Summer in the skin...

The Clinic continues to grow and recently welcomed Antonio Uve from Spain, with his endearing, coloured and textured characters.

This month: Raoul creates a video full of memories, Dima is chosen by the Order of Architects of Quebec, Jerome starts with 3D typography for Canadien Tire, Edward illustrates for a global supplier of video surveillance solutions, Andi caricatures Donald Trump for Playboy... We'll let you discover the rest, and download and share our newest Wallpaper entitled "Gorrilas", by Antonio Uve.

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Dima Godunov / Order of Architects of Quebec / Esquisses magazine

In one of his first projects with the Clinic, Dima Godunov illustrates the cover and an article of the Esquisses magazine of the Order of Architects of Quebec

Raoul Paulet / AINÉ ft Sergio Cammariere - Dopo La Pioggia

Here's the latest video clip directed by Raoul PauletBecause every story is made by millions of little fragments. Recalling a past love is never simple. We keep dissecting our memories until we don’t know anymore what has really happened and what is merely a construction of our subconscious. What remains with us is a collage of conflicting hopes and fears, a mash-up of past moments and imagined futures.

Jérôme Mireault / Moving day campaign / Canadian Tire / Montréal

Are you ready for Quebec's official moving day on the 1st of July? Canadian Tire offers you a multitude of tools to ease the task, for which the visual was created by Jérôme Mireault and Bomboland in 3D typography. 

Antonio Uve / New illustrator / Madrid, Spain

Antonio Uve is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. His work is simple and elegant, utilizing shapes and bright colors to create charming characters. Antonio is focused on textures to give his work a hand-painted look. He's a self-taught illustrator and his background in advertising and graphic design is apparent throughout his illustrations. He is influenced by the cities around him, travels, nature and music. In his personal time, he is constantly seeking new techniques to expand his capabilities; applying his illustrations on textiles, pottery, and recently embroidery.

Wallpaper to share and download

Welcome to Antonio Uve, the newest illustrator of the Clinic. He created this month's wallpaper, entitled "IGorillas". Feel free to share this wallpaper around you and make known Antonio's work.

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Tonwen Jones / CAA magazine / Toronto, ON

Discover the Tonwen Jones illustrations for the CAA Magazine in the Summer to Remember section.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Express / France

Series of 12 illustrations for the Investments section of l'Express magazine realized by Emmanuel Polanco.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Touristic Guide / Montréal

The Chamber of Commerce of the Valley of Saint-Sauveur mandated Marie-Eve to create the front page of their new touristic guide. An evocative visual for pure pleasure year-round in the region!

The Colagene experience according to our clients

Sonia Roy is one of our favorite illustrators and our collaboration with Colagene is a truly a nice partnership. We have worked with Sonia on several projects, but her creation for our November issue entitled " Good Grief " by Peter Bruun, on his struggle to find peace and help others after the death of his daughter Elisif was one of my favorites. We gave several original artworks made ​​by Elisif to Sonia, some old family pictures and most of Peter's history and she created a beautiful work of art that has transcribed the story perfectly. I look forward to working with Sonia and Colagene again!
Amanda White-Iseli, Art Director, Baltimore magazine