Colagene celebrates diversity!

The diversity of techniques within the clinic, it's what we present you in this newsletter of March. Paper cut projects, an advertising campaign in Clay, an other one in collage, illustrated or graphic animations... And, naturally, the hand drawing still so efficient and for the pleasure of our eyes! 

This month: Florent Hauchard (illustrateur + animated GIF) and Vincent Raineri (motion designer) are the two new artists from the clinic, Bomboland has two beautiful advertising projects, Tonwen turned totally green thanks to a campaign of Recyc-Québec and travels by illustrating walking maps of London and from India, a new motion designer Vincent Raineri animates the new logo of Unofi, Silke illustrates the astrological sign of Cosmopolitain France which is as well the Wall Paper of this month, in honor of the sign of March, Pisces.

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Florent Hauchard / New artist / Paris

Welcome in the team to Florent Hauchard, parisian illustrator and king of animated GIF!
Florent first worked as a graphic designer. Then, he quickly returned to his first passion: drawing. He loves music, traveling and comic books. Three simple things that inspire him. Especially music, that is necessarily connected to the image by its context and the emotions it arouses. Florent can spend hours finding old funk, bluegrass or bossa nova albums. Same goes for the comic book alleys of the Fnac.

Vincent Raineri / New motion designer artist / Montreal

Vincent is a French art director and a motion designer settled in Montreal. Self-taught, enthusiast by visual arts and multidisciplinary projects, he likes to explore new techniques and to reconsider the existing. Trained to be an Industrial designer, he is in a constant research for aestheticism and balance between the beautiful and the audacious, and also he likes to work with professionals who, as him, are not afraid of challenges.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Advertising / Canada

How to give some more of dynamism to your brand and to amuse your clients? It is simple: animate the characters and the world of Bomboland in an advertising! Thank you again Interior Savings Credit Union for your trust.

Grenier Magazine / Article about Colagene

It's with a great pleasure that we share you the interview of Marie-Christine and Vincent, partners of the clinics of Montreal, established in 2001, and Paris in 2008. This article is signed Grenier Magazine from Grenier aux Nouvelles, famous website on the communication and the media in Quebec. Read the article.


Silke Werzinger illustrates the wallpaper of this month to honor the sign horoscope of the month, Pisces. Do not hesitate to share it and to spread the work of Silke. Version desktop / Version iPhone / Version iPad

Tonwen Jones / Recyc-Québec

Tonwen Jones is going green to illustrate this web, social and printed campaign "Destination: the bin" of Recyc-Québec. Thank Thanks Cossette Québec agency for creating this beautiful project.

Ëlodie / Avantages magazine / France

Serie of 5 illustrations created by Ëlodie on the theme of the organic food for magazine Avantages.

Vincent Raineri / Unofi logo animation / France

Vincent Raineri, new motion designer of the clinic, created an animation for the revealing of the new logo of Unofi, the Union notariale financière de France.

Florent Hauchard / Advertising campaign of Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec

This time, it is the turn of Florent Hauchard to contribute in the campagne Solide liquide of Producteurs de lait du Québec, produced by Lg2. We'll unveil soon another artwork signed Oscar Llorens.

Silke Werzinger / Editorial news

Discover here 2 astological signs of Cosmopolitain 2017 magazine, and also an extract of the last feature illustrated by Silke Werzinger for the german magazine Die Zeit.

The Colagene experience according to our clients.

Without fail, every experience with Colagene has resulted in a tremendously successful artistic collaboration. This project was no exception. The beautifully skilled collage work that Nazario Graziano contributed for our travel feature story brought something very special to the pages of the magazine. His great talent helped to expertly capture and elevate the spirit of the story. Very much looking forward to the next project!
Jarred Ford, Art Director, Redbook Magazine

Tonwen Jones / Maps / London

Here are 2 maps created by Tonwen Jones. One on Whisky regions for the restaurant J. Sheekey in London, and the other, a map of India, displayed in the Royal botanic gardens of Kew, still in London.