Back to school will be sporty with the creative clinic!

And yes, already back to school, batteries are reloaded, summer is not ended, keep your smile. We wish you a funky and sporty comeback; it’s necessary to get back the good habits, we offer you a wallpaper, finished the long aperitifs and the excuses to make idleness all day long!

Here is this month’s program : clay illustration for Smart with Andi, Benoit works with an unicorn, Pablo illustrates Chanel, Redbull and Kirin, Mydeadpony attacks the Multiple Sclerosis, Tonwen mades tattoo and a lot of new illustrations from Edward McGowan.

Download and share our month’s wallpaper " Sporty goals " signed by Edward McGowan and do not forget to join our clinique on Facebook and share your comments live!

- All the best, all the illustrators and agents of creative clinic.

Andi Meier / Smart Campaign / Berlin

Andi Meier worked with BBDO Berlin agency on a clay illustration for Smart campaign, which won an ADC awards. Have a look below at the final artwork as well as the making of.

Benoit Tardif / La Licorne Theater / Montreal

Benoit Tardif renewed his collaboration with La Licorne Theater in Montreal for the new 2015-16 season titled «Territoires intimes » (intimate territories). Again, Benoit had a free pass to create in his style a series of illustrations for the promotional campaign of this season.

" We are very happy with this second collaboration with Benoit Tardif. His straightforward and colorful style always comes with humor and fits with the kind of theater that we broadcast."
- Claudie Barnes, director of communication.

Edward McGowan / Audit & Beyond / UK

Here are Edward McGowan's last personal artworks including Audit & Beyond magazine for the article The mechanics of Business.

Pablo Pasadas / Personal research

Pablo Pasada got inspired by everyday life items for his last artworks. His will was to keep on creating new things but this time more in an advertising context.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs magazine / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco illustrated a debate questionning if Michel Foucault was a neoliberal philosopher and published in one of French magazine L'Obs's summer issues. 

Tonwen Jones / Domicile / Ottawa

A real estate project launch in Ottawa emphasized by Tonwen Jones. We can find in her illustration all the activities and the relaxed rhythm of life in such a residence. More information about the project:

Wallpaper "Sporty goals" to download and to share

This month's wallpaper was created by Edward McGowan for the FHM magazine. We named it 'Sporty goals'. Edward’s illustrations, which have a somewhat innocent quality, reveal his passion for silk-screening, in which he combines traditional techniques with a digital printing process.

Versions 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800...
Versions 2560x1440, 1920x1080...
Versions iPhone 4iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus
Versions iPad, iPad mini

Benoit Tardif / The CNRS journal / Paris

Enjoy below 4 illustrations signed Benoit Tardif for the openers of CNRS journal, Summer no.281 issue

Anne Cresci / Cosmopolitan Germany magazine / Hamburg

Who is happiest in their job? It’s the theme of this article illustrated by Anne Cresci for August issue of Cosmopolitan Germany.

Aaron McConomy / Canadian Geographic + Education Forum / Ottawa

2 illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The first one is a mini-interview of Christine Sinclair, famous sportswoman who was 10 times elected Canadian player of feminine soccer of the year, for the magazine Canadian Geographic. The second one illustrated the future of the education in Ontario is handled by the magazine Education Forum

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Multiple Sclerosis WA / Australia

Ad campaign realized by Mydeadpony for the MSWA (The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia). The poster tells the Donna's Story who has MS. Every person with MS has their own story. With your help, we can tell a better one. Donate at

Ëlodie / Madame Figaro magazine / Paris

Ëlodie continues its collaboration with Madame Figaro and illustrates two new episodes of the novel L'envers du décor (Behind the scenes) by Tatiana de Rosnay. On the menu: Meeting on the Eurostar and Lunch with his friend Henry.

Tonwen Jones / Com' Ent magazine / Paris

With a little of delay, we present you a topic which handles with the question of the identity, through, on one hand, a philosophic approach (who am I? I am the same throughout my existence? etc.) and, on the other hand, the problems of brand identity (logotype, positioning, storytelling). Illustrated by Tonwen Jones for the magazine Com' Ent of last spring.

Aaron McConomy / Cottage Life / Canada

Aaron McConomy is not afraid of dragonflies. And you? Look how Cottage Life speaks about them this month to make you discover that they cannot be as cute as we think!

Nicole Jarecz / Jouviance cosmetics company / Montreal

Nicole Jarecz created these female face models used as professional training tools for Jouviance cosmetics, a Canadian company from Quebec province.

The Colagene experience according to our clients:

Working with Colagene creative clinic means to have the opportunity to reach international talented illustrators without the challenge of handling the distance. It also means to be able to choose the style of drawings we want while being advised.
Caroline Choinière, project manager and web redactor, Productions Version 10