Frozen delights, Forrest Gump and chefs’ portraits

Here is an overview of Colagene’s last month projects. Contact our reps duet Alexandra and Alex in Montreal, and Marie-Christine and Vincent in Paris for any project, need or question regarding illustration, storyboard/comps or motion design. See you soon and have a great month of May.

This month, Damien enjoys the new flavors of Mövenpick ice creams, Ëlodie pays tribute to Tom Hanks in Los Angeles, Mamzelle Poppy illustrates fashion in Air Transat airplanes, Benoît creates 20 portraits for a recipe book in Quebec, as well as other projects you’ll discover here under.

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- The illustrators and agents of the clinic

Damien Vignaux / Mövenpick / Website

Damien Vignaux created a timeline fresco which introduces, in a mini website, the new flavour of Mövenpick’s ice creams. He also illustrated a series of slides for the quiz contest.

Ëlodie / Gallery 1988 / Los Angeles

Here is the illustration of Ëlodie that will be exhibited in June in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 for a tribute to Tom Hanks's movies. The illustration represents Jenny (Robin Wright) of the movie Forrest Gump.

Poppy Magda / Atmosphere inflight magazine / Montreal

Let’s fly to Europe with this article about Mediterranean fashion illustrated by Mamzelle Poppy for Atmosphere, Canadian airline Air Transat’s inflight travel magazine.

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine / Paris

Retro-modern series for an article on overstepping your own limits for Advantages magazine. To enjoy more artworks in this very same fresh and alive spirit, have a look at Pablo Pasadas’ news.

Emmanuel Polanco / Ateliers d'Art Magazine / Paris

Never better trained than by yourself? This is the theme of a survey on self-education published in Studios of French magazine Ateliers d'Art, and illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco in an uncluttered and poetic style.

Takeshi / M Le Monde magazine

Takeshi illustrated the universe of luxury rentals for an article on luxurious Airbnb apartments, for M Le Monde magazine. These rentals are essentially permanent condos in the city and summer villas and houses, in France and abroad.

"Jenny" wallpaper to download by Ëlodie

The wallpaper of this month was illustrated by Ëlodie for an exhibition in June in Los Angeles at Gallery1988 for a tribute to Tom Hanks's movies. The illustration represents Jenny (Robin Wright) of the movie Forrest Gump. Ëlodie, Parisian illustrator, is fascinated by fashion and also gets inspiration from the nostalgic universe of her childhood.

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Jérôme Mireault / Sunlife / Toronto

Kate Middleton announced the birth and the first name of her second child: it is a girl and her name is Charlotte. We follow it too, here is a sweet attention from Brighter Life illustrated with poetry and softness by Jérôme Mireault and published on their blog and tweeter account for the princess. 

Kelly Schykulski / 2015 Alberta Views guides / Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Views is a project of 10 mini-guides for the year 2015, on the initiative of the state of Alberta, to put forward every month, events and places to be visited. The first 3 issues are about: training and education, Museums and Art galleries and are illustrated by Kelly Schykulski.

Takeshi / "Arty" Researches

Here's a series of new artworks by Takeshi. Two abstract compositions made from several technics, two silhouettes created for 2 Eps by English music artist Tirone, and, last but not least, an illustration named The warriors dance.

Nicole Jarecz / Women's Health Magazine / Pennsylvania

How to adopt the best posture at your workstation? Here are some tricks for you not to have backache anymore. Discover the article illustrated by Nicole Jarecz in the magazine Women Health of May 2015.

The Colagene experience according to our clients:

We all love Nicole Jarecz’s work and enjoy working with Colagene Creative Clinic. Nicole is timely, responsive, and a total pleasure to work with. Lisa Sparer, Art Director, Atlanta Magazine Custom Media

  It was a pleasure recently working with Adam J. Turnbull and the Colagene agency. Adam provided multiple thought out sketches and was very responsive to feedback. The illustration turned out great! Rose DeMaria, Associate Art Director, Fortune Magazine  

Jérôme Mireault / Storyboard for Drakkar fragrance / Montreal

Storyboard illustrated by Jérôme Mireault and created in collaboration with Tuxedo agency for an avertising pitch the promoting the fragrance Drakkar noir, for men.