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The weather warms ups, the sun slowly rises towards the zenith, and we feel the impatience of spring's arrival. Let's take a deep breath, it will soon arrive! We would like to thank you for your curiosity and excitement for our new website. Don't hesitate to share with us any comment; our goal will always be to give you the best experience possible!

This month: some papercut illustrations with Bomboland, Benoit Tardif illustrates for the new Orléans Express' campaign and the Rendez-vous du cinema Québécois (Quebec's film festival), learn more about our computer graphics services, see jewellery by Takeshi, some new work from Ëlodie, and as every month, a lot of beautiful new projects. Furthermore, download and share the new wallpaper, signed David Despau.

Your faithful beauty advisors!
- The illustrators and agents of the Creative Clinic

Bomboland / Numerical or paper-cut advertising!

Bomboland is an Italian duet composed of Maurizio and his partner Elisa. Their secret lies in the paper-cut as well as their mastery of digital technology. They present us with their last projects; a magnificent campaign entitled "Don't let food get in between" for the dental floss's brand Guardian, made in collaboration with DDB Singapore.
We can also find an illustration for Il Giornale della famiglia, plus an illustration of crocodile absolutely charming for PUH magazine. Curious? You can have an overview of their working universe in this video. Be sure to have a small Italian dictionary within easy reach!

In the need for infographics?

Infographics allows to visualize more easily a set of data, which can be rather complex. An image is often worth a thousand words when it comes to spreadsheets or texts. Colagene also makes infographics, here are some examples. To see more, visit the Infographics tag.

Takeshi / L'Express Styles, jewelry special issue

Takeshi's series of illustrations for the L'Express Styles jewelry's special issue, on romantic looks: Bohemian, smart and rock.

Maison Vignaux / Direction / New Showreel

Damien and Jacqueline Vignaux are Maison VIGNAUX, a multi-platform creative studio developing content in film, photography, illustration and animation for fashion and brands. Their love for experimentation, and their high-praised visual touch, a crossover of traditional film techniques and cutting-edge contemporary illustration skills, led them to work for clients such as Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Arte, Universal, MTV, Redbull, Sunday Times, Warner or Air Canada.

Ëlodie / Essays of Style

Ëlodie pursues her researches on styles and reveals her last essays. Also know she makes youth oriented illustrations, and you can discover our selection in her portfolio's new Youth Editions tab.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine

Last December, Emmanuel Polanco illustrated for the weekly magazine L'OBS, on the subject of the hour in France: The current state of emergency.


Giordano Poloni / La Parisen Magazine + Variety Magazine

Let's travel a little and discover Galicia, the Spanish Britain, illustrated by Giordano Poloni for the Destination section of the magazine The Parisian. Then, let's go to Hollywood, where Giordano illustrated an article on the ethnic diversity in the Hollywood cinematographic industry, for Variety Magazine.


Wallpaper to share and download

This month's wallpaper is illustrated by David Despau and has been realized for T'shirt design for Noble Project. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper around you!

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The Colagene experience according to our clients.

"Emmanuel's work is gorgeous - rich, textured, and poetic. He is a thoughtful, very skilled artist and a pleasure to work with. I've worked with Colagene for several years, and have found them to be a delight. They are flexible, resourceful, and provide just the right talent for our projects. Thank you again Colagene for connecting us with these wonderful artists." Frances Baca, Vice President, Design, Callisto Media Inc.

Jérôme Mireault / The Globe and Mail

To accompany an article published in the February 2016 issue of The Globe and Mail, Jérôme Mireault illustrated the portraits of 12 of the members of the Prime Minister's Office of Canada, Justin Trudeau.