Let's be crazy!

The weather becomes softer, while some still tumble down ski runs. At Colagene it is the race for the revival; Marie-Christine Brisson, partner, is back in Montreal and Valérie Deland, agent, is developing Colagene in Vancouver, for the west coast region of Canada.

This month: Benoit Tardif illustrates the wishes of the Parisian communication agency Côté Corp. Nicolas André, motion French designer exiled in Berlin has joined the team and signs his first animation project for Total, four artists of the creative clinic draw live for the concept car New York, eight others find themselves in the book New Fashion Illustration, Tonwen Jones is our guest of honor for our monthly Creative Capsule, and so many other projects... The wallpaper will be a surprise in the next few weeks, indicates: 15 years...

- The 45 artists and 4 agents of your creative clinic.

Nicolas André / Total / Africa Cup of Nations 2017 / Africa

Nicolas André, new motion designer artist of the creative clinic, created a TV spot for Total and the soccer Africa Cup of Nations 2017. This campaign was broadcast on Canal+ Sport and SuperSport channels during the CAF.

Nicolas André / New motion designer artist

Nicolas André, French artist exiled in Berlin is a self-taught Jack-of-all-trades. He likes challenges and confrontation with various media and styles, in which he leaves his imprint. The art of the movement, the rhythmic and the research for new techniques are three axes which allow him to find always creative solutions to projects he works on.

Genesis Motors Live event / Montreal

On the occasion of the world launch preview of the concept car New York of the dealer Genesis Motors, Aaron McConomyDan SvatekÉric Caron et Jérôme Mireault, 4 artists of the team Colagene drew live the guests VIP in the heart of the Old-port of Montreal. The guests were all able to leave with a beautiful original, signed and unique souvenir of this beautiful evening.

Ëlodie / Personnal research

Ëlodie presents us here her latest researches on fashion trends, one more time we are under the spell of her pen and her talent! 

Tonwen Jones / Creative capsule

Here is our seventh CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month, we invite you to meet Tonwen Jones, English illustrator based in Brighton full of vintage references and surrealist creations who revisits with humour funnily the daily life. Good discover!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
Inspirational, fun and close to the sea.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I am predominately a collage illustrator who combines photographs (often vintage), hand drawn elements, patterns, textures and paper ephemera. I scan and assemble everything in photoshop and end up with a digital illustration file that tends to have a comical take on everyday life.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
London Zoo Map for the new Lion Exhibit and several of my illustrated maps that were featured in the Gestalten book ‘Mind the Map’ showcasing maps and cartography. It was a proud moment!

What are your favourite colors to create?
Bright pinks and blues with maybe a hint of mustard.

Why did you become an artist?
It was in my blood. Both my parents are artists so I’ve always been surrounded by art, printmaking presses and interesting artefacts.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Humorous, vintage, eclectic and colourful.

What is the project of your dreams?
Illustrating my own book of maps, some real and some of the imagination.

What does a typical day in the life of Tonwen looks like?
I always start the day with a fresh pot of coffee and once I turn my computer on, I also tune into Radio6 Music. I often browse through several blogs for some inspiration and then I make a start on whatever job I’m working on at the time. After several hours of drawing and assembling in photoshop, I might pop out for a stroll in the North Laines district in Brighton to browse through the flea markets to get some inspiration or along the seafront to get some fresh air. Then I get back to my drawing board and feel fully charged to start drawing again. I often work late and several of us often get a take out if we have a big job on!

What inspires you?
Exhibitions, junk shops, museums and the seaside where I live.

What is your favourite blog or website?
Ape on the Moon ( and Design sponge (

Cypi Press / New Fashion Illustration / China

Cypi Press has just published a very beautiful book on the illustrations in fashion simply entitled New Fashion IllustrationËlodie, besides finding herself in the selection of the internal pages, made the cover also. We also find the following artists represented by the clinic: Anne CresciDavid DespauKatrinn PelletierMamzelle PoppyMydeadponyNicole Jarecz and Silke Werzinger ! 

Damien Vignaux / Management magazine / France

Damien Vignaux pursues his monthly collaboration with the Management magazine. Every month, he illustrates a CEO. Find Karl Lagarfeld, Jean-Paul Agon (CEO of L'Oréal) and Elon Musk (boss of SpaceX and Tesla Motors).

Owen Gent / Philosophie Magazine / France

Owen Gent illustrated for the articles Pourquoi tant de haine ? (Why so much hatred?) and Kit mains libres (Hands free Kit) of the Philosophie magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / CommArts 2017 award

You had already loved in 2016 the poster "Of Mice and Men" by Emmanuel Polanco for The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, so for 2017 this poster has again won an award of Communication Arts’ annual 2017 Design Competition. Look at the video where John Malkovich comments the project of the 40th anniversary of The Steppenwolf and you will discover that this poster is, as a Sir J. Malkovich said it himself, "really f ** king cool" as he hung on it in his magnificent bathroom. Again, Thanks to The Steppenwolf Theatre CompanyOgilvy and Mather Chicago crew and Sir John Malkovich!