Vitamins for your eyes!

Already in May, for those who have not caught a good spring cold yet, be careful. At the Montreal agency, we all quite passed there! Here is some good things to fill up with vitamins. 

This month: Bomboland expresses the suppleness in finance with paper cuts for Interior Saving Credit Union, Zigor Samaniego creates a family of "bobos" in 3D and playful boxing characters for Pharmacy Practice+, Steve Scott displays funnily for Toyota Canada, we reveal you the results of the Lux competition and as every month, more still...

- The 45 creators and 3 agents of your creative clinic.

Zigor Samaniego / Le Parisien magazine / France

Zigor Samaniego created a family of "bobos" (bourgeois bohemians - contraction of bourgeois-bohème) in 3D for the article Ras-le bobo! of the magazine Le Parisien.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Campaign

Interior Saving Credit Union is a huge fan of Bomboland's characters and their universe, thus for the 3rd time, they use their creativity in an other advertising! Thank you again to Interior Savings Credit Union for your confidence.

Jérôme Mireault / Freundin magazine / Germany

Jérôme Mireault illustrated a series of funny situations that arrive during a wedding, for the magazine Freundin, in Germany.

Lux Contest 2017

Last Thursday, May 11th at the Livart was held the Competition Lux 2017, and the winners were unveiled. This event underlines the excellence in photography and in illustration in Quebec. This year, Marie-Christine Brisson, partner of the private hospital, was a member of the jury illustration. Benoît Tardif of the agency obtained 2 awards, one for the book cover Géolocaliser L'Amour from Editions Ta Mère and the other one for his participation in the big campaign illustrated for Producteurs de Lait du Québec. Thanks to LG2 and also to Infopresse to support the illustration in Quebec and for your invitation!

Zigor Samaniego / Pharmacy Practice+ and The Medical Post

Zigor Samaniego has the chance to create this "fun" serie of characters with his unique 3D style for Pharmacy Practice+ and The Medical Post.

The last Creative Capsules

The Creative Capsules of Colagene, it's meeting our artists, their studios, with honest answers and sometimes a little bit crazy! If you did not already take 5 minutes every month to meet our 8 interviewed artists, it's now or never to take a cup of tea and make beautiful meetings.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorial news

The 3 first ones are for a platform for urban gardening called "Let it grow" in a monthly column. The first article spoke about BIOFIT, the second one about a green gym that uses natural materials of green schools and how plants help children learn, the 3rd illustration accompanied an article about vertical forests. The last illustration is for a book project about telescopes called "Looking Up". It depicts the Holmdel Horn Antenna in New Jersey with which microwave background radiation was discovered in the 60s.

Silke Werzinger / Cosmopolitan magazine

The Cosmopolitan magazine called out Silke Werzinger to illustrate one of its articles, and, two personal illustrations; Fade into you and a portrait of Father John Misty.

The Colagene experience according to our clients.

Working with Colagene and the masterful Jérôme Mireault was a total delight. The quick turnaround and ability to nail a style from a simple briefing was really impressive. 10/10 would highly recommend.
Josh Boston, Art Director, Japanese Garden magazine