A tornado of projects!

Many projects for this beginning of September, as well as the arrival of a new illustrator, cinema lover, within the creative clinic.
This month here is the program : one evening profit for the foundation Jacques Bouchard, Sonia illustrates Michel-Angel for Nexus, Giordano Poloni joins the ranks of the creative clinic, Andi creates for Google, Takeshi savours Petrus in Hong-Kong, and many other realizations to be discovered below.

Download and share " Dearkids shop " wallpaper signed Giordano Poloni and do not forget to join the the creative clinic on Facebook to share with us your live impressions !

- Friendly yours, the illustrators and the agents of the creative clinic.

Jacques Bouchard Foundation / Montreal

Seven of our illustrators contributed to the 2015 campaign of Jacques Bouchard Foundation (home palliative care) in collaboration with Publicis Montréal. Each artist was assigned with a Quebec figures's portrait. Publicis gave free reins to our artists to illustrate in their own style the wish of each personality about how they would like their last days to be. The clinic was at the fund-raiser evening last Tuesday, September 15 during which the artworks were on sale by auction.

In order of appearance: Kelly Schykulski (Pierre Bruneau), Aaron McConomy (Denys Arcand), Emmanuel Polanco (Pascale Bussières), Adam James Turnbull (Sophie Lorain), Jérôme Mireault (Robert Charlebois), Anne Cresci (Louise Deschâtelets) et Katrinn Pelletier (Alex Bilodeau).

Giordano Poloni / New illustrator / Italy

We are happy to welcome Giordano Poloni among the roster of theartists of the creative clinic. Born in 1980 and resident of Milan, he earned a cinema bachelor’s degree in 2006. The same year he starts his illustrator career for clients as The Guardian, Scientific American Magazine, The New Scientist, Random House Australia, Wired UK, TIM Mobile... Inspired by his huge collection of comics, music videos, movies and photography books, he creates digital artworks highly reminiscent of his Italian heritage.

Takeshi / La Pan magazine / Hong Kong

Takeshi this illustration for the brand Versus on the wine tastings for the new magazine Le Pan, based in Hong Kong and distributed worldwide.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

The article illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco raises the question of the immigration of today with regard to the immigration of the last century. Is it the same? France will be up to it in front of this new immigration and also face to the expansion of the extreme right and the FN (Front National). All these questions are put in perspective by the publication of Jean Daniel's book (founder and now editorial writer of Le Nouvel Observateur magazine, become L’Obs) “Mirrors of a life”.

Wallpaper "Dearkids shop" to download and to share

This month wallpaper was created by Giordano Poloni, a new artist at the clinic. The illustration is titled "Dearkids shop". Giordano studied in Film and is inspired by his huge collection of comic books, video clips, movies and photography books. He creates digital illustrations that remind us about his Italian origins.

Versions 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800...
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Versions iPhone 4iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus
Versions iPad, iPad mini

Marie-Eve Tremblay / La Montagne Secrète / Province of Quebec

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen by La Montagne Secrète publishing house to illustrate the musical CD Book: Il pleut à boire debout ! Chansons de chiens et chats, created for the 15th anniversary of the company. The CD book is gathering several humorous songs about cats and dogs adventures. Among the singers: Daniel Lavoie, Dumas, Florence K and others.

Reporters sans Frontières / Paris

Colagene was chosen to work for an issue of the well-known Reporters sans Frontières magazine about freedom of expression. Mamzelle Poppy illustrated the portrait of Christophe Deloire, the magazine's general secretary and Chris Arran, the portrait of Gao Yu, a Chinese journalist.

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / France

"Compliments, take it or leave it?" and "Food and I", two articles illustrated by Ëlodie for the psycho column of Votre Beauté French magazine, for this summer and fall issues.

Thomas Stefflbauer / Storyboard / L'Aubainerie / Montreal

Storyboard illustrated by Thomas Stefflbauer for an advertising pitch created for this Fall campaign of l'Aubainerie Quebec clothing company for the Tuxedo agency.

Contest / Halloween wallpaper / Montreal

Next September 23rd, we will launch our Halloween contest via our Facebook page. Our artists are now creating an illustration on this theme and you will be able to vote for your favorite one. The image that will receive the most like mention will be selected to be Colagene next October wallpaper! Stay aware, here's where it's all going to happen.
llustration: Ross Cuthberg