills about character design and I found a great Facebook page called Character design references, it’s an amazing source of inspiration.


This wallpaper of this month is signed by Nazario Graziano and it is entitled Tempo Romantico. Do not hesitate to share it! Desktop version / iPhone version / iPad version

Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Canada

Kelly Schykulski illustrated the cover and the inside feature of the Best restaurants 2018 special issue Avenue Calgary magazine available online.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Janod / France

For Janod, traditional games and toys with a contemporary designMarie-Eve Tremblay created 6 Mix and Match cubes and a panoramic puzzle on the "4 seasons" theme.

Emmanuel Polanco / Cosmopolitan and Outside Magazines

As it for Cosmopolitan or for Outside magazine, Emmanuel Polanco never stops astonishing us.

The Colagene experience according to our clients.

Working with Aurore Danielou was a pleasure. Originally, we were looking for an illustration that would be used for the cover of our weekly paper. Unfortunately, as is common in the publishing world, our story was scooped and what was to be the cover, was suddenly relegated to an inside section. Aurore and her team at Colagene were extremely flexible and adjusted to the new constraints on the design extremely quickly. In fact, we had our final illustration way ahead of schedule! I credit that to not just Aurore’s ability but also to the fine folks at Colagene who understood what we needed and helped speed the process along. Everyone was delighted with the final results! 
Jeff Cuyubamba, Art Director, Commercial Observer